Cleverly Planned Wife Swap Master Plan To Convince Conservative Couple Part XI

This is real story of a two friends where we exchanged our wife with each other for bit lengthier live in relationship. Usually in swinging/exchanging wife with others, generally people will exchange partner for just a fucking session in just a week end visit or night visit to one of the couples home.

In our case, to make our life spicy and have more thrill and adventure, we have decided to do this for bit longer period of time, where my wife will be with my friend for 2 months and where as his wife will be with me for two months just living as husband and wife. We purposefully decided for this approach to enjoy a complete feel of living with a new partner 24/7 enjoying every aspect of life and not just only sex.

We decided that this will give more excitement and happy as we can spent time with a new partner sexually and non-sexually, like going out, trips, tours, new honey moon etc. It will also open the door for natural bond and relationship with new partner. Moreover we both couple knows each other for longer period and each other like other persons wife so there are not much concerns/issues living with other person for longer time.

Advantage for us is that we are not in home country (India) where we need to be worried about parents and relatives. As we are in Canada, nobody is around to question/suspect us. This becomes as advantage for us.

First thing, I like to tell that this incidents though I term it as story will not be shorter one like many other fiction stories, this will be definitely lengthy as there are lot of things needs to described in detail. This is not a fiction story where in the first paragraph narrates about the beauty of wives and in second paragraph where one couple boldly tells to other couple and instantly they agree and gets into sex in front of each other without any logic and authentic. Last paragraph explains fuck and suck and put end to the story in one pager.

Everybody knows in real life swinging/swapping wife is near impossible thing, and one needs to have a lot of guts to open up this idea to his own spouse and convince her and then finding a polite way to communicate to other friendly couple without being spitted on face. That too with a moderate and conservative couples like us it is big challenge, we are not wild couple going to pub, dance etc. Our wives offer prayers, puja and god fearing.

In our real life, it took complete 2 months time from the date when this idea budded and slowly progressed and reached final stage of making it happen. In this course of journey, there are lot of interesting events, debates, conversations, planning, sentiments, seductions, threats, blackmails, crying, romance, sex happened. So it needs several pages to explain every bit of the detail so this story will be lengthy but truly authentic and surely arouse you like anything, and you will not be able to resist cum/masturbate at least 10 times before you completely read this story.

Events, emotion and planning we had in this wife exchange journey will exceed a thriller movies suspense, Im excited to explain here in this story. I tried to recall every minor discussions, plans, conversations happen in real time and presented it here.

We want to share our experience here with concealing our identity, all the names in this story are not original names. This whole incidents are narrated from both the couples perspective. Ive organized as logical episodes, time to time the story will be narrated by different person.

I believe that will be the best way to explain this story as incidents, debates, discussions happen in houses of both couples.
More over our experience can be an FAQ for people interested in swinging and planning in future. You will see common challenges and solutions from our experience that you can be benefited from.

You will also learn cunning and smart tricks/tips to convince conservative wife to agree for swap.

Kindly apologize if any grammar issues especially tenses

Please share your feedback to my email [email protected] Your feedback will encourage me to write my few other experiences.
This is Multi Part Story This is Part 11. Usually multi part story will be boring, but not this one. Take time to go to part 1 read and decide. If you directly started reading from this part also you will be able to understand.

Without boring further, jumping into the story.

Coming to story

Without making me to further think, she pushed me from back by gently keeping her hands on my shoulder to bath room to take bath. I smilingly went to bathroom and took bath. I completely become nude and I started seeing my cock. My hard erected cock is not too black or brown, it is in wheatish color. It is almost 6 inch in full erection. It is now fully erected and I started looking at it and started talking to it “Hey I dont know how much you are lucky today? I dont know you will get chance today or tomorrow, but be ready to impress her once you get chance”

I took bath and changed my dress to just vests and short and came to kitchen, she started preparing milk with humming a song. I felt that she is getting accustomed to this home and getting comfortable. She smiled and served milk in a cup and I started tasting the milk in cup and she was looking at my curiously. I started thinking why she is staring me like that and then immediately realized and said “Harini, milk preparation is super” I know she is looking for my feedback. She is happy to listen this.

