Fucked By My Daughter’s Tutor

Hi to all the readers of indiansexstories.com. Being a lady, I am a little hesitant in sharing my story but I think I should let you all know what has happened with me. It’s a long story, so this is the first part of my story.

My name is Miss Rina Oberoi, age 42 years, height 5.2” and my vital stats are 36-30-36. I am a widow and my husband has left quite a good legacy to take care of myself and my lovely daughter Sonia.

Sonia is my only daughter. She has reached the age of 20 but due to her bad company, she got into drugs, liquor, and sex with friends and as a consequence, she could not complete her 12th standard. I was very worried for my daughter and then I made a decision to shift to maternal hometown Varanasi from Mumbai. Sonia was against my decision but after all, she is my daughter, she agreed for it. My parents were no more. I was single child of my parents and we had a big haveli in Varanasi. We both moved there.

I wanted Sonia should complete her 12th so I got her admitted in 12th standard open Board. Frankly speaking, I did not want Sonia to go school or tuition as she is quite a modern girl for Varanasi and I do not want any boy to come near her. But, she did need help in studies so I decided to keep a home tutor.

I asked my neighbor Ram Gopal ji to help me in finding a home tutor. He suggested me a name Sushil Mishra and told me to use his reference. He also gave me Sushil’s cell number. I preferred a female teacher but at least they both will be in front of my eyes. I called Sushil, the phone was ringing, then I heard the cute voice of a boy,
“Hello, is this Sushil?”
“Hi Sushil, I am Miss Rina Oberoi. I got your number from Ram Gopal ji”
“Ok, yes Rina ji, tell me”
“Sushil I have a daughter who is appearing her 12th Commerce Open Board. Will you be able to teach her?”
“Rina ji, come to my coaching institute with your daughter.”
“No, no Sushil. I want you to teach my daughter at my home. I hope it will be possible for you.”
“Oh! Sorry Rina ji, I don’t take home tuitions.”
“Please Sushil, I will pay you good. Ok, at least come to my house so that we can talk in person.”
Sushil agreed to come to my house and he came that afternoon.

A young guy, must be into his early thirties, medium height, fair skin, little mustache, I must say a cute tuition master. I offered him Rs. 5000 per month which was a big amount for Sushil, as he earns this much with ten students. I called Sonia to meet her new teacher. I could feel lust in Sushil’s eyes when he saw Sonia. Sonia is milky white in complexion with stats of 32-24-36 and habitual of wearing short dresses which give a pretty view of her assets.

I don’t mind what Sushil felt for my daughter as I was determined to keep a check on both of them. Two months passed, Sushil was teaching Sonia in a good manner. Sonia was going Mumbai for a friend’s birthday and I allowed her as I thought restrictions should be removed sometimes. I told her to call Sushil and ask him not to come for two days.

I was alone at home, scantily dressed in a low cut sleeveless gown without a bra and panty as I was expecting nobody. Suddenly the doorbell rang; I thought it must be my maid who was on off that day or some lady from neighborhood.

As I opened the door, I saw Sushil standing outside. I felt shy dressed like this in front of him. From his face expressions, I could make out that he was shocked too. I asked him whether Sonia did not ask him not to come. He said, “No”. He was now inside my house as I can’t let him go from door. I asked him to sit in drawing room and then I went to bring juice for him. At first, I thought of changing dress but then I thought what the use is. He has seen already, what is to hide now.

He was sitting on the sofa and I could feel him staring at me with lusty eyes. Just to talk something, I asked him, “Sushil, tell me about your family, are you married?”
“No, I am unmarried.”
“OK, so any girlfriend?”
“No, no one”
“OK but you are so cute and handsome but how come you dont have a girlfriend?”
“Well, I am a shy person”
“But you teach so many girls?”
“Yeah but I can’t flirt with them.”
“True, but you can flirt with their mothers (what I was saying)”
“Nothing, I was just kidding.”
“Well you are looking very good today”
“Just very good?”
“Hmm. No you are looking hot!”
After the death of my husband, it was first time; I was in a sensual conversation. It seems I was losing control.
“Oh really, so you like what you are seeing”
“Ya a lot”
“So no wife, no gf, how many prostitutes till now?”
“Not even one”
“What? Are you sure? Even my daughter is experienced”
“But I am not, Rina ji”
I was excited a lot now. I stood up and sat beside Sushil. He was staring continuously. I took his hands and kept them on my boobs. He started pressing them. I used my hands to bring his face near mine and then I began to smooch him. I loved it a lot. It was an awesome feeling. After a long smooch, I asked Sushil to come in my bedroom. Today, I will be fucked after a long time.

We sat on the bed and suddenly Sushil started kissing me madly. Wow. He tore my gown and I was nude. I was also kissing Sushil and we were lying on the bed, cuddling and kissing each other passionately. As we tightly hugged, I could feel the bulge in Sushil’s pants, and you know, I felt it quite big.

I made Sushil stand on floor and removed his pants and jockey. His dick was quite long and handful. As I was holding his dick, he was getting impatient. “Rina ji do something”, he said. “Sushil in a little while, you will be fucking me so don’t be formal now, call me Rina whenever alone.”
“Ya Rina, my bitch”, Sushil said. I was surprised but I loved it as I wanted to be a bitch now. I took the dick in mouth and started rolling my tongue on the dick. I was sucking the dick and Sushil loved it, just then he held my head with his hands and pumped his dick in my mouth and released his cum in my mouth. I was not expecting this, I removed his dick from my mouth, pulled him and made him lie on bed and smooched him, releasing all his cum in his mouth, and keeping his mouth shut with my lips compelling him to drink his own cum. After all, I am not just an ordinary bitch.

Sushil now got it that he can’t control me till I allow him to do so. We lied on bed and I started unhooking his shirt’s buttons and kissing all over his chest. He was not trying to control me but letting me do whatever I wanted to do. I gave him a hand job making his dick erects again.
“Rina, I don’t have condom”, Sushil said.
“Bitch doesn’t like condoms”
“But what if you got pregnant?”
“Then you have to marry me, and you will be Sonia’s father.” I said
“Don’t worry; I will take pill from the market. Bitch is for fuck only, not marriage.”
“Wow my bitch, you are awesome”
“So baby ready to get rid of your virginity?”
“Yeah my bitch”
Sushil’s dick was erect again and I was overwhelmed by the feeling of fucking a young guy who is in my control. Men should also be dominated.

I inserted his dick into my pussy and started pushing in and out. My pussy felt a little pain as it was after a long time it was getting used. I could see that Sushil was enjoying it. He was pressing my boobs and as the speed of movements was increasing, his facial expressions were getting sexier.
“Ya Rina, ya my bitch”
“Yes Sushil, my daughter’s teacher”
“Ya bitch, I am your daughter’s teacher and your fucker”
“Yes my fucker, I am your bitch, your whore”
“Ya bitch, my mistress, my whore”
“Fuck me bastard”
“Yup, my student’s mother”. He started pushing from down.
“Yes, hard, you fucking teacher”
“Yes bitch”
I could feel the cum in my pussy.
“Wow. Now I know what I missed all these years”

This was my first time with Sushil. In next part, I will share a very important incident.