Friends Wife Fantasy Comes True Full Story

We are friends since college and time flies like anything. I couldnt believe that its already 20 years since we met first time in our +2 and well. He is Samir and we were buddy since our college time. We were into friendship like two people and one heart. We used to share everything and like other teen age people, we mostly used to discuss about sex and politics in our college.

Because of our Indian tradition or you can say it as a cultural impact, we hardly get any chance to mix up with girls especially in all small towns in our country. Frustration and helplessness were killing our high urge to have sex. And at same time we were so excited all the time about fucking and sex gossip about any girl. We just wanted to lose our virginity even we used to masturbate by thinking fucking girls of our class and senior girls.

Watching porn was the best way to unleash our urges when we passed our graduation, I came out of my city for higher studies and in a year or two my best friend Samir got married and was into business for living. We were meeting often whenever I was in my native city on my vacation and we usually have great time together with lots of fun but he was not in that comfort zone after his marriage to share all the good times he was having with his wife.

Good thing in his part that he was also so open to say that he is not going to say all those cock raising incident between him and his wife because I might have fantasized her wife and stroked my cock by thinking their fucking session. Let me be frank and he was 100% correct. His wife Sunita is a sex bomb with a height of 52 chiseled face slim trim fare and big round ass which can erect any cock.

Her 32″ size boobs are so irresistible to grab them and fondle like anything. I was gone mad by thinking how Samir would have fucked her in their first night they were the first and fresh couple for me I could have fantasized about. I was fantasizing and masturbating by thinking how they were fucking each other. I was never missing any chance to see a small glimpse of her cleavage whenever I was at their home for a casual visit as we are best friends.

I have never insisted him to talk about their personal life and have never taken any advantage to know those erotic time they would have shared. After 4 years of his marriage I too got married and all of sudden we started discussing our sex life in our casual discussion and it was because we both feel free as we both were married that time and there was nothing as secret anymore. I am living in a metro because of my job. My wife is also working in a MNC.

I must say, she is damn hot and sexy and behaves like a slut in bed. She never quit till she gets an orgasm. She never hesitates to experiment new kinky things in bed and I can proudly say that the quality of sex we have each day has turned me into a good fucker in due course of time. Most of the time we friends talk about different things and ultimately at the end we share our sex life in phone as we live in different places but whenever.

I visit to my native and we meet each other in our addas after 2/3 pegs of alcohol we come to our much awaited topic sex while discussing about our sex life, I can see the lust in Samirs eyes for my wife and that make him more frank to be open up about their sex life from his narration of his sex life and I come to know that his wife Sunita looks like a shy and innocent lady but in reality.

She is a lioness in bed and so much horny and very much demanding when we started sharing our sexual move and wifes reactions to each of our moves, the position we fuck each day. I found it is more exciting and erotic and even I started thinking that we four are fucking in same bed in the mean time I have developed a high urge to have a wild sex with Sunita and ultimately I always burst it out in my wifes pussy.

I started sharing these things with my wife while fucking in a side to side position, though she always thinks that I must be whispering this just to fantasize in bed and make our sex life more spice up. She also takes part in this virtual sex and expresses her urges to have a steamy threesome with Sunita and believe me and we always have huge orgasm each and every day by thinking and talking about these sex positions.

2 years passed away and we usually visit our native in 4/6 months interval for several days and we both families visit each others and I noticed some changes in Sunitas behaviour for me after my marriage or I can say from the day we two friends started sharing each others sex life stories. She has started given me some extra notice all the time and always tried to be close to my body while talking, eating and roaming around.

Though it looks very casual to others/outside but being a man I can feel the intentional closeness opposite sex stimulation. I can feel the hotness and the burnings in her behaviour as I know her since last 6 years for my wife, it was all new so she was ignorant about all these things and she has built up an idea that these things are very natural in Sunitas part.

I think Samir must have been discussing our sex life with his wife like me and that must have given the kick to Sunitas urge to be fucked wildly or she is more eroticized by seeing me and my wife together and must be fantasizing our sex life and have got wetness in her pussy. Last Month I visited my native and after staying for a week, my wife left for her mothers house.

