Fucked My Best friend & Her Mommy Part II

HI everyone I am new to ISS this is the most awesome site I have ever seen. I am a resident of Bhubaneswar (Orissa).I am very hot on bed and I like fucking girls of all age all. So any aunty bhabhi aunty or girl from Bhubaneswar who wants to have sex can contact me everything will be a secret it’s a promise. Contact me at [email protected] let me come to the story. This is a real story. It happened 3 years before.

I had a good friend named Priyanka. I used to go to her house and her mom and dad were cool about it. It was one Sunday that her mom called me to her home. Let me describe her mom her mom was a housewife with 36d boobs 38 ass(gaand) and she was hot. It was afternoon and I went to her house and she was wearing a sari with sleeveless blouse and she had no bra on her. She asked me to sit and gave me a glass of rose water. she asked me about studies and future and we also talked about Priyanka and her boyfriend.

Then she went to the bathroom and she returned after 10 mins she was wearing just a towel and I could see her thunder thighs. she had small hairs around he armpit she came and sat in the chair and dried her wet hairs. I was watching her boobs. she looked at me and what I was watching so I was confident and told her that she looked beautiful even at this age. Then she came forward and sat close to me. I took my hands and placed them on her boobs she moaned and I started pressing them. The towel instantly came off and I was amazed to see her protruded nipples.

Then I placed my lips on her lips and she responded our tongues were playing with each other and then she placed he hands on my Levis and opened the chain. she took out my then hard Lund and took it in her mouth and started sucking it. I was in heaven her daughter was sleeping in the room next to ours. she sucked me for 10 mins and then it was my turn. I moved my head to her pussy which was covered with hairs I kissed her pussy lips which were wet and then inserted my tongue in her pussy and made to and fro motions. she asked me to insert to which

I placed my Lund on her hole and gave a jerk and it went inside and fucked her for 20 mins and then she asked me to drink my cum and I came in her mouth. I sucked her boobs and I got an instant hard on when I sucked he hairy armpit was again ready and this time it was her gaand it had small hairs and I applied some face cream in her gaand and inserted my tool she screamed with pain and I grabbed her boobs I was masticating them hard and she was moaning. I was fucking her hard and she was yelling I love you honey. I kissed and bit her bare back and her earlobes. I was exhausted

I came in her anal hole and she too came I drank all her fluids which had a mixed aroma of piss and sex liquids. Then we slept in each other’s arms and kissed each other passionately I was sucking her boobs like a small child and she told me that how satisfied she is to have sex with me she told me that her husband did not last for more than a 5 minute on bed and she used cucumber to satisfy herself. she also told me that she has a fantasy to see her daughter being fucked by someone. At the very thought of this I got excited and once again sniffed her armpit .

I am very much addicted towards armpit of women. I got excited and finger fucked the bitch. She asked me to give her a mouth job and I quickly agreed. I sucked her clit for 10 mins and she was pressing my hand on her choot(bia) she was having a fantastic aroma. She did not shave her pussy and I like hairy girls. I then rimmed her gaand she got excited and asked me to come to the bathroom I went to the bathroom and she stood in the bathroom with her ass cheeks apart. I once again sniffed her gaand and inserted my hard dick in her choot we fucked for 10 mins and she then took my penis in her mouth and cleaned it with her tongue.

I asked her how can I fuck Priyanka to which she replied that Priyanka was a bitch and would agree to get fucked by any and every man. I was happy to hear that then I asked her when should I fuck her to which she replied you can do it today. I was more than happy and went to Priyanka’s room where she was sleeping only in her camisoles I went near her and sniffed her gaand. Before that I must tell you that Priyanka is too sexy with 34 boobs and 36 gaand. She got up and was surprised to see me I put my lips on her so that she could not shout.  I crushed her boobs and she opposed me but tore her camisole and she said that her mom might see us and

I said her mom is asleep she asked me to close the door and then I came to her after closing the door she hugged me tightly and said that she wanted this a long time before and kissed me on my forehead I kissed her too then I kissed her cheeks and finally ours lips locked. I stared to get wild and then kissed her neck and finally went down she had good boobs and as soon as I kissed her boobs her nipples became erect and sucked them like a small baby and said her that mamma mujhe doodh pina hai and again sucked them she got aroused and then kissed me I will complete my story in the next part meanwhile bhabis aunties and girls can write to me at my email id for secret sex and encouragement.