She washed the cups and I said to her ok let us go to bedroom.

With lot of love, emotions, happiness, sense of achievement I stepped into my bed room. Ive made the room well earlier in the day as my angel Harini is going to be here with me in this room today. Ive arranged the bedroom neat with room refreshers earlier in the day and kept it clean.

It is a big master bedroom with a cot at center of room, closets at other end. Many pot lights on ceiling that can be controlled with remote to control the brightness of the light. Big LED TV at one side. I have personal taste when it comes to bedroom to keep it good. To add extreme glamour to this bedroom Harini is here today.

I entered bed room, cot is at center of the bedroom, I went to left side of the cot and Harini went to the right side of the cot and she started just glancing the room, her face has not exhibited any uncomfortness of being with me in this room and also she is not excited or appeared to be ready to have sex with me. I dont bother about not having sex with her tonight itself, I just love she being with me here in my room at this moment.

In fact Im happy with the things happening, Im least concerned that Harini is not ready for sex. In fact I feel Im blessed with this kind of situation. Where will be the happiness if I know certainly if something will happen for sure? There is less excitement if I know 100% sure that she is unwrap her petticoat and widen her leg just like that. But now, this uncertainty brings pleasure and excitement. As it may happen or may not happen and dont know at which time, when it will happen. It will be like a flower blossoms, sun rises, dont know which exact moment it is going to happen. So it gives me room to get aroused all the time until it happens. It opens an opportunity to use all my love and affection to melt a heart to make it ready, in fact a sex after such a wonderful love negotiations will be something which we cant forget during our entire life. More over this kind of fantasy, you cannot even buy also. This is something naturally should happen.

I was watching her with lust and love, she appeared like an angel, she raised her two hands and stretched a bit. I was rewinding in my thoughts that all the things we all three had did to make this reality and ended up in reality as my angel is in my bedroom. What else I can ask for more. I felt as Im the happiness person in the earth in this day.

As I was in deep thought looking at her beauty, she distracted me by raising her both hands and just gently hitting bangles in both hands by crossing the hands, her expression was cute, I distracted by her bangle sound, I looked at her. She in her gentle hand gesture without speaking asked “what?” with a cute smile.

I simply nodded my head in gesture “nothing” with a smile and went to bed and sat on the left side corner of the bed and started looking at her. She with a cute smile started looking at me. She was still standing on the right side of the bed. She gently raised her two hands and took her hands to back of her head to un fold the hair clip and adjust the hair.

As she raised her two hands and took her hands to back of her head to adjust the hair clips. As she raised her both hands her hip/waist was completely visible and I could very clearly see her curvy shape of the hip in ).( shape. As she has wide opened her hands and kept it on her back of head to adjust the hair, her boobs was bit protruding front, this whole thing has revealed a lovely shape of her body.

What a Buttery, softy, smoothy, milky, whity, Curvy hip. mm excuse me for describing her hip almost 50 times in this whole story. How many ever times I see her hip, my interest is not reducing and every time it is aggravating me to see it. What a lovely shape and I could see her naval. My god, she is too gorgeous. She clearly notice that Im curiously looking at her hip and she doesnt mind it as she has already gave me permission to look at her hip. So without any shyness and worry I started staring her hip while her hands are raised.

She in the sense of encouraging me to see her, she took few minutes to adjust her hair and she is enjoying the way Im looking at her. She was looking at me with a cute smile on her face. I notice that she is in complete saree as she came in like a bridal angel. Though i like to see her and want her to be with her saree, for formality I politely asked “Harini, do you want to change dress, if you need nighty, Swatis nighty is there in closet, and you can change it. If you want I can step out for a while”

She said “No Rajesh, Im comfortable being with saree and sleep”. She gently sat on the cot, as she sat tiny fold/wrinkle created on her curvy hip, i never moved my eyes from there.

Harini said “mm, as I gave permission to see, Sir seems to be not ready to move his eyes away” and giggled in teasing way.

