Sex Experience Of Housewife

I am extremely beautiful sexy looking lady with well endowed features. I look stunning in saree as I wear it quite below my navel and hugging my sexy body in such a way that I look a sexy siren with my attractive butts raising up a bit as I walk on a high heel sandal. On the saree I usually wear a matching sleeveless blouse which is well fitting with deep front and back cuts showing lot of my skin and cleavages. When I go out on the street men always ogle me in a very lusty way. I am married for about a year now and I am still issueless.

The main reason behind being that I don’t find my hubby ‘Raj’ an active partner in the bed. I think he is having some sexual problems, though I don’t know exactly what it is. I tried to talk with him on the subject, but I found that he is always evasive in the matter. I then started reading all sorts of material available on the net regarding sexual malfunctioning, and in one place I found that it is written that some people get aroused while ones partner talks dirty during sex. I then decided that it is the easiest way out and I should try it.

So that night, I started playing with him trying to arouse him as I slept without any clothes on and he too was undressed by me against his consent. His member was limp. I tried to pet it up so that it gets proper erection required for penetration, but I found that it was not responding by whatever way I tried. I then started the trick that I read. I said, “ Raj, today what happened you know?” He asked’ what happened?’ I said, “ I went to the market today morning to purchase some vegetables.” I was lovingly petting his member as I was talking.

There in the market there were some vagabonds who followed me. And started passing comments.” Raj asked, “What comments”. I said, “ Like one said, “Saali kya maal hai…jabardust hai yaar” – another said. As soon as I said this I felt a little stiffness of his member. In my mind I was delighted and thought to continue with my further dosages. Raj asked, “ Then? What happened after that. Did they misbehave with you.” I replied, “ No, it was a crowded place , but they resorted to more such dirty talks.”

Raj asked, “ Like what?”. I felt that Raj was finding this interesting. I said, “ Like they said , “ kya maal hai yaar. Saali ke gaand to dekh, lagta hai godi mein bitha loon”. Another one said, “ Mujhe to uska stan paan karne ka jee chaah raha hai.” Suddenly I noticed that Raj’s dick started growing in my hand. I was quite surprised and happy too. I petted his dick to grow more harder. Raj turned to my side, looked at me lovingly, kissed my cheeks and then asked me “ I hope they did not do anything else more than dirty talkings.”

I wanted to titillate Raj further and therefore continued the story by telling him, “ No they followed me up to the bus stop and they all stood behind me in the que at the bus stop. All of them were looking at me very lustily. When the bus came there was lot of rush and I did not want to get in the bus with all those vegetables. But someone pushed me from back saying, “ Chaliye bhabhijee jaldi” and I was literally pushed in the crowded bus. As the bus ran, I noticed some one was just pressing against my behind.” I stopped talking as I found Raj had by now a raging hardness. I looked at Raj and said, “

Raj, tumhara khada ho gaya hain.” Raj looked at me and kissed me fully on my lips. Please continue the story and finish it first. I started, “ I could feel a throbbing cock on my butts. I was like literally ass fucked in the crowded bus. Then with one hand he balanced me and his other hand was pressing my boobs while he was pressing hard on my butts. I somehow bought the tickets and my stop came soon enough and I got down. “ Raj then started fondling and caressing me all over and for the next half an hour we had the best sex ever.

I then asked Raj, “ Raj what happened today…you were like a “man – possessed”?” He replied, “ yes ami, I was very excited hearing your story.” I said, “ It was not a story but a real happening, that too, only today morning.” He asked, “ Did the guys follow you to our house?” I replied, “ Ya, may be, I have not turned back to see them.” He said, “ Be careful, or someday they may forcibly enter our house and…” He left the sentence incomplete. I asked, “ Then what…?

He said, “ you know what I mean.” I smiled at him, and said, “ Raj, yes, I know what u mean. U mean that they will forcibly rape me !!” Raj immediately gook me in his arms and whispered, “ yes my darling…they may hurt you.” I felt his member rising again. I said, “ Wow Raj..u are up again for second round.” He said, “ Yes jaan, at the thought of u getting raped I need ur pussy again.” I said, “ Iam all yours…come enjoy heaven…fuck me..”. He looked at me and smiled, “ What?” what did u say.” I said, “ Fuck me darling. Before anybody can fuck me …please fuck me.”

