The Best Friendship Day Part I

Hello sexy girls, ladies and aunties. This is Sidd back again with another really horny story of mine. First of all I am very thankful for loads of appreciating mail and responses I got for my last post ‘Loving time with my Anu’. It really felt great by such great response so decided to pen down another real incident. So also this time I will narrate the story in Hindi and English as well to make dick hard and pussies leaking to shattering orgasms. Also request all of you to give feedback as u all have given previously. All sexy girls and aunties from Pune and nearby place are warmly welcome for good quality time can get in touch with me on my [email protected]

Now coming to the story I am guy living in Pune and PG student and guy with athlete body and know how to make scream any lady and girl with complete pleasure. The incident happened was on Friendship Day. So here story follows like it was friendship day so I and my friends decided to go for party that night and enjoy the day of friendship on high spirits. So we all friends had been to club in K.P (the famous area in Pune for sexy parties). So we entered and started having fun and celebrating friendship there I saw this girl in cute and sexy one piece blue and black color backless dress was just too sexy bombshell and her stats goes like 34-30-32 just too hard to resist and take eyes off her. I was enjoying and I was observing her and was enjoying an eye candy with her and she too had started to play her game with me.

So after some time I signaled her to come to bar counter and meet her there and our conversation started. And it went pretty well and we all like my friends along with her friend had introduced with each other and then I invited her for dance on the floor. We were dancing and I held her so close to me that I could feel her heart beat and erotic perfume making me go crazy. We had great romantic time dancing and embracing into each other arms. And don’t know how but we kissed and I was lost in heaven and actually our conversations made this great thing happen. Then now she already had lot of drink and stared feeling tipsy as effect of alcohol but I knew she was all ok but still she excused herself and requested me for co so I helped her to the way out and held her and carried her out of lounge. There I asked her “I know u all right then why this drama’.

‘That’s smart of you and if you know this then also must me knowing that I wanna spend some special time with my new handsome loving friend’ she said and then we went for long drive had great conversation and smoke and then she told me to come to her place for coffee but my luck had great thing for me on the way I took chocolate for her and condom for me;-)
Then we been to her place and I was in balcony smoking there she came with coffee then we both sat on sofa and she was so close me to that I was losing my control and she led to it. And we both were in each other arms and I was kissing the sexiest pair of lips and her boobs were being crushed against my chest.

Then we stand and I pinned her to wall and was loving all her back and was going crazy by her moans ‘hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm ssssshhhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh’ I was kissing all over her back, neck and earlobe was making her go crazy. I held her from back and just slide her dress little up and there I seen the doors to heaven in blue satin g-thong and I started licking her wildly and then held her boobs by one hand and crushing her leaking clitoris by sideways of her sexy panty and she was just wild cat out of control moaning ‘ooooohhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhhhhh feels too good’ and till then I was also kissing her neck and giving her love bites and she was striking my iron hard dick. My continuous crushing and licking made her shaver in wild orgasms. ’Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah’ and she came like anything and I made her lick her own juice. Then she too made me sit on sofa and just pulled my jeans along with my inner which was already opened by her and she was just too happy to see my size and said ‘looks like m gonna go to doors of heaven today’ and started sucking my dick like wild tigress and giving me blowjob.

I cannot express the feeling of getting the blowjob by such sexy girl while you hold her hairs by one hand and boobs by other and mouth fuck her just amazing. ’Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh’ and I shoot all my load in her mouth and she drink it completely and was just too happy..then we went to her room and I just pushed her on bed and started licking her pussy and making her wild and moan to the pleasure the we being in 69 position and then after that just imagine the scene I am holding smoke and her hairs and she licking me after which I removed her panty while just adjusting her dress to her lover with bra on and panties to her thighs. Then I rolled over condom on my dick as she was getting out of control for doors to heaven. Then after that I took her under me and started teasing her by my dick rubbing on her pussy and she started begging me to fuck her and I started to insert and she was going insane and started to moan like ‘oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmymmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh’ and I was holding her by both her hands above her head licking her nipples and fucking her nicely to deepest part and to pleasure.’

’Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes keep doing m going crazy ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh’, then after some time she come on top of me and started to ride by digging her nails in my chest and moaning oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I was holding her by her shoulder and started vigorously fucking and she was like ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh  oooohhhhhhh  m cumming and she came like loads like never came and made my dick and thighs wet with her cum. Then after that I made her on her four with her panty on her thighs and fucking her hard the room was filled with sound like thupppp thuppppp and all moans. Just cant tell the heights of pleasure of holding the girl by her bra strips with her panties to her thighs and fucking her tooooooooo awssssmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then after that I made her stand to wall and started fucking her; oooohhhhhh and then I was holding her one leg and was fucking her like hell crazy for some time. Then after that I fuck her in reverse cowgirl position with rubbing her clitoris and making her go wild and scream like ohhhh please keep it going yeah; and after that I come on top of her and mai useeeee zor se chodne laga and she was moaning like ooooooohhhhhhhhh yes I have never been fucked like this please just keep going and never leave now onwards m yours completely oh m cumming again ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss and I too come like hell and fell on her panting and feeling the pain of her scratch of nails on my back but with great satisfaction. Also we had another amazing round but that in my next post. Please give me your feedback and can get in touch with me on my [email protected]