Experience With My Friends Wife Part I

Dear friends After reading so many stories I am trying to share my true story. Usually you will read couples fucked each other in a short time. They will share their desire in 2-3 meeting than they easily find a place to enjoy.As per my experience it take 10 years to get that lady in my bed…no no..her bed as we ve enjoyed first time in her bed only. I dont know why it took so long time neither i am shy in nature nore she but i think due to living in a close society it is always a chance that people will notice something and it will spread from mouth to mouth giving you very bad name in society.

Anyway lets start I am an engineer by profession working in a large industry residing in a large company provided township.I am 5-11 jolly by nature so usually ladies enjoy my company but i never tried to make relation with such bhabhis.

My friend Rajesh(name changed) working with me and we married in same year though he is older than me. As we both are same age group and same time married we usually meet 2-3 times in a week either at his place or mine.As I am very talkative and easily mix with people Rajesh wife Poonam (name changed) started enjoying my company and complaining about shy nature of Rajesh. In all these evenings my wife is always with me so nothing sexual is possible..

Initially I was contended with my wife only enjoying whatever a newlywed couple enjoy in initial days. Our social meetings are frequent either Rajesh and poonam bhabhi is visiting us in evening for tea or we are enjoying evening with them. Slowly I observe changes in poonam bhabhi attire her neck is going deeper n deeper giving ample view of her deep cleavages. I forget to told about her figure she is 5-2″ with 36 C boobs (now 38). In one year she completely took charge on Rajesh as he is very shy guy. I sometimes wonder why he is not objecting anything when his wife showing nearly half of her boobs in front of him and my wife. I usually joke with my wife seems Poonam bhabhi wanna show her best asset to every one

Slowly Poonam bhabhi takes place in my fantasy as my wife is very orthodox in attire she is very carefree in dressing . She loves to wear sleevless and deep neck. Sometimes I get a chance to visit Rajesh home in his absence. These are brief visit only for 5-10 minutes and she always welcome me with smile always requesting me to have a tea with her. I usually controls my desire as I dont want to lose friendship with Rajesh. In reality I am well in control on my action but in fantasy while in bed with my wife I sometimes dream Poonam bhabhi is with me.

On one hand my wife is very shy in nature, Poonam bhabhi getting very open with me. She exchanged soft non veg jokes in front of my wife and rajesh too. Sometimes I doubted that everything is not good between Rajesh and Bhabhi but I restrain myself to ask them as Rajesh is very introvert and I cant ask bhabhi. Friendship of Poonam bhabhi with my wife is growing steadily. As I am very adventures in bed and my wife shares some of my wild deeds with her too. One day she jokes with me-“kuch apne friend ko bhi sikhao na”. I dont have any words to reply for few seconds. “Bhabhi you know how shy he is”-I replied. “I hope he is not shy and lazy in bed in night”-I aske jokingly.

She smiled n replied sab ke kismet aapki biwi jaise nahi hoti. I dont have any words and I returned to home and fucked my wife very wildly dreaming about Poonam Bhabhi. I want to help Rajesh so I just tried to ask about howz his married life going on. He replied”its fine”. On one hand I have desire to enjoy other pussy and on other hand I am restraining any such move due to friendship with Rajesh. On occasion of Holi my wife went to her native and I am alone at my place. I usually takes dinner with them. As my wife is not there Poonam bhabhi is more open in talk with me. On holi day I played holi with some friends but I didnt visit Rajesh place as I know I can commit any mistake in absence of Rajesh. I forget to told Rajesh was on duty. In evening I get a call from Rajesh-“kya hua bhai tumhari bhabhi bahut naraj h ke tum holi khelne nahi aaye”. “jaldi aao tumhari bhabhi wait kar rahi h”. As I went there Poonam bhabhi told-“aapka kitna wait kiya maine”. “Bhabhi rajesh duty pet ha es liye nahi aaya”. Chalo koi baat nahi ab to aa gaye ho n he applied gulal on my face.

I applied gently gulal on face of poonam Bhabhi. Even on holi I not visited their place this make me more faithful in eyes of Rajesh. I observe change in his behaviour now , When my wife is at my native or her native he ask me to take food in his place. One day I visited Rajeshs house, Poonam bhabhi knows I am going to visit their home. She was just folding her garments which was lying on a Diwan. She welcomed me and ask me to sit on sofa. I saw her Bra n panty too in heap of cloths. Usually ladies hide their undergarments but I am perplexed why Poonam bhabhi is not hiding them. As I am very open with her now. I commented-“kya baat h bhabhi..badi sexy panty pahni the kal raat ko kya..” she replied”dhat” n take the cloths in other room. I was in dilemma how she ll react.