Raj again like a possessed man took charge of my Pussy and drove in full speed and then bent over me in that position. Kissed me on my lips…he whispered, “ say again jaan”. I whispered back, “ Chodo mujhe, fuck me my stud.” And then there was no saying…he fucked and fucked for the next 5 minutes until he climaxed along with me. Afterwards he slept like a log. I cleaned myself and then went to sleep promising another round in the morning.

In the morning due to constant door bell ringing I got up. I could guess it might be the milkman. I was stark naked. I got one miniskirt lying nearby and wore it quickly and went to the door for opening. I was right it was the doodwala. I asked him to wait and rushed to the kitchen for the vessel for taking the milk. As I turned back to go to the door, I found the milkman at the kitchen door. He was smiling and said, “ bibiji kal raat shayad aap der se soi ho.” I replied, “ Haan ramu, kal raat picture dekhne mein deri ho gayi thi.” I came before him with the utensil.

Ramu was lustily eyeing me and I realized my legs were bare up to well above my thighs. Ramu commented, “ bibiji aap yehi dress mein ghar mein rahti hain?” I asked, “ Yes, but why?” Ramu – “ You look very sexy in this dress.” I said, “ Ramu shararat nahin… sahib so rahe hain…dudh dalo.” Ramu then poured the required quantity of milk in the utencil. I then turned and went towards the refrigerator to keep the milk. I kept the milk inside and closed the refrigerator door … and soon enough Ramu encircled me in his arms. He tip toed silently behind me. I said, “

Ramu yeh kya kar rahein ho? Chodo mujhe..sahab aa jayenge.” Ramu was grinding his cock on my butts. He whispered, “ Bibijis please aap bahut sunder ho…mujh se raha nahin jaa raha …” He even started to press my boobs. I said, “ Ramu, please…jaao…chodo mujhe…nahin to main chilla dungi.” He then turned me and started kissing me on my lips. He tasted bad, but was very forceful and I could not move. He then suddenly sat on the floor and lifted my skirt above my pussy and started kissing my pussy.

That was the first time I felt a tongue on my pussy. Uff…what pleasure…it was an unknown area of sex for me. Immediately I felt wetness on my pussy. Ramu was slurping my pussy. I somehow managed to get myself free from that position and ran out of the kitchen. Ramu’s Milk Can was in my way, I managed to surpass it and ran towards the bathroom. Ramu followed me, but before he could reach, I closed the bathroom door. He waited for a few minutes and then left. I came out after about 15 min. and looked around to see if Ramu is still there. Thank god the beast has left. I then went to the door and into the gallery.

I found Ramu starting his bike. I waived him goodbye naughtily and darted back and closed the door behind me. In the morning, Raj got up quite late and then hurriedly got ready to go to the office. I bid him bye. In the evening, Raj came back accompanied by his closest buddy Prem. He greeted me. I was in saree and blouse. As usual I was looking ravishing. Raj said, “ Prem, will have dinner tonight with us. Both of them sat and opened whisky bottle which they have already brought and started drinking. I placed one salad plate before them and went to the kitchen for cooking dinner.

After a while, Prem came to the kitchen looking for cold water. He said,” Excuse me bhabhi, thanda pani milega?” I said, “ Kyon nahin Prem bhaisahab, sure, my pleasure.” He said, “ Aap mujhe Prem bhaisahab nahin, sirf, Prem bulaiyega.” He surveyed me from top to bottom and I found lust in his eyes. Before going with the water jug Prem said, “ Ek baat kahun…aap bura to nahi maniyega?” I said, “Kahiye na Premji… aap thode hi kuch bura bolenge mere liye.” He said, “ Aap badi khoobsurat ho aur aapki adayein bahot hi kaatilaana hai.” I smiled, “ Thanx for complimenting…ab jaiye warna Raj yahan aa jayenge.”

He then left the kitchen. When I provided them with some more snacks material for the drink, I found that the bottle was nearly empty. I said, “ Baap re, itne mein tum dono ne botal ka the end kar diya.” They both laughed. Raj said, “ don’t worry darling aur ek botal hain…aapke liye kuch kam nahin padega.” I said, “ Kya?..Main thode hi peeti hoon.” Prem said, “ Nahin bhabhijee, aaj to aapko thoda lena hi padega…please.” I then went back in a huff saying.” Tum dono bhi na…bas thodi sic had gayi to kuch bhi kahne lagte ho.”

