Sex In Bangalore

By : Sameer

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Hi, I’m sameer from Bangalore. This was the first ever sexual experience I had when I was studying in 12 standards. I was always poor in biology, so my mother asked me to join tuition for it. There I met with a girl her name is Shruti. She is an extremely sober natured girl with a very sweet face and milky white skin. I always secretly admired her beautiful body and the way it gracefully moved when she walked or sat or did anything in tuition.

She uses to wear sexy clothes everyday. Skin tight jeans, tight tops shots mini skirts. Oh! I can’t explain how sexy she looks in red mini skirt. Sruthi was not having any boy friend one day I was absent for the tuition next day when I came sir told me to complete yesterdays notes and show him next day she use to stare at me during classes.after class got over I went to her and asked for the notes she smiled and gave me the notes.

Next day I gave her notes and after class got over I went to her n told her writing is good and started talking about studies it started raining she was having a umbrella she asked me to come in it then we started going home her house was also in the same place 15 min walk from my house umbrella was small rain was falling on me then she asked me to come closer to her I went closer her hands were touching my hands then she asked me to put my hand on her shoulder.

I slowly kept my hand on her shoulder my finger touching her ear she started breathing heavily. Then she put her hand in my hairs. She always wore sweet smelling perfumes. So when her hand touched me the fragrance made me loose total control of my senses I told her that I found her very beautiful she smiled I went closer and kissed her on forehead at this time she was out of control n was breathing very fast and holding me tightly.

I kissed her on lips thin soft pink lips aaahhhh. It was so sweet I kissed her for 5mins. But that day I could not do more then kiss we were on road so I told her to go home and told her that I will arrange for a room tomorrow I called my friend he use to stay in room and asked room for 2 hours he agreed. I called her and told her about it and she accepted I told her to come 2 hours early from home she came we both sat in auto and went to my friend’s room.

He arranged bed for us and went out I went and locked the door she was standing behind me I hold her and faced her to wall. I started kissing her neck she was wearing a black skin tight jeans with a cherry red sleeveless top I got too excited just to see her firm and healthy boobs in the red hot top I hugged her tightly to make us both comfortable with feeling each other’s body. She also cajoled me very skillfully.

She guided me to unwrap her body from the top. Once I was through with removing the top, she turned around in full circle to give me a full view of her figure from every angle. She was wearing a light pink color bra. I felt like the captain of the ship which was to navigate through all the mountains and caves of her atlas map. Taking full command of my 7″ ship I undocked into the silky smooth material of her bra with my desperate fingers.

I opened each hook of the bra with my fingers timelessly as they enjoyed the softness of her breasts seemed like she was celebrating a pink day. As I slipped the bra off her shoulders and down her arms I lay my head on her breasts. They were so welcoming, as they allowed my entire head to sink in between their warm, massive, fleshy coziness. I felt her heartbeats pumping like a power generator. Sweat dripping from her chin onto my head.

She was already gasping for breath. I was electrified to get the first view of her perfectly round and tight boobs. Each prized with a tender pink tiny nipple against her milky white skin. Her upper body was fully bare. Now i had to work on undressing her from under the waist. She tried to wait patiently, but her own life-long sexual frustration causing desperation made her press my head against her navel so tightly that I was getting suffocated.

Releasing me after a few seconds, she dragged me by my hair to the bed, and took off my shirt, shorts and all, within no time. She adored the male organ which I guess she had seen for the first time and that too in a fully erect position. I noticed her mouth dripping as she glared at it. She shyly smiled and brought her head close to the dick that had already started ejaculating. At first she rubbed her nose on the head of my dick.

Then gradually began licking the cum squirting out more rapidly. Sruthi really enjoyed this part. But before she went any further I convinced her that it will be easier to carry on with our adventures once she is fully undressed. Agreeing to my suggestion she lay down on the bed spreading her arms and legs widely and asked me to finish undressing her. It was only her jeans and panty that i had to remove now. And i didn’t want to do it in a hurry.

So I reached for her toes, licked her legs, then I removed her jeans i raised her left leg and placed it on my shoulder then the same with her right leg. Now with both her legs on my shoulders, i kissed the inside of her thighs and at the same time rubbing massaging the outer part of the thighs. She was too blissful and asked for more and more.

Suddenly she got up and asked me to wait. I asked her why and she said she had an idea with which we could both enjoy better. She went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of strawberry jam. I thought she was hungry after all this exhaustive session and wanted us to have some meal break. Instead she lay down again in the same position, opened the jam bottle and applied some on her thighs where I was licking her.

Then asked me to continue by licking the jam on her thigh as well I was quite impressed with her fantastic innovation. With all this excitement now i could see her fully naked legs, smoother than satin or silk. She was quite a sight for me to be lying there on the bed with nothing on except the pink cotton panty with ‘pink’ hearts printed on it and laced borders. My heart was almost popping out of my chest.

Everything she wore on that day looked brand new, as if she was specially prepared for the whole seduction. I comfortably loosened the elastic waistband of her panty, massaging her hips at same time. She moaned in ecstasy rising her warm sexy arose to make it easier for me to pull off her panty. As I slowly lowered the panty from her waist I got the first view of her divine pussy. There was a light tuft of hair on the pubic area, soft as fur.

As i felt the hair, the tingling sensation got her more excited. There were high voltage currents passing through our bodies. She breathed heavier by the second. Finally neither of us could afford to hold ourselves in control. Both reaching the height of orgasm, we leapt and attacked each other violently. I held her tightly under my arms which suddenly changed in strength from that of a college boy to an indomitable beast.

She too was impressed with my never before seen strength. While holding her unsparingly i thrust my giant dick into the endless tunnel of lust. I fucked her harder than i imagined i could, and she also contributed by taking various positions accordingly. I knocked her from front, i knocked her from back. Squeezed out whatever juices she possessed in her pussy and the boobs. Her breasts had swollen with no limits.

Nipples were hard as metal bolts. Thunder running through our bodies, we tried every position that anyone could rarely even imagine, all within fractions of time. Digging deeper into her pussy I chewed her tits till they were red or even purple. In one position while I was fucking her from the back, I spread her legs wide apart, so much that her hole was wide enough to let in the dick of a dinosaur.

I slashed my tongue turbulently at her centre of gravity and then jolted my bolt into it innumerable times with lightning speed. She had also lost all her sobriety and like a devil sent from hell

Sucked on my dick at first and then chewed on it mercilessly which we had been made more delicious with the strawberry jam for flavor. After all these adventurous exploitations of each other’s innocence which had continued for nearly four hours, we concluded thankfully, promising to keep this as top secret and to be generous whenever each was in need for it again.

We carried on experimenting new styles and positions frequently for the next 6 months until I pass my 12th. But now she is gone to US from one year I am not able to control myself I want some safe and confidential relationship any one can message me at [email protected]