I was like an unleashed dog in town, at least I got a free pass to drink every evening with Samir that evening after 2/3 pegs, the same topic came into our discussion and Samir was so excited by seeing my wife around for last 5 days and expressed his inhibition that I am so lucky to fuck a bitch like my wife everyday and we started describing the figure of each other wifes and which position must be good to fuck them.

I can see the lust in his eyes and hardness in his pant. I smiled and asked did you ever feel like fucking my wife and masturbate and he said countless time. Now it gave me the kick. Then he said we always fantasize both of you fucking. Sunita get so excited and ride me on top when I talk about you guys and she fucks me real hard like a wild animal with loud scream. Now, I came to know the truth behind Sunitas behavioral change.

I also described Samir how we too fuck each other by thinking Sunita and him in bed and he said ohh that would be a lucky day of my life if we can fuck both of our wives in same bed. I added how about tying a black band on their eyes and fuck each others wife in doggy position and make them scream out of hell.

He was so excited that he jumped off the chair and started to his home to have a wild sex with Sunita. I wished him have a nice fuck tonight by thinking that you are fucking my wife and also give Sunita couple of harder stroke on behalf of me and tell her that I am fucking her and let me know how she feels about it tomorrow. He gave me high five and rushed to his house.

Next day Samir went to his business place which is 10 km away from his house and called me in his free time to explain the wildness they had last night and interestingly, he said that Sunita got orgasm when he was stroking her and whispering my name in her ears. It was like a bomb exploded for me which immediately gave me an urge of fucking her and that to my long time lady of fantasy.

I was out of my control and suddenly made up my mind to go to his house to visit Sunita and then I could fantasize her to have a best masturbation of the day. My balls were bulging with the sperms to be exploded with a high pressure. I rushed to Samirs house and found Sunita alone. It was 12.15 pm and their kid hadnt returned from school till that time. I felt so lucky to have her alone in their house.

She was not expecting me and was in her night dress after a fresh bath. By the way she didnt hesitate and was comfortable in her night dress. She is quite free with me as I am very familiar and like a family member in their home. She welcomed me with a pleasant smile after a formal talking about each others family member, she asked if I could have tea or coffee and as usual I asked for tea when she rushed to kitchen.

I could see her tight round ass throbbing with a rhythm by her walk, her pantys lines were clearly visible out of her dress and I could easily mark the size of the roundness of her ass. I got hardness in my pant and got into an uncomfortable situation because I hadnt any underwear underneath. I tried to adjust my cock in between my zip so that I could hide the hardness from Sunita with my bad luck/good luck Sunita suddenly turned to me to ask.

I care for water before tea and must had seen me adjusting my cock in between my zip , I felt little bit embarrassed and smiled out of nothing to adjust the moment and nodded for water. She also smiled and went back into kitchen to fetch me water. I turned on the TV in their drawing room and drank the whole glass of water. All of sudden Sunita called me from kitchen if I could help her to change the gas pipe to a new cylinder. I was so gracious and went inside kitchen.

The Kitchen was small for two people could hardly move freely inside. She was so close to me as always while I was checking out the gas connection. I could even feel her breaths in that small kitchen; I could smell the aroma of her body lotion in that room all over as we friends were discussing all sexy and dirty things since last two days about each others wife and I had

Sunita in my mind getting orgasm with my name been whispered in her ears while she was fucking Samir last night again I got the hardness in my pant. In the process of changing the gas kit we both came so closure several times that our body parts touched each other each and every touch of her body (knowingly or unknowingly) was sufficient to stimulate the sensation and insisting the animal in my mind.

I changed the gas pipe, stopped the gas knob but couldnt control my urge anymore and suddenly turned towards her and grabbed her with her mouth and placed a hot wet French kiss right in her mouth, I was literally eating her mouth while holding her long hair from behind and moving my hand in her back at first she was shocked by my naughty move and resisted for 5 seconds but started co-operating with my kiss.

She was sweating all over her face and body. I could hear her heartbeat thumping like a drum. My hard cock was trying to bust out of my pant and pounding on her belly from my pant. I turned her to hold her from back and kissed her neck to mouth from behind, started moving my hand from her shoulder to her belly area and then came near to her boobs what a feeling!

