The Computer Geek Chachi

Hello everybody. I would like to share an incident with you about how I lost my virginity to my chachi. I always fantasized about her big boobs and her huge ass. She was the marvel of sex. This happened on my 18th birthday (Lucky me!). I had just finished class 12 and was relaxing till the result. One fine day my chachi called me up and asked me if i could help her out with some of the computer work that she had. Since I didn’t have much to do, i said okay. I went to her the very next morning.

My chachi, a slightly fat lady in her 30s, opened the door and welcomed me. I asked her where chacha was and she said he was out of town with both the children to attend a marriage and would be back only after a week. I felt happy about it. Anyhow, she gave me some water and told me that she was having a problem in transferring files from her computer to her iPhone. I helped her out and was about to leave when she asked me if I could stay overnight as she felt insecure staying alone for an entire week.

I acted for a while but finally gave in to her request. The day passed uneventfully but I had no idea what was coming to me in the night. I was sleeping in the room next to m chachis room. At about 11pm she came in and said

“I can’t sleep Rohan beta. Will you talk to me for some time?”

I wasnt sleepy too so i said okay.

Chachi : So Rohan what are you planning to do now ?

Me : Engineering

Chachi : And what about your girlfriends ? Have you ever slept with one of them ?

I was shocked to hear this from her! I didn’t know what to say and before i could respond, she placed her hand on my dick and started caressing it.

Chachi : Don’t worry. I will take good care of it.

She went on and sat up on her knees and pulled down my jeans. I was feeling ecstatic. The lady of my dreams was playing with my dick and i was having the hardest erection ever. She took it and put it in her mouth. I moaned with pleasure as she sucked on my 7inch companion. It was my first time so i came within seconds and was amazed to see how much i could cum. She drank it all and said “Now its time for you to pleasure me !”. Like any other teenager, I had seen a lot of porn to know what she meant and what i was supposed to do. i removed her saree and her petticoat.

I slowly and seductively went close to her face and kissed her lips. She responded by kissing back. I then pushed my tongue in her mouth and played with hers for a while. Then i placed my hands on her covered boobs and caressed her nipples slowly. They reacted and were fully erect. Then I removed her blouse and her bra and kissed her nipples. She took my head and buried it in her boobs. I could hear her moaning with pleasure. When she left me, I pulled down her panties and saw that they were soaking wet. I slowly removed them and smelled her pussy.

Then i kept my tongue on them and started to moved it in circles. She was going crazy now. She put her hand on my head and kept asking for more. I pushed my tongue in her as far as I could. Suddenly i thought of my fantasy. I had always wanted to try the 69 position. So I asked her if she knew it and was happy to hear a yes. She placed her ass on my face and bent forward to my dick which was erect again. she took my dick and licked it while i kept my tongue in her pussy.

To make things more exciting, I put my index finger in her ass and she cried out. She had never been fucked in the ass.! I felt happy that both of us were virgins in one way. After sometime, I asked her to sit on my lap. I put my dick in her pussy and started to move up and down. She was now going crazy. She held my face close to her boobs and kept jumping up and down. Due to the oral sex that we had just had, we came within minutes. She then kissed me and thanked me for it. But I wasn’t over. I wanted more. I asked her to kneel down and licked her asshole.

She wanted me to stop but i didn’t and held her very tightly. then i got up and placed my dick on her ass. I asked her “How would you like to be fucked in the ass chachi?” and with that i started to insert my dick in her ass. She kept saying no but i knew she wanted it as she didn’t resist. Her asshole was really tight and the moment I Put my dick inside and gave about 10 strokes, I came in her ass. She licked my dick clean and said her ass was hurting but she enjoyed it. I was happy to be able to sleep with her in my arms completely naked and tired of the sex. This is how i lost my virginity. Please do tell me how you liked the story so i can improve upon it.