Im happy that she is feeling comfortable enough to tease me, Im happy for it. I blushed.

She comfortably sat on cot by resting her back on head rest area of cot, and just extended the legs straight and from sitting position, she dragged her body down the cot to full lying position and she turned towards me in side position. She adjusted her pillow, rested her head comfortably on pillow and lied in side pose and started looking at me in friendly way.

As it is double cot, there was ample space between me and her, she is not too far at the edge of the cot nor closer to me. Im happy that she is not uncomfortable to lye down in my bed next to me.

I too lyed completely in side posture and both of us in lying in side pose and looking at each other. golden tint of pot lights from ceiling is enhancing her glow. With love, lust I was staring at her cute face, eyebrows, lips, grape like eyes.

As she is in side posture, her saree pallu completely slipped especially from her hip and completely revealing her glamorous asset hip. It reminded me the actress tamannas hip.

Man, I couldnt control my tempt by looking such beautiful hip at such a close distance and that too in a very glamorous posture. As I did in her home, my hands without any control directly extended to her hip to grab it.

Harini, politely brought her hand and gently hold my hand without giving me a kind of rejection feeling or hurting me. She did it excellently by softly blocking my hand with her hand, she gently parted my five fingers with her cute little fingers and slided her five fingers with my five fingers, gripped it in friendly way and pressed it on bed.

She did it with a smile, politely, and the pressure she exerted in her fingers to my fingers and palm was so friendly that I never felt rejected. She gently caressed my fingers with her fingers by keeping my hand on bed.

I bit wondered, when she allowed me to keep my hands on her hip earlier in hall, why she is now resisting? But I could see the reason, being in bed and lonely situation allowing me to fondle her hip, could lead to quick progression which she dont want.

She distracted my thought with a gentle smile and cute voice “mm then…”

I distracted by her voice and I understood it that she wants to talk, I too love it. I thought that this will be natural to talk her and develop a bond and friendship that could heart fully and love fully and naturally lead us to next step.

I brought the enthusiasm, and started chit chatting with her and I started talking about all the Interesting things in my life, like my child hood, school days, college days, naughty things i did, cute things I did, etc. I ensured that my conversation is not boring her.

She also highly engaged in the conversation with lot of sub questions, she has showered tons of expressions on her face like joy, wide opened eyes with surprise, wide opened mouth and closing with palm for shock expression, laughing out loud by shivering her cute boobs during humorous topics.

Instead of just being listener, she also talked a lot about herself, childhood, her passion in dance, school days etc. As soon as I heard about her passion in dance. It thrilled me as I never know that she know dance. I curiously asked, if she knows dance. She said she is good in traditional bharatha nattiyam. I become curious and I found it would be lovely to see her dance. I politely requested Harini “Harini, please please, I never know that you know dance, Vinod never told about this. Could you please dance for me, please please dear…”

Harini giggled “Rajesh, why not. I will definitely dance for you, but not today. I need to do it perfectly, you go to office one day, Ill rehearse in home alone and I will perform it to you later. I want to do in best way and not just like that. As I have lost touch in dance for few years I do want to properly rehearse and do a perfect show. Dance is my passion so I dont want to do a rough one. More over Im going to here for months right?” she giggled and said “so slowly we will do”. She with shy said “moreover, Ive brought bharatha nattiyam costumes and salangai with me, Ill do the dance with that proper bharathanattiyam costume for you”

I felt heart touched that she loves me to this extent and came with her dance dress to perform later. So that hinted me that she has a good love feel for me. I thought to use this opportunity to tease her and said with a serious note without smile “Harini, I dont mind if you do bharatha nattiyam without any dress also”

It took few seconds for her understand my double meaning, as soon as she got the meaning, her face turned red with shyness and she came bit forward and started pinching my bare sleeveless arms fiercely with false anger and shyness with cute expression. I loved that she is slowly breaking the ice.

I really, really enjoyed her every expression on her face. In a minute, her face showered 10s of cute expressions. The only bodily interaction during this entire conversation is that hands/fingers are fondled by her as we facing side to side.