I hold the cup of her boobs, pinched and pressed them gently on her dress. She had bra inside but I could still feel her hard aroused nipples. We were totally mum and the only sounds that kitchen was witnessing were our hot and long breathes. We were not talking anything and just acting along with the flow. She was not able to stand properly because of arouse and aching in between her legs.

She could not stand anymore with all my heart throbbing initiation. I could feel the fire in her body and started touching her hairless polished white legs inside her dress and moved to top to her thighs. I gently touched her wet pussy on her panty to make my intention clear. Now she started caring me and raised both her hands to hold my head hair and raised her neck to have a dip elongated mouth kiss.

It was enough for me to resist any more. I was totally out of my mind. I picked her from ground and took her to their bed room and threw her in bed and planted some hundreds of kisses on all over her body. She was so excited and already out of the shield of shame. She was all open in front of me and ready to explore the sexual pleasure which she had only heard from Samir all these times.

She was just lying like a slut who was ready to have a wild fuck with no mercy. I was so excited too to explore her body which was a long time fantasy for me since the day I have met her. I grabbed her and started eating her mouth again with our tongues touched; our saliva came out of our mouth to make the position more erotic. I started open her silky night dress and made her lie down only with bra and panty.

I picked her on my chest and started opening her bra hook while teasing her with my naughty kiss all over his face and biting her lips. I opened her bra hook from behind and her 34 sized boobs came out with aroused hard pinky nipple and I gone mad and started eating her boobs like mangoes, was biting her nipple gently and she was just in her ecstasy to say oooh wow.

She started moving her ass and was rubbing her pussy on my hard cock on my pants. She holds my hair and started caring while I was eating her boobs alternatively and kneading her nipple. She suddenly started moving her hand from my head to lower abdomen part and started feeling the hardness of my cock under my pant and whispered in my ear with a naughty smile.

You dont wear underwear and I had seen you adjusting your tool today and its huge and I just love to have it now. I turned her side and came on top while licking her nipple. I came in between her belly with my knees on both side of her body so that she could open my zip. She opened my pant zip and grabbed my cock by both of her hands with a naughty smile on her face and started stroking it.

I was not in that mood of hand stroking and hold her head from behind and pulled her mouth towards my cock and pushed my hard cock into her mouth forcefully gulppp she was not ready for the whole shaft to go along into her mouth. She got tears in her eyes after taking all of my 7 inch long cock in her mouth. I was in heaven and she started sucking it and licking the tip of my cock.

I started mouth fucking vigorously with lots of saliva coming out of her mouth the pach pach sounds were so erotic coming from her mouth. I was fondling her boob while she was sucking my cock like she was licking an ice-cream bar and I pull out my cock from her mouth and was making round on her nipple with my cock tip and I asked how is it.

She was in no mood to leave my cock and without saying anything grabbed it again in her mouth and gave me a blowjob of lifetime. I was about to cum in her mouth but not sure if she likes it or not and pulled out my cock from her mouth. She was in no mood to leave my cock from sucking and went down again and started licking my ball while stroking my cock with her hands. I exploded my whole load on her face with big oohhh.

She was so happy by having the hot, sticky cum on her face and she started playing with the cum. I asked her and I was in mood to cum inside your mouth as I do the same with my wife. She said ooo is it? Then we can try it and I dont mind to taste your cum and I asked if Samir does it with you. She said and we were doing this entire kinky thing in our earlier days of our marriage but now its all like a routine play.

After a huge ejaculation on her face, I was lying by her side and caring her thigh and pussy lining on her panty. I told her that me and Samir used to talk about our sex life and from that day only I had a high urge to fuck her., I also asked even Samir must be thinking to fuck my wife and she said yes he is very much into your wifes sexy figure and boobs and want badly to fuck her even when.

