Anandi For A Hot Two Hours

“Ill do anything for you,” said Anandi the first time we met. A vivacious girl in her mid-20s the best way to describe her would be buxom in the fashion of the best Tamil film actresses. Fair, short, beautiful hair falling over her shoulders, an expressive face that seemed to mirror her heart and a body to die for. Boobs that stood out proud, straight and full and hips that flared with an almost “fuck me” message.

To say the least I was stunned with her open declaration. Being new to the company, I took it to mean in professionally and left it at that. But that did not stop me from admiring her beauty or her obvious sexuality. Her shirts always seemed to have an extra button open when she walked into my office and on occasion her glasses would rest between her cleavage.

Anyway after a few months of ogling and not doing much about it, we parted ways. She to a better job and me to a new city to kick start my life as a writer. We kept in touch though and it seemed I had become a sort of counselor to her. She would discuss everything from her marriage to her relationship with her parents and the usual office politics. In one of the more troubled discussions she let on about her non-existent sex life. “Is that why you told me you would do anything for me,” I half-joked.

“Yes,” she said I wanted to, but you were too dense and did not take the hint. I tried to lure you with my cleavage but you did not seem interested. “Well, I was and I had a hard-on virtually every time you walked into my cabin. But what did you expect me to do. I was your boss and sure didnt want to get hauled up for sexual harassment. But now we are both free and can do it. So what do you suggest?” She was straight to the point as always: “Lets meet and have sex.”

So off I went to Delhi again for a hot rendezvous…one that I have been dreaming about for the past couple of years. We met at a suburban hotel and wasted no time in heading straight to the room. The two years of waiting for just too long for both of us and we wasted no time in stripping each other off and hitting the bed.

I went for her boobs like a man starved. Sucked them hard, bit them, squeezed them my hands and pinched the nipples. Anandi was equally wild. Her pent up passions came pouring out as I sucked on her generous breasts. She seemed to want to put them both in my mouth and kept arching her back as if trying to get more and more of it into me. Her fingernails racked up bloody lines on my back.

I then got on top of her and plunged deep into nirvana. Her tight, seldom used pussy, seemed to reluctantly give way to my ramming and she squeezed hard with both her legs to ensure I stayed in for the longest time. But sadly all that emotion went I let loose pretty early. Anandi was not going to be satisfied with that one quickie.

She got on her knees took my tool in her hand and proceeded to give revive me like no one has ever done. She began by licking my balls, then removing all evidence of our lovemaking with her tongue. She then proceeded to take me in fully and suck me off like a child would a lollipop. But she stopped just as I reached full erection.

We then went again, this time more slowly, and for a longer time. She held me, pushed into me an ..ending possibly the best session of love mad pumped me till she came slowly with a great big moan. I came with her this time more gently. I was spent but if I thought that so of Anandi I was mistaken.

She turned me on my back and gently started massaging me with her breasts. The massage was accompanied by a generous degree of tongue and she proceeded to lick me on my back, along my spine and eventually in the crack between my buttocks. When her tongue reached there, I easily achieved full erection again for a third time. Something I did not think possible for me.

She turned me around and got on top of me. Straddling my legs, she slipped my erection into me and started riding me the way an Olympian would her prize steed. For me her jiggling boobs proved to be the enticement I needed as I reached out held them first and then pulled her down on top of me to suck and bite on them. The third time was also the longest and most enjoyable. Again we came together with a might rush and laid back spent.

This time even Anandi did not seem to have the energy for a fourth round. We both somehow managed to get up have a long hot shower and head our separate ways. Anandi back to her office and me back to my little town and family. We promised to meet and do it again. In the meantime we had hot memories to keep us going.

Friends this is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. Please send me your thoughts, comments and feedback to [email protected]