My cooking was over. I placed all items on the dining table and then turned towards the guys to find them continue with their drinks. I found, “ Raj has consumed more and was a bit out of control.” As I came near them, Raj pulled me down to him and said, “ Baitho darling mere paas, aur thoda sa company do. Ek to Prem aaya hai kayi mahino ke baad…use naaraj mat kare.” Prem also said, “ haan bhabhije, please bas thoda sa hi lo.” He poured some liquor and gave it to me after mixing the same with soda and water. I protested but it was of no avail before the two. I then started sipping the drink. It was so bad in taste, but slowly I started sipping it and the talks went on.

Raj was pouring another drink, but I protested saying, “Bas Raj ab aur nahin.” But he did not agree and said, “ This is the last one”. Prem said, “ I was stopping him since the last 3 pegs. It is his 3rd last one drink”. All of us laughed. Talks went on. After a while I found Raj was completely out and started sleeping there only. I and Prem started to wake him up for dinner, but to no avail. I then said, “ Ok Premji, aap to aaiye..khana kha lijiye.” He then came for dinner and he sat for dinner.

I distributed the food and he started having it. I too had some in my thali and we both started having our dinner. Prem said, “ Wow lovely, what taste. Aap ke haathon me to jadu hain…kya mast khana banati hain aap.” I said, “ Thank You Premji…aur lijiye na.” After dinner I looked at the clock it was about 1am. Raj was sleeping on the sofa. Prem said, “ I shall go now. I said, “ Itne raat aap kahan jayenge. Aap yehin so jayi na.” After a bit hesitation, he agreed and I took him to our bed room. Immediately as soon as we entered the bed room, Prem closed the door behind him.

I said, “ Are, yeh kya kar rahen hain aap Premji.” He said, “ Kuch nahin…main kuch aapki seva karma chahta hoon.” I asked, “ What?” He said, “Bhabhijee, aap bahut hi sexy lag rahi ho..mujhe aap chahiye.. aaj raat..” I said, “ Raj ghar par hain…jag gaye to musibat ho jayegi…please mujhe jane do..” He said, “ Raj ab subah tak nahin jagega..uski baat chod do…aao main tumhe jannat dikhaoon..” Saying this he lunged for me and caught hold of me. He pulled me into his arms and started kissing me on my neck and the open skin above the blouse and below the ear.

He even titillated me using his tongue in my ear and I started getting aroused. I was protesting all the while saying,” Chod dijiye na mujhe…main aapke paaon padti hoon, please chodiye na….Raj uth jayenge…” I was totally in his grip and slowly his actions along with the drink I had was having its influence upon me, and my protests became less and less. He then pulled me over to the bed, switched off the lights and removed all my clothing…i.e. saree, petticoat, blouse and bra. I was only in panty.

He too removed his clothes and was only in his frenchie. I looked at him helplessly. He then attacked my pussy over my panties. He kissed and mauled it and made me wet by inserting fingers from this and that end of the panty. He then stretched my panty and slowly tore it off. I kept on moaning. He then started licking my pussy. He parted the opening by two thumbs and started tonguing me. It was my first time experience of such oral sex. I was completely wet and he sucked all my juices from the pussy.

He then stopped licking and looked towards me. I was moaning with pleasure. I looked at him and saw his mouth was surrounded by white juices, like he had just drank some milk. I then cleaned his mouth and he came towards my face and started caressing my top parts. He kissed me a lot and then pressed, mauled and kissed my boobs. He licked my nipples like a small kid. He whispered, “ Janu, I love you. Will u be mine?… I will treasure u my love.” I just ,moaned….ummmmmm. He again fingered my pussy and finger fucked me while he sucked one of my nipples.

As I was about to come he removed his finger and stopped immediate Sunami. He then placed himself, between my legs and spread eagled me on the big bed. He then brushed his hard erect dick on my pussy…it was getting wet as if getting wet on the sea shore. Then he slightly dipped it inside the pussy and came out again. He did it several times. It was like taking a holy dip in the ganga. The bald head dick was enjoying on the shores only and dipping in and out for quite some time. I kept on moaning…’um….maa….pleaseeeeeee…..nahinnnnn….naaaaaa…..mujhe karoooooo…naaaaaa….’

He whispered, “ Kya karoon janu.” I again moaned…” mujheeeee….mat sataaaaaao…..choddo mujhe….fuck meeeee…’ With all the permissions he received…he then prepared himself for the ultimate dive in the deep sea. With one super shot, he entered my pussy and went in and in….all the way till it reached the dead end. He then started to withdraw as if short of oxygen in the deep sea. As soon as it came out then it dived again all the way. After a while he started giving me short shots which increased in intensity rapidly. I was moaning…”ahhaaaa…..maaaaaa…..yessss yesssss…fuckkkk.” He whispered, “ You are my rand….

