Fucked My Girlfriend For The First Time Part I

Hi friends I am AJ from Nasik and I am a regular reader of ISS. Today I am going to narrate my story how I fucked my girflriend for the first time. The story is about me and my ex girlfriend Preet name changed which happened 3 years ago. Those days I was leaving in Mumbai.

We met through a common friend 3 years ago and later become good friends too and after some time she proposed me and I also accept her proposal. We used to date whenever possible in Mumbais beaches, parks and cafes.

We use to kiss whenever we are alone as it is common in Mumbai once we met in a cyber café as we had to check some mails while checking mails due to small space my elbow was touching her boobs but she did not mind it which made me horny. I started touch her boobs with my elbow again and again.

Suddenly she kissed me on my checks but when I moved to kiss her she turn her face and all of sudden my lips me with hers. It was a great Palliser. she had very soft lips. We kissed again and we started smooch each other. We kissed for 10-15 min and when we broke up she felt shy.

I then started squash her boobs over the shirt. She started moaning in pleasure. It was a nice feeling her boobs were huge. I whispered in ears that I want to see her boobs. She said nothing.

I opened 2 buttons of her shirts and insert my hand inside then I took out her boobs out of her bra and put my lips over them and started to suck them one by one. There we could not move further so after some more time we left from there. Now this becomes our routine both of us want more pleasure but could not find any safe place. We use to chat over phone and she was dying to be fucked.

We could not do at her home as her parents use to be there and I used to stay with friends on one fine my friends were out and I got a call from her saying that she in staying outside my building. First I thought that she is kidding to me but when I saw outside the window she was standing there only.

I called her in home as I was alone there and texted my friend not to come home for some time and he replied ok as she reached the door I just opened and made her come inside quickly as anyone from building could her as I turned after locking the door from inside she hugged me tightly.

We started smooching and did it for at least 20 minute and then I took her in to the house and made her set over sofa and offered her water and asked her what she would have and what she was doing there. She said that she was missing me and wanted to see me and thats why she was there.

We than again hugged each other and started smooching. I put my hand on her boobs. She was wearing salwar Kameej and I than took her to my bedroom and removed her kameej and bro too. She was half necked in front of me and I lost my control.

I just pinched her long pink nipples with my fingers and then squished her boobs were hard. She started moans in pain and pleasure then I put one of her boobs in my mouth and started sucking them one by one. She has great boobs.

She was saying yeah and all of sudden she whispered in my ears. Do you have condom at home. I asked do you really want to go for it. She nodded her head and I smooch her and said give me 10 minutes and I immediately went down stairs and purchased one pack of musti condoms and came back.

Meanwhile she had wear cloths and we again smooched for few min and then I removed her clothes one by one except her panty. I kissed all over her body and she had orgasm due to my kisses. Now it was her turn to give me pleasure.

She made me lay on bad and started removing my cloths and kissed me all over my body. Finally she removed my underwear and took my penis in hand and stared pumping it. She kissed over it and keeps on pumping it then I pull her over me and started smooching.

Over necked body was touching each other and making us hot. I made her lay down and removed her panty too and her panty was all wet with her own cum. I finger fucked her for some time and she become hot again and told me to insert my penis inside her pussy.

I put condom on my penis and started rubbing it over the entrance of het love hole. She was dying to have it inside but I wanted to teas her so I just keep on rubbing my penis over the vagina after some time she shouted to put it inside her as she could not resist any more.

I then took my dick in hands and adjusted at entrance and applied force. My penis was 1 inch in her and she started crying as she was a virgin it was an obvious thing. I made her calm and pushed further with force but her vagina was very tight and only 1 inch of my penis could go further.

She was crying continuously and sayings to pull out. I just pulled my penis half inch and pushed with all my force. She shouted in pain I immediately lip locked her so that no one could hear voice. More than half of my penis was inside her. Her eyes were all wet with tears and hey pussy with blood.

I wiped her tears and did not move for some time after some time she become calm and started pumping my dick slowly after some time I tried to push further but she started shout and I decided to fuck her with half dick in side as it was paining her and while fucking her.

I kissed her lips and sucked her boobs which made her much hornier after 5 min fuck we both chummed together. We kissed each other and I pull out my dick and removed the condom and put it in to dustbin in next part and I would tell you what happens further. Please leave your comments or mail me at [email protected]