Long Drive With My Girlfriend Part I

Hii everyone this is Manu(names changed) and i am 19 years old and i came to know about this site an year ago and i got addicted to it to an extent that i cant sleep without reading a few stories its very nice to know about the experiences of various people.And this my first time i would love to hear from you people if there are any mistakes.This is my true story with my girl friend but alas we broke up now …….Story might be a bit boring in the start but i hope you will love it guys

Coming to my physic iam 6 feet tall and fair in complexion and i have an ideal body not kind of muscular or something…. And coming to my girl friend her name is janu and guys believe or not she has the colour of tamanna and her her height is 59 and she has a nice pair of boobs i dont know the size but can be compared to big oranges and slim in figure……Now we shall move to the story….

Me and janu had been in love since tenth class and now we are in intermediate second year and iam studying in a residential college in Hyderabad and she is a day scholar and some how we used to meet at least thrice in a week you people may guess how just by jumping the college walls and bunking the classes

One day we are sitting in a bakery and talking along with us there is another pair kumar and gayatri .Kumar rised the topic of a long drive and i readily accepted….And even the girls too but we planned for the long drive the next day to medak church and then gals left.
So we struggled and managed to get a bike and we are searching for a scooty because i dont know how to ride a bike then and some how we managed to get it.

The following day gals arrived by 10 am and we are ready for a drive and we started kumar and gayatri on an fz me and janu on a activa.. And we started to medak church journey to medak church was nice and romantic in which we go through a road which runs in the amidst of narspur forest and after 3 hrs of journey talking with each other we reached there and janu is so excited to see the church being a brahmin…..She liked it a lot and asked me after we get married we should get married here again i said anything for you yaar and kissed her she that pushed me saying that they are here and i said ok and after watching the church we had lunch in a hotel and kumars bike tyre had got punctured so he asked both of us to leave we will start after it gets repaired.

And now our romantic ride starts as iam driving she is kissing my neck from behind and iam getting aroused and so i asked her you like driving a scooty na why dont you drive and she was in joy and said love you ra kanna and i gave it to her and as she started driving the scooty i began kissing her she is pleading to stop me iam getting high this made me more wild and i started pressing her boobs on the top of her t-shirt and holding her waist then she stopped the scooty and i asked what happened she kissed my lips(guys this road we are going is mostly deserted) and said that dont do that or i will get down of scooty and go by auto and i said its ok if you dont like and she said that i like it ra but its not the time….So she started the scooty again and i continued my work after some time this time she didnt object and now we are passing through the road amidst in the forest ….

And i asked her to stop suddenly and she stopped and she asked whats the matter i said i am going to show you something and she said what is it puzzled i took her hand in to mine and walked a few steps back there were two peacocks dancing at some distance she liked it a lot and hugged me and she said lets go to them i said ok but lets take our scooty along so we started in to forest and as we approached them they flew away and we ran after them felt a little low but i immediately kissed her and hugged her she too responded to the kiss and i was pressing her boobs on the tee and i broke the kiss and its a grassland and i made her sit and i asked her i want to kiss her boobs and suck them she refused but after a few romantic and sentimental dialogues she accepted and i removed her tee and she is shy and i was looking at her oranges they r so so beautiful i said and she blushed .

I sucked them on the top of her white bra and finally removed it and her treasures are free now iam mad at them sucking them and biting them and pressing them and she is letting sweet moans and slowly i slid my hand in to her jeans and suddenly she pushed me away and she said this only after marriage and i said we will just do the foreplay yaar and she accepted removed her jeans and she is nude in front of me with just a panty and i kissed her smooth thighs and licked them and kissed her pussy from the top of panty and started finger fucking her pussy and she is enjoying it a lot and now i removed my clothes including underwear and she is so shy to look at my cock and i comforted her saying that its ok yaar nuvvu kakapothe inkevaru chustaru ani(its ok yaar who else will see it if its not you) and she smiled and i made her hold my cock and made her stroke it and i was in heaven and i was about to cum and i asked her to stop and removed her panty sucked her pussy and she was moaning with pleasure and she is raising her ass and pushing my head towards her pussy and she climaxed and she is looking at me with pure love i can see it in her eyes and now i made her suck my cock and she did it as i instructed her as she doesnt know how to do it and when i was about to cum i asked her to stop and cummed on her boobs and we kissed again

We washed ourselves with the water bottles we had luckily set our clothes right and hugged her once again and i started driving the scooty she is so exhausted to drive it and she took rest hugging me from behind and i finally dropped her in the colony where she lives and the time is some 7 or some thing she gave a good bye kiss to me and i went back near kumars room and found that they dint came yet so i dialled his number in my phone and he said that he will be there in ten mins he is about to drop gayatri ……. And later he came and we both fell on bed in his room and i got a message from jaanu at night 11 saying i feel like seeing you manu………

Will tell you what happened then in my next part of story based on your comments guys….Any girls or ladies interested in erotic chat and….. Contact me at [email protected]