I will be keeping you henceforth.” I got excited hearing this and caught hold of him in all my frenzie and started cumming all over his fucking cock. He too increased his speed and came deep inside me, emptying all the semen in my womb. After the last drop was shot, he dropped down upon me. Slowly he turned over and slept like a log. I got up after about 15 min. and found him sleeping. I got up through the torn panty in the dust bin and cleaned myself and wore the saree and the blouse. I tidied the bed and went in the drawing room where Raj was sleeping. Raj was sleeping under the influence of alcohol.

I crept back to my bedroom and tried to wake Prem. “It was 4AM “ I said “You should make a move now before Raj catches u naked in my bedroom.” He woke up. He then went in the bathroom taking all his clothes. I offered him a towel and on the pretext of taking the towel he pulled me inside and started the shower. He was naked and I was in saree and blouse. He was holding me under the shower. He kissed me lovingly on my lips and all over my face. Then he tore off my blouse and removed my saree.

He ordered me to suck his tool. This I have never done in my life. I tried to excuse myself, but he was adamant. I had to kneel before him under the shower and start sucking his giant tool. After a few minutes his tool was fully erect. He then caught my head and started fucking my mouth. I was getting choked by his violent thrust. Ultimately, he thrust his dick deeply in my mouth and poured all his semen in my throat and I had no way out than to gulp them down. He left me immediately. I washed myself and cleaned my throat. Prem helped me drying my body and then I came out of bathroom.

I was shocked to find Raj standing out. He said, ‘what’s going on? Where is Prem?” Prem opened the door and was stark naked. He said, “ Are Raj you got up?” Raj said, “ yes, and I think I got up at the wrong time.” Prem said, “ No, it is right time. He was drying himself. He further said, “Your wife is very tasty.” Raj turned to me, “ did he fuck you?…you bitch.” I started crying…and said, “ Your friend has raped me. I was helpless. I tried to awaken you but you were fast asleep.”

I noticed a lump of hardness at Raj’s crotch. Raj then said to Prem, who has already dried himself and dressed up too, “ Prem, how did you do this. She is your best friends wife.” Prem said, “ sorry yaar, it all happened under the influence of alcohol. I couldn’t resist her sexy figure…I am really sorry.” I was weeping fearing the consequences and said, ‘ He called me his keep and in Hindi what you call a ‘Rand’ also.” Raj-“ What?…you calling her a whore? You should be grateful to her that she allowed you to have your way…and you call her a whore. “

Prem – ‘ Sorry, dear, I didn’t mean it. It came out on the spur of moment.” Raj then came to me and tried to console me by saying, “ sorry darling, this has happened all because of me. I am the culprit. Please darling ….sorry for all what has happened.” Prem too came near me and Raj and said, “ I am sorry too… please …. and you two don’t fight over the issue. “. Prem then asked sorry of raj and wept …raj too wept and I too wept and all three cried in each other’s arms. Prem took my hand and put it over Raj’s crotch. I was taken by surprise, by this act, but I found that Raj had a good hardness.

Prem made me kneel in front of raj and I wept holding Raj’s legs….and in the process my face was directly over Raj’s hardness. Prem was behind Raj…holding him from behind pressing on to his butts and I was fondling Raj’s dick. Slowly, I freed his cock of the pyjama and Prem introduced my mouth to his cock. Raj was in 7th heaven…he has closed his eyes as he enjoyed her sucking. Prem whispered in Raj’s ear…”See how she changed in a night.” Raj just whispered..”Thanks yaar.”

The sucking continued for quite some time when I felt his dick week and I understood he is going to come. But I continued sucking and ultimately his hand came over my head and thrust my mouth to his dick, when he exploded his venom in my throat. Prem smiled as he looked at me. I then rushed to the bathroom and washed all the sperms. When I came out of bathroom I found both the guys sitting on the bed smoking a cigar. I found no enmity …then a thought came to my mind…was it a plan or trap for me…well may be.

I slept the whole day. In the evening, there was a knock on the door. I peeped through the was the milk man. I asked him..”what is it? “ without opening the door. He replied, “ Bibiji, mujhe is mahine ka paisa de dijiye na..bahut kadki mein hoon.” I said, “ Kal aana, abhi babuji ghar par nahin hain.” He then said, “ Thik hain..ek glass pani to pila dijiye na?” Main soch mein pad kya karoon. Mujhe pata tha ki yeh sand ne meri chut chaati hain…usi liye yeh wapas aaya hain.