For me I know these are golden minutes of my life, so Im utilizing it every minute. I was enjoying fondling her fingers. Hours passed with this conversations, all these time, saree slipped from her hip is down still revealing her butter hips. I cursed her within my mind saying that either she should cover it or she should allow me to touch, but what she is doing is kind of punishment to me.

Animal within me is waking up again and interest again turns on her hip, I was trying to find a way to turn the conversations to adult only topic/sexy topic to change the atmosphere. Whenever I start anything on that topic she politely turned down the conversation and diverted to some different topic. Animal instinct was scratching me within to find a way to fondle her body with love.

By her cute expressions, I find myself uncontrollable and if Im allowed, Ill run to her and lift her head and place a hot kiss on her cute lips. I controlled myself a lot and started deeply thinking about what I can do. I couldnt resist thinking about Vinod and Swati at this moment. Mm what they will be doing at this moment? They dont have restrictions like me, they know very well each other and have good chemistry. In fact by this time, they would have completed everything. May be the only question will be “how many times they did by this time”.

I got a sudden thought, what if I call Vinod in speaker mode and talk to him? May be conversation with him can turn the wind to a different direction and may bring topic of erotism here. It reminded me the “swap oath” drama. I also know and we have a deep understanding within three of us (me, Swati and Vinod) regarding to deal the calls. They will positively cooperate in their call to my favor.

Harini waved her hands with bangle sound in front of my eyes “Sir seems to be out of world quiet frequently”.

I smiled and said “Nothing, I was just thinking what Vinod and Swati might be doing at this time “

She giggled and in teasing note said “You dont know that? mm they will be doing meditation” giggled

I laughed at her and said “Harini, why dont we call them now?”

She turned it down “Leave Rajesh, let them have their privacy, why to disturb them?”

I said “No Harini, just casually we can call them to say we reached here and also casually ask what they are doing now”

In fact she is also curious to know about what is happening at other end, but she dont want to show it up and said “Well if you want to call, please go ahead and call, please dont pull me in to the conversation. If Vinod asks, tell him that Im not around”

I said Ok and picked my phone and dialed Vinods number. To have a comfortable posture, and to hear the conversation together in speaker mode, I change the posture from side posture I turned face down position by resting full body, abdomen on bed but raising the upper body, she also did the same and both of us, moved inside the bed.

Now both of us lying on face down, and both of our shoulders are rubbing each other and side of my buts are scratching her side. She pulled pillow inside and rested her boobs on it so that she can have her head raised to hear the conversation in comfortable posture. I could sense sleeveless part of her shoulder is rubbing my arms and cindering fire within me.

I too pulled pillow under chest and raised head, and kept the phone in front and center of both of us. As Im hands free on speaker phone, I took opportunity to turn my face towards Harini and look in close up, she also turned towards me and both of us started looking each other where I can smell fragrance of her face in such close distance. I was looking at her with lust and love, she is looking at me in a friendly way.

Phone was ringing for minutes, Im waiting for Vinod to pick it up and he is not picking it. I could sense he might be in mid of too busy things with Swati.

After few more rings, he picked up and instead of he speaking up, I could hear only his moan “haaaa, oooooooh, hhoooooo, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh,maaaaaaaaaaaaaa, mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh, ahh haaa,haaaaaaaaaa,oooooooooooch, slow,swathi slowwwwwwww,, pls,sssssssssloooooooowwww

As me and Harini are facing each other expecting him to speak in other end, this xxx sound gave a quick message that Vinod is in mid of XXX action. Harini realized this within a second and her face turned red with her trade mark shy, she quickly muted the phone and lowered her voice and said in complaining and smiling note “thats why I said that you shouldnt call”

Man, what a lucky person Im. It is happening exactly what I wanted, this is enough for me to turn the conversation and situation hot wild.

