I Became A Man-Whore For A Day Part II

Hey guys this is sam once again. I thank all of you for your positive feedbacks to my stories. Your support has encouraged me to write another encounter with a lady. Before going to the story I just wanna make one thing clear that come what may ‘m not gonna give any ladys contact number to anyone or anybodys contact number to any lady. So guys stop asking me for ladkio/aurato ke phone numbers.

Coming back to the story.. It happened right next day after I had a good time with Mrs.Anuradha.

I woke up in the morning to find 3 missed calls on my mobile from her number. I immediately called her back and asked her whats the matter.
She told that her husband has returned from his business trip but her friend is alone and she needs some help with her anal hole.
I got a bit of hint and asked her whats your friends problem?

She told me to ask about it myself and hung up. After a minute I received an sms from her. It was her friends name (Shehnaaz-Name changed) and her contact number. I saved her message and went to the bathroom. I got freshened up and called her friend. I heard a sweet voice on the other side…


Me:Hi mam! ‘m Sam. Mrs.Anuradha gave me your contact number.

Shehnaaz:Oh! The same guy who screwed her pussy and asshole recently?

Me:(Bit embarrassed as well as excited) Yes mam! How can I help you?

Shehnaaz:Can you come to meet me and then I can talk to you about it.

Me:Alright! Just give me your address and Ill be there at your place within an hour.

Shehnaaz:The door right next to anu.

I said fine and she hung up the phone after saying “Come fast. ‘m waiting”. I got excited and like a bullet I took bath, had a good breakfast (its important) and ran to her apartments. I was a bit nervous when I was standing at the door. I took a deep breath and knocked the door.

A lady aged between 35-40. Bit bulky. Nice huge tits opened the door. I said “Mrs.Shehnaaz?”

The lady said “Yes! Sameer?”

I said yes. Then she let me in. The flat was huge and obviously empty.She led me to the hallway and got me seat.

She was looking at me from top to bottom. Then I asked her..”What can I do for you mam?”

Shehnaaz: Look ‘m completely satisfied with the way my husband screws me. But the problem arises when he tries to enter my asshole. It pains like hell. Maybe because of lack of lubrication and experience. So I want you to take my ass today and open it forever.

I was amazed to hear her words. I agreed to do so for Rs.5000/-. She then said “Im going to take bath and till that u can have a bit of practise if you want.” and she switched on the TV. It had a porn video playing in it. She played it and went inside the bathroom. It was an awesome stuff. The movie had a black guy playing with a girls asshole. I started getting hard looking at the girl getting her ass whipped by the black monster.

I took out my tool and started playing with it. I masturbated for sometime and then I came. I shot my load all over her white carpet. My cum could hardly be seen on the carpet. I got up and went to another bathroom and got myself cleaned up and again came and sat on the couch.

She came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around her body which was covered only from her boobs to her upper thighs. Her hairs were all wet. Her body was also bit wet. She looked like an angel.

Then she told me to come to the room and went in. I went in behind her. The room had a huge round bed with nice pillows. She lied on the bed and said “Youve got some oil to apply on my body?”

I said “No mam! As Iam not a professional, I dont carry all that.”

She said that its no problem and handed me a bottle of body lotion and told me to apply it on her hands and legs.

I agreed and took the body lotion from her. I was about to sit and pour the body lotion on my hand when she again stopped me and asked me to remove my dress. I hurriedly removed my dress except for my underwear and sat beside her and started applying body lotion on her hand. It was awesome feeling. Her hands were soft like velvet. I felt like licking her hands but stopped myself from it.

I slowly started massaging her hand till her shoulder. She was moaning softly in pleasure. I did this for about 8-10 minutes and then I went to her next hand and repeated the same thing.

After relaxing both her hands I sat beside her legs and started applying body lotion and then massaging her left leg. She kept moaning softly in pleasure. I kept massaging her left leg from toe to knees. Then after some time I applied lotion and massaged it from her knees to the upper thighs. I kept massaging her left leg and could see stretch marks on her upper thighs. It looked really fascinating in its own way. After some time she shamelessly opened her legs and asked me to sit in between them while I massaged her right leg. I obeyed her and sat between her legs facing her right leg and kept massaging her leg.

My tool was fully erect while I did that because I could see her hairy pussy. It was full of hairs. I was thinking that this lady has never heard of the word shaving somewhere. I wonder how his husband fucked her.

She suddenly opened her eyes and asked me “Liked what u see?”

I said “Yea but its too hairy.”

She said “I wantedly kept it hairy because I wanted you to shave it.”

I was happy to hear that. She gave me her shaving kit and I shaved her pussy clean. I was a bit scared about cutting the skin with the razor but thank god everything went down well. Then she got up and went to the bathroom and washed herself and again came and lied on the bed with her towel still tied around her. I got between her legs and touched her pussy and said “Youre wet!”

She smiled and brought her hand close to my dick inside my underwear and gave it a gentle squeeze. A wet patch formed over my underwear due to my precum. Then she said “You too are wet.”

She touched the wet patch on my underwear with her finger and brought it close to her lips and tasted it. Then she said “Yummy! I liked the taste of your wetness. Now its your turn.. Taste my juices and make me cum.”

Saying this she slowly lowered my head on her wet now shaved pussy. I started eating her pussy.