Fir main eek glass pani leke aayi aur darwaaze ko chain se atka ke thoda sa hi khola aur usi mein se use pani ka glass thamaya. He took the glass from my hand saying, “bibijee darwaaza nahi kholiyega kya? Humein aap se sabere wali ghatana ke liye mafi jo maangni thi.” I smiled and said, “ chalo hum ne maaf kiya.” He immediately said, “ to fir darwaaza kholiye na.” I said no and wanted the glass back which he already emptied. But the brute introduced his leg in the door gap and applied force, which resulted in breaking of the door chain and the door opened up. I was shocked as he entered the house.

He immediately closed the door behind him, and seeing this I ran towards my bed room and tried to close the room. But here again the brute ran after me and put his leg in between the door before I could shut it and prevented me forcefully from closing the door. I was thrown back and fall to the floor. He entered the bed room and came towards me. I ptetended that I was hit badly, he immediately picked me up and took me to the bed and asked, “ Kahan laga aapko?” I showed him my leg near the knee. He immediately, lefted my saree upto the knee and started rubbing it slowly. He said, “

Aapke ghar koi iodex wagaire hain?” I showed him the dressing table drawer. He immediately brought the iodex and started applying the same on my knee. After a few minutes, he stopped and said, “ it will be ok now. “ He said, “Bibijee, aap mujhe bahut acchi lagti ho” and saying this he held my face in his giant hands and looked at me lovingly. He then looked at my boobs and exclaimed, “ Bahut badhiya stan hai aapka”, saying this he started groping them with his palms. He was holding my 36 size boobs in his one palm. My boobs were such that a person cannot hold one boob in one hand , but this person was a giant.

He then opened my blouse inspite of my protests and freed my boobs. He palmed my both boobs to his heart content and appreciated them very much. He then started sucking them one by one and I too enjoyed his sucking. He was a expert in boob sucking. After about 5 minutes of mauling and sucking he kissed me fully on my lips and sucked my lips. He darted his tongue inside my mouth and gave a deep kiss for a minute or two. He then looked at me lovingly and said, “Bahut badhiya maal ho.

Ab humka chutwa ka darshan karaai do na bibijee.” Saying this, he lifted my saree up and found I am wearing a red colored panty. He kissed me over the panty and then removed the panty through my legs and looked appreciatively at my pussy. He then started tonguing me there on the pussy. He chewed the labia and then darted his tongue in my pussy. Uff….what pleasurable sensation…I will not forget. He then tongue fucked me for some time and I came. He lapped up all my juices and drank it.

Umm… he said, “amrit hain. Badhiya. Hamaar hathiyar nahi dekhogi ka?” Saying this he brought out his giant tool from one side of his dhoti. It was a real monster at 8” with about 2.6” dia girth, a massive tool and was erect and throbbing. He then brought it near my face and said, “Dekho ise..kabhi dekha hai ka aisa lauda. Isi laude ne ab tak 6 bachhe paida kiye hain. Bahut tej tarrar aur jaldi shant nahi hota…bahut hi gajab ka lauda hai yeh.

Jab hum is se chodte hain to kum se kum hamein ek ghanta lagaataar karte hain , tab jaakar yeh apna virya chodta hai.” I was terrified looking at it and hearing its exploits.” Is ne aapke mohalle ke kam se kam teen bibijeeyon ka chut faadi hain”, he continued, “Sab ise Khooni darinda kahte hain.” I asked,’Sab kaun?” He said,” Jo bhi is se chude wo sab.” He again said, “ bibijee, aap isko namskar nahin karegi?

Wo khush rahega to aapko takleef nahin dega.” I then held his dick in my hands and felt its strength. It was warm and throbbing , as if it has a separate life of its own. I looked at it closely, it was emanating a sexy smell…and I found it staring at me lustily. I darted out my tongue and touched its lips. My tongue was sharp and pointed and it tried to open up the lip of the monster. I then kissed the massive lund and licked all over its length till its breadth and roots. I also touched the ammunitions underneath the monster – that were his massive balls.

They too were full and heavy. A lot of sperms were eager for coming out it seemed. Then suddenly he said, ‘ Achha bibijee, ab hum chalte hain. Aapka shouhar ka bhi aane ka waqt ho raha hain . Kisi aur din aapko is ka swad chakhayenge.” He then triumphantly walked out. Opened the main door and walked away. I got up and tidied the place and closed the door.  (Wait for Part-II)..Give me feedback at [email protected]