I Married My Thulasi Aunty

Hi, this is Murthy from Chennai, i am 26, well built, studying bsc, i am stying with my uncle and aunty house in chennai, my aunty name is thulasi, she is 45 of age, and a perfect milf, heavy boobs, super thoppal, super kundi (ass), she is black in colour, her ass and boobs are most precious asset of her body, she is damn sex bomb, whenever she walks her boobs and ass swing like heaven, wow wow wow i just love her, she speaks Tamil very clearly sexy way, one day i was getting to college she asked me to bring a bra from her cupboard, i just shocked to hear this from her, she never asked me like this before, so i rushed to the room and bought her sexy bra wow what bra it was amazing i just cant resist myself immediately i jacked off there itself, and gave it to her.

After few minutes she asked me to come inside and rub my back because i am not suppose to rub myself , i went to inside & saw my thulasi aunty, she was sitting in bath tub, washing her legs, after saw me, she immediately gave me brush to rub her back , while rubbing her back i just peeped the front portion of her body , wow wow what a sexy busty boobs there was a sexy cleavage , i didnt took any chance then i came out , i went to college, i cant concentrate in my studies i came back to home early, and next morning i woke up i just went to kitchen there thulasi aunty(thoththa) thoththa means aunty in Tamil, thulasi aunty was standing in front of stove and she was boiling milk, slowly i went behind her and suddenly hugged her tightly, tholasi aunty was shocked and said what r u doing murthy, what is this, this is wrong,

Tholasi aunty: you should not do this i am your aunty

Murthy: no thulasi aunty i want you, i want you, i started to rub her thoppal, and sexy waist,

Tholasi aunty: no leave me uncle may come anytime

Murthy:i dont care whoever come , i need u badly in my bed, i want to marry u, u should become my wife,

Tholasi aunty:no chance u r so young, i am old enough, what is there to love me,

Murthy: thulasi aunty your superb figure, your best in my life, i need u, i love your boobs and ass, waist , thoppal, total your body making me mad every day,

Tholasi aunty: do one thing after uncle gone to shop, wait in the room i will come,

Murthy: ok thualsi aunty, dont be late plez plez, plez,

Tholasi aunty:no my dear i will come just go and relax

Murthy:but what about now

Tholasi aunty: just go and shag yourself in bedroom

Murthy:no noway, without you, right now u have to shagg my sunni(tool),

Tholasi aunty: your so crazy boy, cant u control for 5 minutes,

Murthy:no thulasi aunty, i have waited 4 years for this opportunity,but not now please touch my sunni(tool) thats enough for me now, suddenly thulasi aunty removed my sunni from my night pant and started to give blowjob, i was in heaven, i just unloaded my entire cum in her mouth, she wasted single drop of cum , she swallowed every drop of it, and started lick my long and strong dick,

I was waiting in my room, after sometime tholasi aunty came to my room, i just shocked to see her in sexy transparent saree, and sleeveless blouse ,wow damn she is looking like sex goddess,

Immediately i hugged her and started to kiss every part of her body, finally i removed her saree , deep-cut blouse, braa, panty, everything i am not left single thread on her body my thulasi aunty was stark naked in front of me , i was a lucky guy in the world , you know guys , if a beautiful sexy aunty stand in front of you, just u cant believe yourselves, u will forget everything in the world, ok lets to come to the story, she started to remove my shirt and pant and made me naked, my tool was standing straight and big in front of her, she hold my cock

I lift and put her in the bed, n jumped on her, she was smiling sexily and put my heavy cock in her sweet soft pussy, she was moaning heavily,

Tholasi aunty: fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,

Murthy: yes thoththa(aunty) i m fucking u, i need u, i love you thoththaaa, you are my love, you are my life,

Tholasi aunty: you mother fucker, how dare u to call me thulasi aunty , from now onwards call me as your wife,

Murthy:wow wow thoththaa your such a busty aunty, i never saw such a aunty like you, i love aunties, u r my wife from onwards, i will let anybody to touch your body, your whole body is my property, every day and night i need you aunty,

Tholasi aunty:uffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, ur so goooooooooooooooooood……………Just tear off my pussssssssssssssssy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm

Murthy:thoththaaa your damn good , i need u as my wife , i want to marry u,

Next morning, we went to temple and married my busty tholasi aunty

And tholasi aunty become my wife…….