Hot Sex with Neighbor Girl

hi hot guys and sexy girls and this is Goutham from Chennai and this is my first story with my neighbour girl which is a true experience that happened three months before. I hope you would like it and guys it will surely make you to shag yourself and girls will reach their orgasm while reading this your comments and contact me in [email protected]

Now let me go to the thing that happened and Im Goutham 21years aged doing my final year Engineering in Chennai and Im average built guy with my dick of 7 inches long and till third year and I was staying in college hostel mine is a strict institution where there will be no interactions between boys and girls but I used to make myself hot by watching girls who will show their structure in sexy dresses in my class and college campus.

I became a day scholar in June 2011 since we rented a house in a decent area there was lot of lovely girls in and around my home in my next house there was a girl named Lekha who seems to be age around 20.she was a sex bomb and used to wear tight dresses where I could able to see her sexy boobs and ass and slim waist and she is around 5.4″in height.

I could able to see her bedroom by opening the window of my house which is in the upstairs and when i came to this house one day I saw her masturbating lying in bed by watching some stuff in her mobile from that day I used to stand hiding near the window and watch her activities one day she just saw me and gave a smile and me too did it back and this was going on for around two months.

She used to dry her hair in the balcony after the bath and we used to just have a casual talk it was in feb2012 when all my roommates went to their native in a weekend and I just passed near the window and saw her masturbating lying in bed which she forgot to close the balcony door. I started shagging myself seeing at a moment she just saw me and ran to another room getting shy.

The next day in morning their parents left out to native which I came to know from her later and showing a bye to her and then she just saw me and told a hi and invited me to her home. I just locked my home and were not there and that was the first time I went there and it was so nice and then we just made a casual talk and about her life then I just asked her and what were you doing yesterday lying in bed.

She just smiled in a sexy way asked me what were u doing seeing that and then I told that oh your such a small baby dont know anything na then I just went near her and kept my hand in her thighs then she just got up and moved slowly and she was wearing a sandal coloured tight salwar kameez which was showing her sexy curves and then and got up and kissed in her lips by pushing her against the wall and sucking her lips.

I just came down and began to bite her boobs over the kameez and she told please wait dont be in a hurry lets do it in our bedroom and I then just carried her upstairs to her bedroom. I put her on the bed and lied on her and no we were kissing passionately and exchanging our saliva for 10 minutes and she told that she is feeling thirsty then when I opened the fridge to take water saw a honey bottle there.

I brought them both near the bed and she just drank some water and kept it aside. I took that and poured that chill water all over her body due to that her dress got wet stick on her body her boobs were moving up and down. I just bite them again and slightly opened her tops and saw her navel. I poured some honey in that and began to suck it and she moaned in pleasure holding the pillow.

I removed her tops inch by inch by kissing everywhere now removed her salwar and she was just in bra and panty and now she removed my t-shirt and pant and began kissing over my body. I just made her lay down and removed her bra poured a drops of honed in her poking nipples and began to suck them vigorously and she was holding my hair tightly ant pressing my head against her boobs and moaning loudly.

Now, I came down and removed her panty in which already her love juices were sticking in it and she had cleanly shaved her pussy. I just kissed on it and now I removed my brief in which my cock was standing rock hard and she just hold and kissed it and told she just cant wait anymore and told me to insert it. I asked her whether she is a virgin and she replied no and had lost it during her school time and had enjoyed only once.

I just kept my cock near her pussy entrance and began to pump it first she told to do slower and then began moan loudly as dear apadi dhan nallaa pannu ahh sssssho yaaa ohh then I began to raise my speed at last and I poured it inside her pussy and she told not to worry as she is in her safer periods and then were rested for some time and had some snacks and had two more sessions.

At last we dressed up in evening and while moving I made a same bite over her boobs and kissed her and left and we enjoyed a lot till her parents came back and now we used to do that whenever we get time. I hope you enjoyed this experience of mine and sexy hot college girls and young girls email me okay? Thanks