We fuck he always thinking that he is fucking your wife and ejaculate heavily in me and it was so erotic of listening kinky things about my wife from Sunita. I was getting excited to all her sexy words and horny activities. My cock started pounding her thighs. She was so amazed by feeling of my cock on her thighs, she hold it tightly and said wow, he is so quick you are a bull. Your wife is so lucky to have this hard cock everyday

Sunita! Let me show you in which ways she is lucky will give you a fuck of your lifetime today and I said she had a naughty smile on her face. I grabbed her panty out of her body and started eating her hairless pink pussy. She started moaning with a huge oohhh she was squeezing my head with her thighs and making noises ooohhh. I was moving my tongue from her pussy hole to her clit and giving her tongue fucking in between.

She was in could nine and pulling my head into her pussy with all her force by holding my hair after 10 minutes of nonstop licking and sucking her pussy she got a huge orgasm and could not resist the feeling in between her thighs and pushed me away with a huge grung and she was moving her hip up and down with ecstasy and pleasure because of the effect of huge orgasm she had reached.

I was not in mood to leave her in that position and tried to apart her legs she tried to stop me as she wanted to be relaxed a bit after that huge orgasm but I was not in mood to miss this opportunity to punish this bitch with another orgasm and wanted to pound her badly when she is still in the process of last orgasm to complete and I again tried to part her leg like a bull she was helpless in front of my force and tried to hide her pussy by both of her hands.

I put my huge cock in between her legs and started hammering her hands. She got the kick from my cock hammering and got ready to be fucked and she asked me to go slowly and I started to touch my cock tip on her clit and rubbed gently it was so erotic and I tried to rub my cock in between labia of her pussy her pussy was so wet by that time and I just pushed my cock and it was all in her pussy.

I was feeling the hotness and roughness of inner side of her pussy wall and it was like my cock had just entered a hot furnace slowly. I was in rhythm and pounding her pussy with my master strokes and applying my signature moves that usually makes my wife wild in bed. She was enjoying each and every stroke of my cock and murmuring something by closing her eyes at same time.

She was also participating by raising her hips for each of my stroke. She was so tired all sweated but wanted more of my cock and in a verge of another orgasm as I have already admitted that I always have fantasy to fuck Sunita by seeing her round ass, how could I miss that opportunity that day? I turned her to doggy position and could not believe that my much awaited view was in front of me.

The creamy white clean round ass with 28 waist size was standing ready to get busted by me and the wet pussy beneath it is waiting for my cock. I kneeled down and grabbed her waist with my two hands and try to enter my cock gently from behind. Wow! What a tight and wet feeling and I could not explain. I was stroking my cock like there is no tomorrow and her ass chicks were pumping and giving a nice vibration with each of my hard stroke and

She was moaning uuuh ahhhh ammm with each of my stroke. It was giving her immense pleasure to spank her ass chicks in between. I put my finger in her mouth and make it wet to insert in her ass hole while ramming her pussy. The thumping sound of my balls on her clit was making her wilder when I put my finger in her tight virgin ass hole slowly and she started enjoying even more and welcomed my move and

She started stroking me with back thrust by her ass to my pelvic area and screaming and I was in no mood to spare this slut then the time had come to punish this bitch and took her mind out by fucking her mercilessly. Her pussy was so wet by that time like she could take two cocks at same time and I changed my position to half standing with my well hung cock pointing towards her ass.

She was still in that doggy position, shivering out of the excitement and waiting to be fucked more. I hold her hair waist longed from behind and started pumping my cock dip in her pussy with my mastered bull like thrusts in that half standing position. I could feel the end of her pussy wall now and she was screaming when my cock touched her pussy end. I could see her creamy ass chicks had gone red with all my cock strokes and spanking.

She was so much excited and was crying with pleasure and begging to fuck harder n harder and I hold her tightly from her waist and made her my slave with even more powerful strokes and the sounds of thuppp thupp and I was all over the bedroom oohhhh. She got another huge orgasm and same time

I also burst my cum load inside her pussy it was an elongated orgasm for her as she was feeling the ejaculation of my cum inside her pussy wall. She was so tired by that time and immediately fell asleep naked and I can see my cum was oozing out of her pussy after 20 minutes. I just wore my dress and left her alone again in that house with a satisfaction of lifetime.