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Hi ISS readers I’m Nikhil from Mumbai. I am a regular reader of ISS. My fantasies role around matured women’s. And my dream came true after a long wait. We had a neighbor they had just shifted to our neighboring flats 5 months before the incident happened. They where a married couple they dint had 5 yr old son. They became very close to our family uncle was very jolly person likewise even aunty her name was Mayura. Sometimes my parents used to invite them for dinner on Sundays we had become like a family from the first day I used to like aunty I used to jack off thinking about her she was in her 30s 55″ tall fairing complexion

And had a gr8 figure 36d-26-38.she used to wear saree to office and every evening she used to come to our house after coming from office I always wanted to bang her ass. I was a engineering student and she used to come to me to take help if she had any problem in her computer. And I used to get to touch her while helping her she never got a doubt of my act. One day in the morning during my vacations my parents had gone to office and our door bell rang when I opened the door aunty was standing she was wearing a black transparent saree

She was looking very gorgeous she told by mistake her few files got deleted and whether it can’t be retrieved, I told her to wait and got recovery software from my PC and went with her to her house while going to her house I many times touched her bumps without her knowledge. I had got a hard on and it was easily seen from my shorts even she had noticed it but she neglected it. No 1 was there at her place I asked her for Akshay her son she told he went to his granny’s place for vacation and even uncle had gone to Delhi for

3 days and she was not in a mood to go to office so she took leave..she offered me coffee my eyes where fixed on her boobs and ass she was looking very stunning in her black saree…I went to her bedroom where she had her PC I retrieved her files suddenly my eyes went o the corner of the bed where she had kept her used panties I couldn’t control my hard on I tried to hide it from her. She told me to have lunch at her place and she went to kitchen when I was walking from kitchen I saw her ass and I couldn’t control myself.

I went inside kitchen and we started talking I couldn’t control myself I wanted to touch her ass if went near her ass and brushed my shaft on her ass on the pretext of removing glass to drink water she felt my hard on her back she just turned back and looked at my shaft and dint say anything she started talking to me normally brushing it off as an accident. I wanted to feel her more I told her to teach me to cook so she started teaching me I went and stood behind her now I started rubbing my shaft more on her ass she was feeling uncomfortable now I got her ass crack

I stick my shaft on her ass crack she tried to move and shifted little to the right and again we got into normal talks while talking I put my hand on her shoulder she didnt think it as my wrong intention now I was out of my control I was massaging and feeling her shoulder she was going to remove my hand suddenly I pulled her and turned her facing towards me and placed my lips on hers she was shocked and filled with anger. I smooched her very hardly she tried to push me but i held her very tight and dint let her get out of my grip.

She was pleading to let her go..I told her I like her a lot and want to feel her told her please allow me to fuck her she slapped me and ran towards bedroom…I ran behind her and caught her she started crying and pleading but i dint listen to her I pushed her towards wall and again started smooching her now i started to move my hand on here boobs and ass…she was still crying i removed her saree and pulled the knot of her petticoat now she was in her black lacy panty and blouse..

I started removing hooks of her blouse but she was not allowing to so I tore of her blouse..now I started licking her neck and biting her ear lobes..I moved my hand over her panties in between her legs it had started becoming wet now I removed her bra she was still struggling. I took her right boob in my mouth and started licking her nipples and squeezing her left nipple till now she had stopped struggling…she gave out a soft moan when I pinched her left nipple I started licking het nipples very vigorously suddenly she pulled my face and started smooching me very vigorously by now she had turned on…she removed my t shirt

And started licking my nipples..now she got down on her knees and removed my shorts there was a big smile in her face she told u got a very big tool..she took it in her mouth and started sucking my shaft now I was in heaven she was very good in sucking….now I was about to cum I told her I’m coming she told me top cum in her mouth in few seconds I started spraying my loads in her mouth she got up and we hugged each very tightly now she was only in her panties and she was looking very stunning

I picked her up in my arms and made her sleep on the bed..now I moved above her and started smooching her and licking her nipple…I moved down on her navel I started licking she got goose bumps now I moved more down and removed her panty with my teeth..she had a clean shaved pussy I was seeing real pussy for the first time I was virgin till then..I was stunned to see the cute love triangle she asked me with a smile are you virgin.. I told yes…so she asked me how come then u tried to rape me I told

I couldn’t control myself while talking I had moved my finger inside her pussy…her clit was protruding…now I got down in between her legs. I liked the smell of her pussy I started licking her pussy she was moaning and enjoying my tongue in her pussy after a long time she came in my mouth..1st time I was tasting a cum it was very nyc….by now my shaft had got hard on….i spread her legs and moved tip of my penis towards her cunt my tip was touching the entrance she told me to stop… she told not this way

I thought she wanted me to wear a condom she got up and pushed me on the bed now she came over me and slowly started sitting on my dick I could feel my dick entering her cunt. I was feeling her cunt walls…now my shaft was fully inside her she started moving slowly up and down I was enjoin now she increased her speed of fuck she was moving very fast and her 36d boobs were bouncing I was enjoin it a lot I started squeezing her boobs we fucked for 15mins she

Got her orgasms i felt her fluids coming down my dick now we without removing my dick I made her sleep below me and I started fucking her hard after few mins I started building pressure in my shaft I told her I’m coming..She told me not to remove my dick out and cum inside her…within a fraction of seconds a loaded her cunt with my love juice even she came same time..I collapsed on her body we stayed in same position for some time now I got up and she smiled at me and gave me a smooch and told she loved the fuck and it was the best fuck of her life and i got a very big tool…

Now she took my dick which was soaked with her and my cum and started licking it…we got up and cleaned ourselves she wore a gown and I wore my short and we had our lunch. She was very satisfied her face was glowing after lunch she told…she wants me to satisfy more and this time in something special way..I was clueless what she wanted she took me to bedroom removed gown went towards the table and removed some bottle from the drawer..she squeezed the bottle it was a gel now she started applying it in her asshole….I couldn’t believe that my dream was going to come true now she bent on the table showing her globes to me with a cute pink asshole.. she looked behind and pointed me towards her asshole..I removed my short i had a hard on by the I went

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