Old Is Gold Part VII

I must thank KE for being such a wonderful and supportive website, filled with lovely stories and offering people like me a chance to enjoy reading other peoples experiences as well as sharing some of my own incidents. I swear here that every story that I have posted is true, only names have been changed to protect peoples identities.

Coming down to my story. My name is Sujit, I am 45 years old, based in Mumbai, married and with a kid. I am bi-sexual and continue to have an active sex life with my wife as well as many other women. I am also not averse to having sex with men, usually stop at sucking and getting myself sucked too, have never tried anal sex either passively or actively. I am also a trained practitioner of Ayurvedic massage therapy and do have a pretty decent practice that allows me to earn a modest side income.

I usually get contacts from people by word of mouth publicity and on e-mails and a typical session lasting an hour would cost between Rs.500 to Rs.800, nothing more. I have many repeat customers and several regular ones too of both sexes. Recently one of my regular clients, a lady, called me and asked me if I could come over on a Friday afternoon at her place. We fixed up the appointment schedule when she confessed that she was arranging for me to meet up with another person too but wanted to keep the identity a secret.

I was OK and suggested that as long as she was willing to pay “extra” for the “services rendered” I had no problem. On the appointed day, after first confirming around noon, I rang her doorbell at 3. It was a quiet neighborhood in Andheri (East), a 2BHK apartment that was rather nicely done up. Sheela opened the door and welcomed me with a smile. When the courtesies were over she then told me that the “client” was inside the bedroom. Sheela added some relevant information. The lady was aged 63 and suffered from a lower back pain and was regularly taking massage therapy till last week at her native Kerala. She was

Sheelas aunt and had come to be here for a couple of weeks and when she spoke to Sheela about her pain and therapy Sheela suggested my name. All this while the conversation was in whispers and Sheela confessed that the aunt was not aware of the “special services” that I gave Sheela. I assured her not to worry and asked her whether Sheela herself wanted a massage once I got through with the aunt. Sheela nodded her assent. She added that this aunt was quite notorious when she was younger and was rumored to have several affairs in her time.

I smiled but stuck a businesslike attitude and asked Sheela to get the aunt ready. Internally, though, I was getting a bit turned on as Ive fantasized about making it out with an older lady. Pretty kinky, that, imagining having sex with a grey haired, 63 year old woman. I kept my fingers crossed. In a couple of minutes Sheela called me in to the bedroom and introduced me to Lata, her aunt. Lata was, as mentioned earlier, 63 years old and around 54″ in height. She was fair with a rather slim figure but with very prominent but slightly sagging breasts.

Her hair was in a bob cut, rather modern and attractively styled and was mostly snowy white with some streaks of grey-black, her face was quite pleasant and she had a friendly confident smile. Since I too am from Kerala our conversation was in Malayalam and we quickly got through the pleasantries and got down to business. Sheela shut the windows, drew the curtains and spread a plastic sheet on the mattress and left with a smile saying “I wont disturb you for an hour”.

I opened my bag, took out the special Almond Oil and Mahanarayan Oil which is for muscle and joint pains. I also took out my briefs that I use when giving a massage. Meanwhile Lata too was getting ready without any fuss she was down to her panties and had covered her upper body with a towel and she lay face down on the mattress. The fan was on at a gentle speed and I had also lit up two aromatic candles. I heated the oils on the candle flame and commenced the massage.

Lata told me that she wanted me to be firm on her shoulders, back, thighs and lower legs but to go gentle elsewhere. And so it went. Im pretty good at my job and I know this from my repeat customers. Many of them, males as well as females, have told me there is magic in my fingers I just put it down to Gods grace. Anyway, within no time Lata was moaning in the luxury of her knots, aches and pains dissolving in the magic of my touch. She kept saying ”

Mmmm, that feels so good!”, “Yesss, that is the spot!” etc. I was straddling her, thighs on either side of her hips, gently but firmly kneading her shoulders and her back and working my way down to her waist and hips. I asked her whether I could remove her panties (black, lace trimmed by the way this was one hep, modern aunt!). In reply she just lifted her hips and I tugged at her flimsy lace and pulled it down revealing her ass cheeks. The skin was a bit wrinkled, naturally, considering her age but the ass itself was still firm and there was a lovely black mole on her left cheek.

I told her “It doesnt seem like youre 60 plus, youre in good shape.” Her reply was a stunning “Yes, as long as one is active sexually, it beats all other forms of exercise!” I had to mumble a shamefaced response but my cock had stirred at her words. It was pressing into her backside, touching her buttocks. She could feel it but did not say anything. I took some warm oil in my hands and poured it onto her buttocks and began working the cheeks, squeezing it, kneading the flesh and allowing the oil to freely flow down into her crack and butthole.

She kept her eyes closed in complete surrender to my ministrations, occasionally mumbling her sheer joy of the experience. My fingers and palms roamed freely all around her ass and then moved down to her thighs. Now and again I would reach down between her ass cheeks and finger her hole, just rubbing the tip of my index finger into her ass and slide down to her cunt lips. She did not object the slightest bit and in fact seemed to raise her butt to allow my finger greater penetration into her secret holes.

