The Plumber Strikes

Ragini had the perfect life. A husband, two kids and a beautiful home. Her husbands highly paying job meant she had everything she ever desired. Or did she? By far, the most gorgeous woman in her kitty group, building society, and neighborhood meant receiving attention from everywhere. Even here domestic help. Her voluptuous figure and fleshy waist were perhaps more inviting than her beautiful home. But so much time alone had begun to wear her down.

Forever clad in a sari, Ragini never missed admiring her own figure every time she looked in the mirror. With her kids in a respectable school, and husband on the move, she knew she couldnt ask for more. And she didnt. Though somewhere, she yearned for something to do, someone to talk to. Little did she realize the reason behind her unnecessary conversations with her watchmen, driver and servants. Then one fine day, it all came back to her. Only not in the way she expected.

The door bell rang at 3.30 pm. It was a plumber. A rugged 26 year old plumber. She opened the door and asked in her polite voice, kya chaiye bhaiya. He replied, pata nahi saab ne bulaya tha. Oh acha. Shayad tune nahe ho. Her politeness put the man at ease. His toolkit was not as nervously held as before. She let him in and asked him to follow her to the kitchen. He did, but every step of the way he watched her curvy sari clad waist. Her golden skin, her 37 year old body and those love handles were enough to have him stay there until the end of time. He thought to himself, saali kya item hai.

She turned around almost having heard him and asked, bhaiya aap paani lenge. And he, in his uncouth, brutish demeanour said, loonga, aap dengi to zaroor loonga, pyaas to lagi hai. She didnt understand what he meant. She walked to the fridge and he followed her, she stopped and he bumped into her, immediately turning around and telling him, bhaiya torah door khare rahiye. Any other woman wouldve slapped the man, but not Ragini. She was lonely.

She gave him the water to drink and he drank, not just the water but every inch of her flesh navel, deep cleavage and curvy arms. He finished the water, handed the glass back and said kaam kya hai. She checked with her husband and said the pipes coming in through the kitchen window were leaking. Acting like he didnt know what she was talking about he asked her to show him, and in doing so got her just where he wanted.

Standing on a stool, arms stretched towards the pipe, with her fleshy navel helplessly exposed. The brutish plumber, mangu was least interested in the pipes, he kept surveying her body as she spoke, her armpits, her juicy curves. He couldnt control himself any longer. He said, ye maal ko toy chodunga nahi, kya dikti hai saali. Isko ton chodunga aaj. Without realising he said it loud in a whispered hush. She heard him mumble something and she turned thinking he was talking to her.

Apace kuch kahaa bhaiya? Nai nai, main to sirf dekh rah tha kitna kaam hai. Acha kaam hojayega na Saab se sane ke pehle? Bache bhi school gaye hain, ek ghante neon aajayenge, aap Saran se kaam kar sakte hain. Mangu got bolder knowing she was gonna be alone for a while. His tone had changed and so had his body language. Aapki kumar palates main theek se dekh nahi paaya. Problem phiroze se samjhaiye, main bhi stool pe char jaata noon.

And before she even expressed discomfort he was up there. All of him. Now she was stuck between the wall and mangu. He pressed against her, his hard on becoming evident and almost impatient, while she pressed against the wall. He said dikhao madam problem kya hai. She was distracted, something was wrong, a strange sensation crept up as mangu pressed himself she stuttered, ye pipe ..leak horizon hain.

He pressed harder grabbing her waist and reached her navel. Kaunsi pipe he asked? Y..y…yeh. Ye..yeh kya kar rahe ho, chore mujhe she began to protest meekly. Kya? The plumber was now in control. He grabbed her waist pressed hard and gave her wet kiss on her cheek while pressing against her. Paagal hai kya kutiya? Teri jaisi maal roz thori milti hai. Tujhe ton chodunga achi Tara se. Tu ton meri randy hai ab. Uhhhh…she grasped for air, his hardness was doing her in.

Nahi nahi. Ye kya kar rahe ho. Choro. Choro. Mangu got down from the kitchen plank lifted her off it and said chal saali. He threw her on the bed and pounced like a hungry animal. Aaj to tujhe mast chodunga. Ragini was tensing up. Nahi nahi, mere pati aajayenge mere bache aajayenge. Mangu didnt care he lifted her arms above her head and licked them slowly, reaching her armpits, ummmm kya maalnhai tu saali. Do hee bache paid kiya kya. Tera pati napunsak hai.

Her struggle was sweetening. He licked her armpits, bit them slowly, licking the salty juice off them, enough to have made him cum there. But it didnt stop, he went lower down to the navel, aaj to tu meri, dug into those love handles and all the flesh that ragini was so proud of. The love bites were rough. And Ragini was weakening. He pulled his pants down taking his erect dick out and plunged it toward the now horny housewife. Yehi chaiye na tujhe saali kutiya, choos isko. Nai nai, she said, he grabbed her hair and thrust it into her mouth.

She was surprised by her own reaction. She was enjoying the taste of this forced cock down her throat. She started moaning. Ummm. Umm. Aaaaah. Aaaaaaaah. Mujhe aur chaiye, do mujhe. Phaar do meri choot, main sirf tumari hoon. Tumaaari raaand, aaaaaah. Her boobs were being sucked dry like she never imagined. She was dirty talking to a plumber and now her phone was ringing. It was her husband. Utha saaali, mangu said, aur Bol isko tu kya kar rahi hai saali randi. She answered, in a broken voice, he..l..lo, mangu grabbed her harder and sucked on her left boob as she spoke or tried to.

Im with the plumber ho…ne…y. The husband said ok make sure you pay him, Im gonna be late. She replied, almost smiling inside her head. Suuure honey and before he could ask her why she was sounding so excited she had hung up. Her hands had now caught mangus head and pressed it down to her navel as he bit harder. Aaah, aaaaaah, chodo, aur chodo mujhe. Main sirf tumaari hoon. Tumaari rand. Mangu took his dick and placed it hard into her soaking wet cunt. Kya maal hai tu saaali kutiya, roz sake chodunga tujhe.

Tu aaj se meri rannnndi hai. Her moans got louder. Aaaahhh. Aaaaaah. Uuuuh. Main hoon main hoon. Main hoon. He fucked her harder. . Mangu himself had come, he pulled out and shot his load all over grabbing her by the hair, ye le kutiya, pee isko. Teri jaawaani lootne mein mazza hee kuch aur tha. Kya badan hai tera saali. Iddar aaaah. He grabbed her again to lick her neck and and cheeks before panting a kiss on her lips. Ragini was helpless. She was in the throes of ecstasy, her balding husband had given her everything, except the one thing only a brutish plumber could give her. A mind blowing orgasm.