Alcohol And Sex Part I

Hello friends!!!This probably could become a long story while I’m writing, so you shall rather expect it in some parts…

I’ve been following ISS.NET for more than 5 years now. And since last two years I’ve been more fascinated to read the posted erotic stories rather than images and videos & mind you there are actually very impressive story tellers around. My story is a tribute or rather a way of saying “THANKS” to the guys who have been satisfying me with their entertaining experiences through words .

I’m a MBA graduate from one of the finest Business Schools of Gujarat (of course not IIM-A). Sadly aging fast towards 28 and married with a very beautiful lady named Niki. I’m an average guy, nothing special anywhere over my body; have just got enough to make me a man who can satisfy his wife. Rather, since I’ve been married, I’ve put up some weight, and also started having a beer belly. I even don’t have hypothetical 10 inch dick, lol. Honestly, I’ve never tried to take a measuring tape and gets in length. It’s not important how deep you enter into a love hole; point is how far you can stay deep while making love.

A man craves only for things he doesn’t have. Mostly fantasies in sex are cravings for the things you missed the most, things you haven’t experienced and experiencing the same couldn’t be easily possible. I’ve got a weird taste for women while I fantasize; I don’t imagine a slim, sexy, cup shaped boobs baby; may be because that’s already what my wife carries.

In my own imaginative devil world I love to see women who are married; who are into their 30s; who has huge boobs; clean body, shaved armpits and pussy, a mole above her lips, back, on breasts or below naval; who has the capacity to carry me over her for an hour; a lady with bulged ass cheeks; long hair almost touching ass cheeks; and above all a sensual lady fragrance ( I don’t know how much my other senses work, but I’m sure I have a dog’s senses when it comes to smelling and I’m very specific when it comes to fragrance of a woman, just can’t stand bad body odour). These are the different things in women which turns me on and I fantasize the same. Sometimes fantasizing is more soothing than sex (for a change) because you see and almost feel everything that your partner PROBABLY doesn’t possess..

There is a reason behind every word and statement I’ve added here and I’m sure you would relate them into the story as and when you’ll proceed. I don’t pretend to be rude but truly I don’t care whether some readers don’t trust it being real, for those, I’ll say “THANKS” that they felt my experience was worth a beautiful fantasy. With this brief introduction and great excitement let me start my story “Alcohol & Sex”.

It’s a dry state (Gujarat) to live in; fortunately or unfortunately… At the age of 19 I realized that I was born in a wrong part of the world because I just love alcohol to the extent of worshiping it but can’t have it legally. So whenever I do have its access(of course illegally), it mostly ends up being a beautiful night on bed with my wife. Sex and Alcohol are positively correlated; more you’re drunk more you enjoy the sex (unless you’re drunk till u faint). My story is all about this correlation I just mentioned. Alcohol and Sex….….

Well, this is an incident that I had before my marriage, during my MBA days, on my buddy’s birthday party, A BOOZE PARTY…..He’s birthday was on 16th September and mine was 15th Sept; just one day before his. I never knew what I was leading to on that day, but probably god titled it for me as “FEAST DAY”

I stay in the college hostel; HOSTEL, a worth living place at least once in your life. It’s one of the greatest teachers in your life. All good, bad and ugly you’ll face in the hostel life. I have my 6 years of my academic life attached with hostel and man I miss it big time… Our college was in the outskirt of the city and it had the best winters I’ve seen. Couples within the college used to roam around on the side lanes of the road across the premises, especially after dinner. A football court, cricket ground, basketball court, volleyball court; you name them and it was there in the campus. A perfect 2 year vacation when you’re not in the classroom attending boring lectures.

My favorite was the badminton court; I didn’t use to play often but used to sit nearby and watch jumping all the beautiful sizes of boobs god has created for women (or rather for men). At times I used to feel that they’re going to get themselves rid off the prison called BRA and with their free jumps they’re going to come to my palms. These kinds of moments used to wake my devil up, telling me to have a girlfriend from the hostel. But then the other half of him ( a man with rings above his head) a.k.a “Angel” used to tell me, that my pocket money doesn’t allow me with this entertainment. I’ve heard (though never actually seen) that there were even some spare corners of the college campus that were lover points where they used to have their mini sex…

Anyways, I had my girlfriend who was digging up my wallet and eating up my money, so didn’t have spare amount for cheeks. That girlfriend was Royal Enfield bike that I had. I used to roam around with friends on it; AND THAT’S IT…. Was literally leading up to celibacy and frustration was leading towards its peak every time I was going near that badminton court.

It was 16th Sept, one of the loser friend’s birthday who used to ride my GF a.k.a Royal Enfield. 2 good part of the birthday party was: it was suppose to have many of his female friends and it was A BOOZE PARTY. Things just can’t go well when you need them the most. My bike had a punctured wheel the same day when I needed it the most to create a pseudo impression… And the party was at some farm house 15 kms from my hostel. So I decided to give up all hopes, go to my room after having evening tea, watch some porn, masturbate and sleep like a loser.

Just while I was having my tea, I had an unexpected call from Aditi, a classmate and a very close female friend of mine. We shared last bench of our class since last 1 year. But on a strict note she was just a “good friend” which means Rohit you’re still “a loser”. She already had a boyfriend since last 2 years. Well, she called me up to know whether I was invited to the party to which I agreed and told her further about my girlfriend’s (bike) loyalty towards me and with utter frustration ALMOST told her “I’m gonna masturbate and sleep…so carry on”. To my surprise she told me, that she’s coming to pick me up in 30 minutes as our college is on the way from her home towards that farmhouse. Damn I’m actually a loser, why didn’t this come to my mind before, that she is invited and this could be the solution…

Anyways I went up to my hostel room, took a nice shower, cleaned myself at special areas and got rid off with unwanted hairs(with great optimism as if I’m gonna lose virginity the next minute) and got dressed in white shirt and blue jeans… I applied some gel on my hair to look kinda human and also applied Ferrari perfume that was gifted by my brother yesterday on my birthday. I was already waiting downstairs for her since last 15 mins… I started to feel that this loser feeling may swallow me someday. Suddenly I looked at white Toyota corolla coming towards me; as a superhero to save me from “serial killer” called “loser spirit”. It was Aditi on the driver seat who was signaling me with her hands to come in. I took a move to open the door of the car and things started to change soon after.