I did not do anything more, as I was waiting to get a signal from her before proceeding and so far the session had stayed very professional, which was OK with me there ARE indeed some clients who want just a professional massage and my motto was and remains to render professional service. So, as I said, I moved down to her thighs and thence to her lower legs, calf muscles, ankles and feet. She had good legs, slim, well muscled and firmly tones.

Her feet were neat, nails neatly manicured here was one classy lady who knew how to maintain herself despite her advancing years. If only more women (men, too, for that matter!) could be like her, I sighed. By now Id finished her back fully and this had taken a little bit over 20 minutes. I asked her how she felt and whether she was ready to turn over so I could massage her from the front.

Unhesitatingly she turned over, revealing her lovely breasts to me. Her stomach was flat, a wee little bulge that made it look sexy, a fold of flesh around the waist and a gorgeously swollen pudenda covered in that same snowy white hair. Her breasts looked a little wrinkled as did her vagina but they still retained that proud beauty. I spent a while looking at her body, savoring the sight of her pubic mound and brown nipples.

Lata then asked me “What are you staring at, Im sure a mature guy like you would have seen lots of women by now!” I said “Yes, indeed, you are right but can you believe this? Ive never had a client older than 50 or so. Youre the first senior citizen client Im serving.” She giggled in a very naughty manner and said “A-ha? Senior citizens are entitled to special rates and services, no? What will you do “extra” for me? And, do you only “serve” or do you “service” too?” As she finished speaking these words her fingers were stroking the front of my jockey shorts and felt my bulge.

I was getting harder than before and confessed to her that I was willing to go the full mile with her, whatever she wanted, however kinky, however depraved her tastes and fantasies, I would try and satisfy her. Smiling happily she pulled my face down close to her and we kissed lustily, lips locked, tongues entwined exchanging deep kisses. She was tugging at my elastic and I stepped out of my shorts, standing naked by her side, my 7 inch, thick, black, circumcised cock standing at attention, waiting to serve and service her.

Before we could go to the next stage Lata raised her voice and told Sheela in the next room that she was “hiring” my services for the next hour too! A verbal “Do Not Disturb” instruction. Continuing to kiss her face and mouth, my hands were now roaming all over her body, gently massaging her shoulders and breasts, stroking her stomach and reaching into the snowy forest between her legs. I whispered into her ear “May I taste your clitoris?” and flicked my tongue inside her ear licking her there. An electric jolt must have passed through her but instead of replying by words Lata grabbed my head and pushed me down over her thighs.

She opened her legs in a V and invited me inside, her labia spread open, pinkish and slightly gleaming with moisture. In Malayalam she told me “Nallonam nakku, naaku ullilu ittu nakku” (Lick me really well, put your tongue deep inside). I did exactly that, while playing with her breasts squeezing them, putting my hands underneath her hips and squeezing her buttocks and raising them to achieve greater penetration with my tongue.

For as long as I can remember, Ive enjoyed sucking womens pussies, and Ive actually found that like a fingerprint every woman tastes “different”. Some are salty, some are slightly sweet, some may be a bit sour, some smell good, some smell really strong.. Lata smelled and tasted just Yummy! Her pubic hair was soft, thickly grown and mostly white. The labia was slightly wrinkled but her clitoris was big, erect and protruded from her lips nicely. Ive developed a technique that is extremely effective at arousing any woman –

I pursed my lips and softly exhaled a stream of air directly onto her lovely, 65 year old clit. And, as expected, she went wild a long sigh Aaaahhhh escaped her mouth to match and keep pace with the breath of air that was escaping my mouth. Her clit responded, I could see it contract and wriggle and, just at the end of my breathing I plunged my mouth on her cunt lips and I sucked it. Women who are reading this may recall the technique they use to suck a cock, I sucked Latas cunt the same way, hungrily, sucking it as if my mouth was a vacuum cleaner sucking all the air out of her lungs through her vagina.

Latas thighs locked around my head and she was bucking her hips up wanting more of this. She literally climbed on top of me now, pushing me flat on my back on the bed as she rode my face. In a little while, continuing to pump my face inside her thighs she rotated so that we were now in a 69 and swallowed my cock. I was delighted the way things were turning out this session and just pulled my mouth of her nether lips long enough to ask her whether shed experienced This before? Before she could reply I buried my face inside and thighs and reached below her cunt into her buttocks and spreading it open I pushed my tongue into the hole there.

Lata, till now a vigorous partner in the acts that we were engaged in, became even more excited and actually stopped sucking me and sat erect on my face. I was suffocating now but could hear her say “Heyyyyy! That is so good! Ive never had that done to me!!” And, saying that, she had her first orgasm of the day. Her cunt opened and she squirted a water colored fluid that drenched my face and chest as it flowed down her thighs. Weak kneed she got off my face and licked me with her tongue all the while whispering ”

Suju, can you believe this? Ive never cum this way!! Thank you for that” We took a break there, my cock still ramrod erect and unstated, while Lata went to the loo for a pee and to clean up. Before shutting the door she said “You stay right there, Ill be back, I need to repay you!” Do let me know your feedback, Ill write about the next session after that. My mail id is [email protected] Anyone out there in Mumbai (or Pune)