It was damn wet and it tasted a bit tangy. I asked her why is it smelling like this? She informed she pissed and didnt wash after washing the hair remover off her pussy.

This made me more excited and I inserted my tongue more deeper into her pussy. She enjoyed that and lifted her hips a little. Then slowly she removed her towel and was fully nude.

I ate her pussy to my hearts content and she kept moaning all the time. Then I took off my mouth and inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and kept eating her clitoris. She was shouting in pleasure and pressed my head tightly on her pussy. As I felt her cumming I slowly inserted another hands first two fingers inside her asshole. She moaned even louder and came all over my face. Then she lied down flat on the bed and breathed heavily.

After resting for about a minute I got her into doggy position. Kept a pillow under her stomach. Her huge ass was really awesome. I slapped it and kissed and licked her cheeks. Then I parted her cheeks and saw her tight asshole. She had little hairs there which looked really good. I started licking her asshole. It had a bit pungent smell but I didnt bothered and kept licking her there. Instead I was enjoying myself licking her shit-hole.

She was moaning harshly. I kept stretching her ass more and more and tried to insert my tongue more inside her asshole. Then I inserted a finger inside her asshole and slowly started finger fucking her. She was moaning in deep pleasure and bit of pain. As I was concentrating on her asshole I noticed that she had her fingers on her clit and was playing with it. I then slowly took out my finger a little bit and spat on her anal hole and this time I inserted two fingers inside her asshole and started finger fucking her.

She closed her eyes and started enjoying it. I slowly increased my speed of finger fucking her ass and finally inserted my third finger inside her ass n started finger fucking her first slowly then roughly.

She started shouting and kept fingering her clit when I finger fucked her mercilessly. After about 4-5minutes of my rough finger fucking and herself rubbing her clit she again came and fell on the bed removing the pillow from under her stomach. She was panting heavily. She looked at me from over her shoulder and said “Boy you are seriously terrific.”

Then she made me lie down and came on top of me in 69 position. Within one swift she removed my underwear and started licking my dick madly. She lubricated it well with her saliva so that I could insert it in her asshole more easily. She licked it with so much thickness in her saliva that I could smell her saliva. I could feel her saliva going over my balls and also under that. Meanwhile I kept torturing her asshole in the same way. And this time I inserted my fourth finger inside her asshole. She was moaning like a bitch on fire. I kept licking her pussy at the same time.

She was moving on my body with excitement. Then she kept a strawberry flavoured condom in her mouth and rolled it up my tool and got up saying “Its time for your real work. Come on sam! Fuck me with your tool inside my ass. Take my virginity there.”

I was determined to fuck her ass. I got up seeing the red coloured condom on my dick. I got her in doggy position with the body lotion bottle in my hand. I parted her asscheeks with my hand and applied lots and lots of body lotion on her hole and then on my tool. Then I slowly started inserting my dick inside her asshole. Due to a bit of warm up before the real action her hole got a bit loose and relaxed. So it was a bit easy for me to go in her. But as soon as my cockhead went inside her asshole she shouted madly in pain and pleaded me to remove it.

But I didnt listened to her words and started pushing more and more in her ass. She had tears in her eyes and was shouting like hell. I finally gave a hard push and my whole tool was in her asshole and she was shouting like hell. I stopped for a while and caught her mouth with my palm.

Slowly I started my to and fro motion. She was really tight. But thanks to the body lotion and the well lubricated durex condom I was able to fuck her comfortably. Then slowly I started picking up pace and even she started enjoying it and started moaning. I removed my palm from her mouth to see her teeth marks on it.

I got a bit annoyed and started fucking her hardly. I stood behind her in doggy style and started fucking her roughly. She was enjoying that. She was moaning like a real whore. I fucked her continuously for 20 minutes and came. Then I took out my dick from her ass and it had her blood stains on it. At first I was a bit scared while seeing that blood. But when I saw her face expression I was relieved a bit. She had a satisfying smile on her face and thanked me.

While removing the blood stained condom I asked her “Did it hurt?”

She said that it hurt a little while in the beginning but the pleasure took over the pain as moments passed. We lay side by side for some time. She was holding my semi erect tool and was playing with it. Within 30 seconds it again got hard and I again started fucking her in her ass lying from side and this time without a condom.

I kept fucking her in her ass in different positions for the next 3-4hours. Even during the powercuts. We both were sweating heavily. I cummed everywhere on her body including her face, boobs, inside her ass etc.

Then we took shower together and there for the first time I fucked her in her pussy from behind. I fucked her good and hard and came in her pussy. We came out of the shower completely nude just wiping ourselves. She opened her cupboard and handed me 5000rupees and as a complement again took my dick in her mouth and sucked it till I came in her mouth and she drank all of it.

Then allowed me to leave her place. So guys and girls! This was my second time as a manwhore. If anyone of yall are thinking that why dont I spend the night with my ladies or why do I take so less money from them then let me just inform you that Iam not a professional gigolo or a male escort. I just do it as a part time work to earn a little income for myself. And I repeat once again that ‘m not gonna give any girls phone number to some stupid desperate men who always keep asking me for phone numbers nor ‘m I gonna fix any guys date with a girl.
I hope yall enjoyed my story. You can give your feedbacks on [email protected]

Waiting for your comments and feedbacks.

Bye all!