I said “Harini, no problem leave it.” and started waiting to Vinod to speak, but he is continuing his moan

“ohhhhh swatiiiiiiiiiii, plsssssssss, slowwwww downnnnnn, paining,,,,,,,,,,, dont peel it moreeeeeeeeeee”

I could sense what is happening at other end, Harini being innocent with surprise trying to figure out. After few minutes of slowing down moan Vinod came to sense to speak

“aaaaaahhhhh,hhh,mmmmmmmmm ohh,mm…………………..Yes Rajesh, sorrry I have made you to wait on the line”

I laughed and said “What man, giving strange music, sound. What is going on there??? What Swathi is doing?”

Vinod replied “Swati just left to kitchen after torturing me with pleasure”

I laughed and asked “What man? What is happening there? Just thought to call and inform you that we have reached here safely. But you are saying Swati is torturing you with pleasure”

Vinod anxiously and happily replied “Rajesh, mm what I will tell? Or what I cannot tell? Man Im enjoying like anything here. I can explain it but wont you offended if I narrate about Swati sexily to you? Or if narrate about what we are doing here?”

I laughed and said “Vinod, we are grown adults and we know what we are doing now, so I dont mind. Please tell me what is going on there, I will not mistake about your narration”

Harini pinched my hand and gestured to stop it, but she is not telling with real intention. In fact she is also curious to hear, but she is shy to hear the conversation along with me. I smiled and quick muted and said “Let us time pass and listen what kind of meditation they are doing”

She playfully hit her shoulder to my shoulder by swinging her body with blush.

I unmuted and said “Go on Vinod, I have time. Harini is not around, she is in kitchen, tell me what happen”

Vinod started explaining as excited kid “Rajesh, after you and Harini left in car, I was thinking within myself how to start conversation with Swati. I just casually turned to her, she looked at me in smilingly and she suddenly caught my shirt and started dragging me inside house in walk and run mode as we drag a thief, I couldnt understand what she is doing, why she is doing. I started worrying if I did anything wrong that made her angry and dragging me into the house”

In her fierce action of her pull, my t-shirt buttons teared apart and she pulled me and ran inside house and closed the door by smashing it hard and further pulled me inside the bedroom and hardly and fiercely pushed me on to the bed. I almost lost the balance and fall on bed.

This entire act appeared as in movies where villain will handle a girl to rape. I fall on bed and started looking at her strangely to understand what she is doing and what I did wrong.

I could see that she is smiling at me with her boobs raising up and down in heavy breathing. I felt happy as she is smiling that made me comfortable that Ive not done anything wrong to her.

As Vinod started narrating his experience in hot manner, I started getting hot and while the entire conversation Both Me and Harini are staring each others eyes closer as our hands are free. I was gently caressing and playing with her fingers. She doesnt mind it.

I encouraged Vinod “Vinod go ahead, mm Swati pushed you to bed, then what happened?”

Vinod continued with high excitement “Yes Rajesh, she started smiling at me and she appeared like a fierce tigress, She just took her hands back did something and immediately un-wrapped her dress and just stood with Bra, and throwed out her dress. My goodness, Rajesh, I never expected this. I was in sweet surprise to see that. My assumption was that I will slowly talk to her and I need to negotiate to undress her. But to my surprise she behave wildly and undressed herself and just stood with bra.

Rajesh, excuse me man, She is dam sexy. I thought she is good in external dress alone, but to my wonder her bra is also of good taste man, what a mesh kind of design which was revealing the flesh in transparent mode. Man she has a good size of boobs that is almost popping out of her bra and boobs are firm, soft and strong standing straight erected like a soft mountain without sagging.

As Vinod started narrating in excitement, I started patiently listening it along with Harini, Harini is surprised to hear Swatis behavior thru Vinod, but she is not angry. In fact she is shy and curiously listening to Vinod without any kind of sadness. That was a great relief for me.

I continued “then Vinod”

Vinod continued “Just few seconds later ripping off her top dress, she ripped her skin dress and just stood with her bra and panties. Man what a thigh she has, I was mesmerized to see her Model kind of body quality and I was not on earth to realize what she is doing.

