Romance A Hill Station Holiday Sex Story

Hey readers, my name is Vineet (name changed). Today i am going to share with you guys and girls about me and my girlfriends first time experience. My girlfriend and I are both studying in the same university in the city of Bangalore. But both of us belong from north India. My girlfriend and i are in a serious relationship, and it’s almost 4 years since we have been together. My girlfriends name is Ruhi (name changed) she is 20 years of age, average looking, and stunning bosoms. The best thing that i like about my girl is that see never refuses me on anything. But the only thing that she refused until now was the term ‘having sex. Obviously I am a boy and surely we are crazy about sex. But on this case i respected her decision.
The story revolves before 4-5 month. Our university theory exams came to an end. Every one of our friends was planning to go back home, enjoy in their natives. My girlfriend and I planned that before going home we should go on a romantic holiday for 2-3 days. And so it was decided that we would go to Ooty. Ooty is a very beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu. There are lot of breathtaking scenery in Ooty. For those who didnt go there. I recommend you to at least try it once, at least with your girlfriend and trust me the trip will be amazing.

We booked our bus tickets and hotels beforehand itself. The best thing that I liked about the whole trip was the sleeper bus. They had beds and for couples u can have a lot of privacy. So our started at evening 8.30 or so. We both were excited. We talked with each other and made fun and soon. Soon the bus lights were switched off and closed the curtains. I slowly stared caressing here hair. She responded with a soft moan. There I certain things that she really likes me to do. I slowly stared coming close to her. She slowly asked me in a soft tone. Won’t you kiss me? Surely that was enough to make me horny. I slowly started kissing her from head to neck leaving her lips. Then I started to lick her neck and began sucking to suck that part a little. I knew that this would definitely make her really horny and sure it was. She grabbed my head and pulled towards her and began kissing wildly. Those kisses turned to wild smooches. I reached her back and unhooked her bra from outside. This made her boobs came popping out form top. I stared caressing her boobs and started pressing those two melons lightly. We did not have sex before but we sure did do all this foreplay to even fingering her. I then began sucking her nipples. They were so hard. I could see them pop out from her top using the street light. She then started rubbing her pussy in my thigh. She indicated me to finger her. I slowly took my hands and slid it between her legs. Her pussy was totally wet I just slide my index finger inside her and she gave a very sensual moan. Immediately I took my finger outside. She asked me why I did like that. I got afraid that other people might hear so I stopped. The next thing I heard from her lips totally made me mad. She told me that she was prepared and wanted me to take her virginity. Obviously that couldnt be done in the bus. So we had to wait to reach the hotel. Then I told her to sleep and think about that in the morning when we would reach Ooty.

We reached ooty in the morning and got down from our bus. It was a beautiful hill station. The weather was cold, a little more because it was morning time. We hired a cab and then went to the resort that we booked. It was a nice resort and the staffs were friendly. We checked in and we were shown our room. The resort had a nice garden outside and my girlfriend was standing there and admiring the flowers mean while I talked to the manager about arranging a cab for sightseeing. It was morning 8.30; the manager said that our cab would come at 11.30 to pick us up. I called Ruhi and then we went to our room. I went straight to the bed and lay flat there. Ruhi came and slept over my chest. Slowly she said ‘do you remember what I said last night. I confusingly said yes. Then she went to the bathroom and I sat on the bed thinking what to do now. I bought a pack of 12 condoms of moods and then I realized that what I came here to do now will surely succeed. She came out of the bathroom wearing just the towel and then I went to the bathroom, took a bath and then came out. I saw that she was still wearing the towel over her bra and panty. I asked what happened and went in close to her and kissed her lips. She then caught hold of me and then started kissing me like anything. She was on the mood and taking things in her hands. Before I could realize what was going, she told me that she could not wait any longer and wanted to have sex. I knew this would come sooner or later. I gave her a smile and then started kissing and touching her boobs. She removed her towel and removed her bra. I started pressing her boobs firmly. She started to moan lightly. I licked her boobs and the bite her nipples. Her nipples were never so hard. She started to touch my dick and then she pulled my towel too. I was now totally naked. She started stroking my penis. My dick became really hard started to pain a little bit too. She bent down and gave a light kiss to my dick and she said to me that she was ready. I went to remove her panty and my god it was totally wet. I removed her panty and spread her legs to see her vagina. This was not the first time that I have seen her pussy. I went to reach my bag and took 1 condom from it. She helped me wear the condom. Our eyes meet and then I slowly started putting my penis in her pussy. It was really tight. I gave a light stroke and the she told me to stop. I stopped and then Ruhi took a deep breath and gave me the green signal to go again. This time I gave a deep thrust and tears rolled down her eyes. She began to cry in pain and I could see little bit of blood in my penis. Then I waited for a moment and then started to thrust her in and out. Her pussy was really tight and it surely made me work out a little. Ruhi stopped crying and started to feel the pleasure. She closed her eyes as I started to fuck her. She moaned me to fuck her hardly. I could see her plea me for more sex. I watched her boobs as they were juggling. I grabbed her boobs and then pressed her tightly while she moaned in pain. I bent down and then kissed her while fucking her. We continuously fucked each other for around 25 min or so. Then she came. I could feel her Cumming as she closed her eyes firmly and trying to close her legs. Then I took my dick out from her and lay beside her. She looked at me and said ‘will you stay with me forever. After hearing that I really felt very bad but I made up my mind that this girl will surely be the girl of my dreams .I assured her that I am going to stay with her and not to worry about anything. Then she removed my condom and then slowly started stroking my penis knowing that I didnt cum. she gave me a nice hand-job until I came in her hands. Then we went together to the bathroom and took a shower. It was already 10.45. Then we came out and got dressed. We asked the manager to send our breakfast. We had our breakfast and then our cab came and we went for sightseeing. That day we had sex 3 times and the next day we did it 4 times and finally the third day went headed back to Bangalore.
Those days surely made our relationship very strong. I and my girlfriend now love each other more than before. We surely do have sex once or twice a month but I make sure to use protection.

Guys we know that we are hungry for sex but that doesnt mean that we wont respect the girls feeling. The only thing I wanted to say writing my story is respect your lover and girls and dont play with their feelings.