Finally I Slept With My S.I.L

Hi to all ISS readers this is my second story, finally it happens. for new readers its me Ramprasad Bangalore from Karnataka 25y medium built, fair and working in one of the MNC, my tool is about 6” length and 1.8” girth ok coming to the story, its happen in my sister’s son’s birthday all relatives and friends are gathered to wish him, I also wished him for his future, but I am desperately waiting for my S.I.L she is the heroine of the story, (A small flash back for new readers: me & my S.I.L are very friendly since from my high school days, she is elder to me; we both liked each other but not shared due to age difference and family respect, while playing touching and hugging were common but no dare to move further. I visit her place in vacations only, I went to my college to pursue my degree in between her marriage fixed and she got married; even after her marriage we were close as before in few occasions we met like relatives marriage and all I had attracted towards her but no daring. Just I spent time with her by joking and flirting with her, after completing my degree I got job in Bangalore and went my sister son birth day this instance happen pls go on reading…)

She came little bit late then I overjoyed with her presence, she also wished him and join with me to talk,, talk went on general talk and then she asked me about my life in Bangalore, ha fine but one thing is missing, she asked what? I replied that’s U. she gave naughty smile and said don’t joke, I told seriously day passes in work,, but when night starts I cant control whispered in her ear she blushed to hear this. And we just moved upstairs to talk in privacy, (as she already bold to talk with me).

She: asked what you do in night?
Me: what to do masturbate by imaging you
she: really?
Me: ha,
me: how about you?
She: not good after a child he not interested in me.
Me: then how you fulfill?
She: finger and sometime vegetables
me: if I would have been in your husband position I will not let you a single day, such hot figure you are
She: its my fate what to do?
Me: if you agree we both have solution
she: whats that?
Me: be with me tonight I will show you
she: I didn’t inform in home they will wait for me.
Me: don’t worry I will call them and tell to them you will be here today after birth day party
She: if we caught by some one?
Me: don’t worry in my room no will come(my hand is on her shoulder)
She also agreed but small fear in her, I just hold her in my hands and hugged tightly, there is no reply from her, but her hot breath felt on my chest, I was caressing her ass. She also got aroused, and I got full permission to access her body, we both enjoying our hotness. In house birthday celebration was went smoothly,, we smooched for two minutes she responded well because she starving for sex her juicy lips are so sweet and we came to sense,
She: whispered you became a man.
Me: thank you that’s because of you.

And departed one another and came down to party hall, no one doubt on us, we had dinner along relatives, all are went to their homes, only our family members and S.I.L(actually she is two year elder to me in relation she is my uncle’s daughter ) other family members are tired with all house hold work of birthday party, I went to my room and waited for her,, that is 2bhk home in one bed room my sister and his husband with her son, in small hall there my aunt had her bed,, she has to come my room only. My sister and S.I.L after their talks for an hour came to me and told like she (S.I.L and my sis and are classmates) will be here with our home pls share your bed for today only, I acted no I can’t, but my sister requested then I said OK literally we were expecting that only. My sister went her room saying good night to us
me: how was my acting?
She: nice no one doubt on us. I closed the door locked from inside slowly making no sound
She also acted nicely in front of my sister, she already in bed
I went my place and switch off the light, she came near to me again we had long smooch by this time she got aroused quickly she responding fast to my kiss, breath getting faster but no one of us not in a mood to break a smooch, my hands on her tits, her hands on my hair, after I slowly removed her blouse biting her tits by my lips and sucking them like a baby her milky boobs. Her boobs were in good shape anybody can get erect by seeing her, (she is village housewife so night she wore saree only no night dress usually (of course its best for fucking no need remove all dress. I hope you all got that)
she removed my t shirt,
me: how many positions you know?
She: what positions?
Me: sex positions whispered in her ear.

She: my husband knows only one position
me: you didn’t try any other?
She: he doesnt like and he rides only 2-3 minutes that’s all.
Me: do you have any fantasy?
She: do however you want, what I want is man to satisfy me.
Me: k I will show one by one
I folded her saree up to her thigh and kissing all her body from toe to thigh. While one of my hands caressing her boobs.
She moaned slowly “aaaaa aa ammm… Aamm… I started sucking her tits then. She was moaning “aammmmmmm aaaaaaa uuu.. Licked her body, tummy she didn’t wore a panty her, hairy pussy smell make my tool harder enough. She touches my tool on my brief and whispered you have a bigger one. She enjoys the touch of hard tool. Slowly I parted her pussy lips and smelled her pussy hmmmmm what a erotic smell she pressed my head towards her, she getting hot sensation this is first time a man smelling her, I started licking her pussy its filled with her juice, she was moaning hmmmm haaa, this is the moment I waited for
me: whispered turn around today will show you back door entry
She: hmmm do whatever you like.

Slowly I parted her legs from behind; this was my first entry in her. I placed my tool in her pussy entry and slowly teasing her by inserting just a my tool head, she moaning and begged to enter then a penetrate her by thrust and one of my hand on her boobs, I started thrusting her holding tightly from behind my hot breath sensing by her ear lobe she was in cloud nine. She was moaning and taking breath also responding to rhythm a pace up the speed after 5 minutes of stroking she reached orgasm and kissed deeply. Then I turn her to face to face again long smooch my tool was still hard now parted her legs wide open and licked her love juice and she was moaning with her eyes closed, again I inserted my tool now with hard strokes for 5 minutes I came to cum
I asked her can I cum inside ?
She whispered ha k fill me with yours.
I loaded all my cum in her, and relaxed on her for while.
She: thank you!
Me: for what?
She: u shown heaven today and you are the first man licked my pussy.
Me: its my pleasure, how was that?
We hugged tightly and it was unforgettable we slept naked. early morning at 4 am I woke up due to cold and saw my S.I.L was naked usually at 5 am all family members will wake up so I decided to have one more round because that day afternoon itself I need to come back to my work so, ii woke up her by sucking her boobs she got aroused and encircled her legs to my trunk we smooched for long while my penis got harder now I was in missionary position I thrusted her for ten minutes it’s a quickie round she moaned like a hell I closed her mouth by mine, and we cummed together, because in urgency if any one come to wake up us
She wore her saree and me my dress again we slept by keeping pillow between us morning my sister came to woke up she didn’t realize what happen night she thought we were slept like this only. Morning as usual works after I got ready to start my journey I hugged my sister and told bye come again, and while hugging m S.I.L whispered in her ear I will come soon she gave naughty smile. Now am waiting for next encounter I hope that will be coming November. And I had phone sex with her after that is very interesting I will tell you in my next episode. I hope you like my story

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