Rajesh, I never seen her in such a dimension in past, All these days, I know her as a friends wife who treats me in gentle way and I remember as a friendly person of serving coffee and casually enquiring about Harini and being a normal person, today Im seeing beast in her man, but sweet and cute beast where I enjoy mauled by that beast.

I laughed to Vinod and said “Vinod dont think Swati is doing that for you, all she is doing is for Harini, Swati always use to say, and Harini is trusting me and sending her husband to me. I should give enough to Vinod to keep Harini happy. Because Vinod is Harinis best asset and I need to take care of that asset well. She is treating you as she need to take care of best guest.

Vinod agreed and laughed “Yes man, Swati is also frequently saying the same that you are Harinis property, I need to take a good care of you.

I said “Cool Vinod, continue, she un-wrapped her dresses and standing with Bra and Panties, what she did then?”

Harini muted the phone and with a cute smile pinched me hard and cutely scolded “You both are shameless creatures in this world, You anxiously asking him all non-sense things, my husband idiot is also explaining like a school boy. You both minds are dirty.” But in her tone there is no guilty or anger, she is filled with shy, shame, etc etc.

I laughed “let him tell Harini, it is just time pass, Swati is not around there right, let him speak for some time and let us hear. Nothing wrong” Harini hesitantly with smile stopped annoying and started paying attention to Erotic narration of Vinod.

I unmuted and said “Yes Vinod go ahead”

Vinod started “Rajesh, she started moving like a cat chasing a rat towards bed, I started admiring her boobs and slightly bulgy ass that is protruding in her tight panties, I was also curiously looking what she is going to do. She stepped slowly and neared bed, and she started staring at my eyes for few seconds and turned her eyes exactly on my cock over my shorts and she swapped her eyes between my cock and eyes frequently and I started worrying what she is planning…”

I said “mm Vinod, Interesting, carry on”

Vinod continued “She neared bed slowly like a cat chasing a rat for food and stood one feet away from me and she started looking at my shorts and without just asking a single word, as I was in lying position she took her hands to my shorts and fierce fully pulled it down, removed it completely out of my legs and throwed it to other corner of room. When she pulled it off, she intelligently included my boxer also and pulled both shorts and boxer (brief) and within a second she made me nude. I was shocked to core. I know that I have a thirst for sex and Im prepared to get nude at some time of my convenience to have sex. But Im not expected to get nude this violently by a girl, I never had like this as well.

What so ever, I liked her commanding attitude and her openness and boldness and the way she took rights on me to make me nude without even asking me a single word.

What so ever man, I felt shy because of sudden nudeness, and she not stopped there. She started looking at my tool, It was erected and standing still as Ive seen her in very glamorous seminude posture. Now she stopped looking my eyes, and her now eyes widened and started looking at my tool further strongly, daringly.

She slowly moved towards bed looking at my cock that violently, First time I sensed that looking can also be done violently.

I laughed and said “Vinod, Very exciting and Interesting, continue without hesitation” Every time I encouraged Vinod to “Continue”, Harini was giving cute expressions like hitting her head with her hand, nodding heads in “no no “, slowly and smilingly and hitting my shoulder with her shoulder bit strongly, pinching my hand.

I liked this situation Im in heaven and in peak of happiness. One side enjoying her shyness and other side hearing erotic narration making her shy. I asked Vinod to continue, and Vinod continued

Rajesh, My hands without awareness tried to go and cover my cock from her violent look, she fierce fully hit my hands to remove it away from my cock. I started almost excited with fear at her dominance. As cat chasing rat, she came closer to cot and jump and climbed over cot and stood on the cot.

When she pushed to cot initially I fall on the side of the cot, now she bend and held my one leg in her one hand my other hand in her and violently pulled me to center of cot. Rajesh, she has good stamina also man, she pulled me into center of bed.

