Sex With Neighbor Poornima

My name is Krish and I am from Bangalore. This is true incident that happened when I was 18 during my Pre-university summer vacations. This is about my neighbour Poornima who was waiting for her 10th Results. She was a very sweet and busty girl with pimples on her face. Since I used to masturbate, I never used to have pimples on my face.

I was a frequent visitor to her house as both her parents were working and younger brother used to go out to play cricket. We used to get talking and she used to ask me the reason as to my face without pimples at first, I used to avoid her questions and one day I told her that there is a sexual reason for that. She wanted to know what it was. I told her that horny people get more pimples then she asked me if I was not horny.

I told her that even though I am horny, I masturbate every night. She wanted to know how to do that, and since it was a time that internet was still not as popular as it is nowadays, told her that tomorrow I will explain on how to do that and that she will have to co-operate. She said its fine and the next day, I went to her house immediately after her younger brother went to play cricket and asked her to lock the door.

She locked the door and we went to the bed room at first I asked her to sit near me and told her that I will explain to her and she has to listen very carefully and that I will not repeat the instructions once again even though I was only elder to her by 2 years she was eagerly listening to me. I ask her to lie down on the bed. She was wearing a T-shirt and Bermuda.

I slowly touch her boobs with the T-shirt on and slowly started massaging her boobs from the outside itself and asked her to do the same to her other boob. She was doing it and I slowly started pinching her nipples. She was getting some feelings and was slowly arching her back. I then asked her to take her T-shirt off. She was not wearing any bra underneath and her boobs were like small apples.

I slowly took one of the nipples in my mouth and started sucking it and playing with the other boob with one hand. I slowly inserted my other hand into her Bermuda. She was wearing a panty. I slowly started massaging her click from above the panty itself. I stopped suddenly and then she asked why you stopped. I told her to remove her Bermuda and panty there was light coming out from the bedroom window.

She said there is light and she is shy to remove them. I told her she has already removed her T-shirt and she is half naked in front of me. Then she asked me to remove then. I removed her Bermuda and panty and slowly started massaging her clit and sucking on her boob. She started getting excited and I slowly inserted one finger into her pussy. It was very tight as she was a virgin.

She started feeling some pain and asked me to stop. I told her it will only pain for a few minutes and then she will be okay. She agreed and then slowly started moving my finger in and out. I took hold of her hand and kept it on my dick. She started massaging my dick from the outside and slowly inserted her hand into my underwear when she had her first orgasm from my finger-fucking and she asked what the feeling was.

I told her thats what masturbation is and if she does that regularly, she will not get any pimples. I then slowly started licking her pussy and she started getting aroused once again. I stopped and told her to take my dick in her mouth and that we will go 69. She immediately agreed and she came in my mouth once again and I ejaculated into her mouth which she was reluctant to swallow at first, but gradually did.

I then lay on top of her and inserted my dick into her cunt. Since my dick if fat and lot, I found it difficult to push it further as she was feeling very painful. I slowly started to shake my dick in circles and also inserting little by little inside. She was enjoying the feeling and then when I got to her Virgin wall, pushed in suddenly and locked her mouth with my kiss as for her not to scream with pain as we have neighbours who might come to check.

I lay like that for a few minutes for her pain to subside and asked her how she was feeling and then started to fuck her and after a few minutes, she was enjoying it and after sometime, I ejaculated once again into her pussy and she had orgasm twice by then. We both went into the bathroom to clean ourselves and also her blood that she had bled. We removed the bed sheet and washed it off immediately, wore our clothes and opened the door and sat in the hall talking in 10 minutes.

Her brother came back from cricket to have lunch. He had lunch and went back to play. We had one more session after that and we made this a regular activity. I had purchased some condoms and kept it handy with me as I did not want her to get pregnant and we used to fuck without condoms when she used to have her periods as I know it was safe then. Please write to me about the feedback to [email protected]