She came back after some time. She ask me for a cup of tea. As I was bit puzzled I denied and askede her permission to leave. “rukiye na..kya jaldi hai” bhabhi told. She went in kitchen. I followed her in kitchen as kitchen is large enough and it is normal for me to chat with her even in presence of her hubby. ” sorry bhabhi, aapko bura to nahi laga”-I asked. “aap bahut shaitan ho”-she smiled. I gain some strength with her smile. “you are right I am very naughty..and I think you are naughty too in bed….”-I asked. She smiled-“yes I am but your friend always complain that he is tired, teach some of your skill to Rajesh too”. “who told you about my skill”-I asked. “aree your wife or kaun…dont you think we lady also not talk about it like you people”-she teased me. ” but bhabhi aapke patidev to kuch share nahi karte to mujhe kaise pata chalega..how naughty you are?”

As these types of talks are possible in the relation of devar & bhabhi,I was not sure that Poonam bhabhi will allow me further or she will keep it up to the naughty talks only. As any complaint to my wife can ruin my married life too I am unable to take any initiative. As the time progress I became the father of a Son & Bhabhi given birth to a girl. I sometimes joke with her let tie knot between our childs than you will be my samdhan..than I will take you in chane ke khet me..(as a popular hindi naughty song..samdhan teri ghodi chane ke khet me..) . One day she replied -“aree bhaiya etne acche bed hain phir chane ke khet ke kya jarorat h”. All these chit chat happens usually in front of my wife or Rajesh, If same talk happened in alone I could take matter further. You can say I was very “fattu”.

One day I visited her house she was playing some flash game on computer which they recently purchased. As I am very competent in computer in comparison to Rajesh she sometimes take my help to learn new things in computers. Rajesh is a big fan of pornography. He loves to watch blue films in CD. Once I asked poonam bhabhi-“kya baat h bhabhi bahut blue film dekh rahi ho Rajesh ke sath”. “kya bhaiya ye aur blue film..”-she replied. Now this is a surprise for me as I think they are watching it together to spice up their love life. Than she disclose its nearly a year when they last make love after their daughter born. I simply told -wo chutiya hai kya your kid is 1 year old, how you both are satisfying youself. She started crying. I came close to him..n I started caressing her back to console..she put her face on my shoulder. I can feel her big boobs moving up down with her breath. My cock is making a big tent in my trouser.

I hold her chin & raised her face. I wipe her tears. My heart was bouncing with excitement. I dont know what to do. As I am a big fan of hot stories I know people expect that I will kiss her lips and she will kiss me back and hurriedly we will undress each other. But sorry friends nothing such happened that day she controls herself and told sorry bhaiya these are very private talks, plz dont share with your wife even. “you can trust me”-I replied. She suspect may be Rajesh having some affair but it is a remote possibility due to her shy nature. I consoled her and told I will try to find what is the problem with him. I came back to my home with heavy hearts and erected cock as on one hand I have sympathy with her on the other hand I want to quench her thirst too.

Oh I forget to tell you one thing as she was playing some flash game on computer there was a game that will check your compatibility with your partner as per your zodiac sign. I asked what is the result of Rajesh & you. She checked in front of me, result is cold. It told both partner are not compatible in bed. I asked check ours I mean me and my wife , she checked result is fire. I can see something in her eyes. I asked in whisper check myself and yours. I can feel her breathing increased. She fill the details and result is “FIRE”. Friends believe me I just want to undress her and kiss her every inch to quench my desire. Whenever I am at her place she never close the main gate as you can understand unlikely to metros people know who is going where and If door is closed and somebody will ring the bell it will make a story.

I am loosing such type of opportunities. Whenever I lose a chance it will make me more desperate. As I told you I am fond of reading erotic stories when ever I read such stories even I was married I masturbate thinking about Poonam bhabhi. These all events are in span of 4-5 years. We shared some naughty jokes and some little opportunity that while passing a narrow space I felt her body. After taking an inspiration from a story I took a daring step. Whenever I visited her house, I went to toilet & search for her used panty. One day luckily I get a panty hidden under a towel in bathroom. I sniff the panty…oh I can smell the aroma of poonam bhabhis cunt. I rub my cock on her panty and masturbate using her panty. I ejaculated my cum in it. I put her panty back , I hope she will get hint what I was thinking. It is the attempt to go for do and die situation.
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