I started curiously looking at her to see what she is going to do next? My both legs are bit closer together, While Im in lying position she is standing on bed. Man while she is standing on bed while Im lying on bed, it was too erotic to see her bottom boobs in that angle. She took her leg and inserted between my two legs and kicking mode she parted bit away and she brought two of legs in between my two legs and stood in between my two legs, she spreaded her both legs side wise by that she widened by legs making me to keep my both legs in v shape, She spreaded my legs to such extent that I cannot further spread it any more. In This act my cock is standing erect in 90 degree. I was looking at her with utmost curiosity thinking within me, whatever she is doing now is something that I need to do on her, but she is doing by putting me down on bed.

As Vinod is continued explaining, I interrupted and laughed and asked “What man, mm how many times man will do this to girl, mm let they also have that chance right, what Swathi doing to is right only.. Tell what she did?”

Vinod continued with same excitement “Rajesh, She was standing exactly between my legs that wide apart and from standing position she kneel down…, Man my goodness, I could guess what she is going to do next, but I cant believe it, now she bit become slow and softly held my hard erected cock in her cute hand and she turned her face left to right and right to left and looked at it patiently.

My cock was strong erected and standing firm and hard in her soft hands, without any hesitation she opened her mouth wide and inch by inch slowly started bending forward from kneel down position, I clearly guessed what she is going to do man. I never ever expected that this will happen in my life man. I was looking at her with heavily beating heart for her next action with my lifted head from pillow.

She touch my cock head with her mouth and slowly put into her mouth gently made my cock head top wet with her saliva.

Maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn, all my body muscles and nerves become soft and loosen, I couldnt keep my lifted head, ohhh I dropped my head to pillow and my total body went into relaxed mode man.

My throat got dry, slowly vision got blurred and I got bit dizzy with super excitement, man I dont know how to express my happiness of that moment.

Vinod with ultimate excitement and real happiness continued narrating, I could see Harini become restless with shy and shame and smile and, pinched me and said “this is the limit, stop the topic, see that idiot shamelessly talking, at least you cut the conversation, otherwise I will go away,” she started to get up”

As she is right side of me, to stop her leaving I just inserted my hands between her arms and body in the lying position, I gripped her to stay and said, please dont go. We are just listening right. Actually she dont want to leave, just she pretended to leave, as I pressured her, she gave up going and said Im going to close my ears, and she kept hands on her ears.

But she was smiling with keeping hands on her ears, I teased by pulling her hands from ears, then she removed hands from her ears and pretended as gave up.

I got back into conversation with Vinod, “Yes Vinod, why you become dizzy man?”

Vinod said “Rajesssssh, man this is first time in life Im getting my cock in some bodys mouth man, I never experienced such pleasure man. Rajesh, Harini is around?”

Harini gestured to me say No, I said to Vinod “No Vinod, she went to kitchen and Im in bed room”

Vinod continued “Rajesh, Im not complaining or blaming Harini I still love her, Harini is good in bed as a taker, but she never knows these kind of things, and I too never asked her for this. Moreover I thought blow jobs normally family girls will not do, it can be seen only in porn movies. So I never experienced such pleasure, it was an immense pleasure just feeling her soft tongue and lips over head of my cock man”

Harini completely out of control as Vinod directly quoted her name and said that she never did blow job. She went to peak of shame and shy and her face instead turned red and she took both her hands and closed it tight.

I muted the phone and tried to uncover one part of her hand to see her shyness, as parted her right hand from her face, I could see her open eyes looking at me with shy. I utilized this situation and just wrapped my hand over her shoulder from lying back position and gently caressed her shoulder consoling her not to feel shy.

I felt very aroused as my hands on resting on her back while my palm is gently caressing her bare shoulder, as she is closed eyes, I turned back to see her back/buttocks beauty, as she is lying in turn down position, she has raised her both legs so that her foot is facing ceiling. That posture has made her petticoat slipped until her knees and revealing her lower leg. Oh god, first time seeing her legs bit bare open, it is shiny without any hairs, silky smooth. I felt that I should turn go ahead and hold her legs and just take her thumb finger of her leg into my mouth and suck. I controlled my instinct.

I just want to test my luck to see if these horny discussion has melted her heart to allow me a bit, As Im caressing her shoulder, I tried to slip my hand in her underarm area of her right hand to see if I can get the golden opportunity of caressing her right side boobs side.

Mm, she is strong in mind as soon as I tried to slip my hand in her under arm area, she tightened her hand to her body to avoid any slit/gap for me to insert my fingers and gently used her left hand to hold my hand and bring it back to her shoulder.

I liked the way she is reacting, if she is not ready to allow me to caress a particular spot, she itself giving an less risky alternate spot for me to caress, I liked that kind of loveliness in her. But the shame of “blow job” reference by Vinod has not disappeared from her face.

I continued to Vinod “mm man you are making me horny, tell me then what happen? She took your cock head into her mouth, and you fainted, then what?”

Vinod continued “Rajesh, I was not in this world, my tip of cock head and nerves and shivering and I never had that kind of stiffness in my cock before, she gently caressed my balls with running her soft fingers over it, at the same time she gently sucked my cock head softly. She slowly pushed the skin bit lower, she just touched the inside flesh with her toung tip.

As she continues, my throat started getting further dry, all these time, she want gently sucking just head of my cock, all of sudden she wide opened the mouth and totally took my entire cock into her mouth bit fiercely, and I could sense my cock head is hitting deep inside her mouth, I in ecstasy raised my lower body upward, but she pushed it hard to bed again and I relaxed my body.

Now she started giving pressure to my cock inside her mouth by contracting her mouth strongly, maaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn, Im not in position to tolerate this sweet pain. She not left caressing the balls. I couldnt control any more, I felt like peeing my cum soon, Im bit embarrassed and disgusted to do inside her mouth and I dont know how she will feel if I do that.

I tried to convey the sense of cumming to her, but my throat is dry to convey this to her, I tried to shake my body to indicate this to her, but I dont know if she really wanted to do within her mouth, she strongly pushed my thigh with her two hands towards bed and started moving her head back and forth with a strong motion, I gave up resisting and started to enjoy the moment and stopped resisting her,

Maaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn, I finally cummed like peeeeee, it oozed and flooded like anything, I could see my entire body is becoming shivering and getting relaxed and soft and I cummed inside her mouth like fountain, volcano. She also realized that Im reaching climax and started giving more and more up and down motion to make the experience complete and finally raised her head with lot of white on her mouth.

She took a towel and wiped her mouth and looked at me with sense of achievement, I was shy to open my eyes and see her. I opened my eyes to see her and she smiled at me, and gently shook her head to adjust the hair to back that has fallen on front of her while she has been bended.

I looked at her, Rajesh, she made me to feel like a girl by being dominant. I dont know what to say to her. She itself started “hello Vinod, how is appetizer and just a welcome drink?”

I shocked to her what she did as “Appetizer” and started wondering if appetizer itself this strong means, what will be the main course? I struggled to speak as my throat is dry, I struggled to ask and asked “wa wa wwaa wwaaaaaaater pls”.

She laughed heavily, and said, “Oh Vinod, for this itself if you are fainting means, how you are going to withstand further things?”

I frightened when she said she is planning for few more further things, I started thinking within myself, when she is going to allow me to fuck her? If all the times she is going to be on top of me and do something?

Without giving time she said “Ok let me bring water for you” and went to kitchen and brought a water bottle”

As Im in thirst and throat dry, I extended my hands to take water from her in lying position, she also extended the water bottle towards me, and I anxiously extended the hand to take bottle. She immediately pulled back the bottle without giving to me.

I surprised to see why she is not giving, and I looked at her and she said “Vinod, you are my special guest, you dont deserve served water by giving bottle to you. You need to be served water in special way”

I started looking at her to see what is that special way, she said “Vinod, Listen, get up and sit.”

I listened to her command and sat, she said “Vinod, Ill lye down facing ceiling, I will wide open my mouth and fill it with water and keep it wide open. It is your talent how much water you can drink from my mouth”

I (Rajesh) laughed as Vinod started explaining things. And said “Vinod, it is interesting” Mean while Harini in extreme shyness started putting her face pressed against pillow
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