Girlfriend Ke Raseeli Choot

Saajan: Today is my birthday, so common I want my gift.
Nishu: What do u want?
Saajan: Kiss on your…
Nishu: On your what
Saajan: u will be angry if I ll say this
Nishu: no please tell me
Saajan: Boo…Boobs
Nishu: shut up don’t ever say this to me again, kissing on face and lips is ok but don’t cross limits
Saajan: OK I am sorry dear and cut the phone
Nishu called Saajan back in 10 min and said sorry and told me that I can kiss his boobs but never try to do this in reality until we marry.

Then that night I kissed her boobs and later in a week I was even fucking her on the phone, we were desperate to do phone sex and used to do this every night. Now was the time for real action, I convinced her to spend a night wed me in a hotel, going out for night was not a problem as we both were in a hostel. On Phone we were doing sex every day but real action was about to come, we decided to go to Massouri in Uttrakhand. I booked the hotels and finally booked a train, I picked Nishu from Sharanpur as she had to come from Chandigarh.
When I saw her in Sharanphur station, I was stunned, she was wearing black jeans and tight purple top, and I wanted to press and suck her boobs there only but kept myself in control for some time. We booked a cab for Massouri, below is our conversation in the cab.

Me: so how are you sweety
Nishu: I am good dear tum batao how are you
Me: Just waiting for
Nishu: Waiting for what?
Me: Nothing
Nishu: No tell me na

Me: Will tell you once we reach hotel
Nishy: No tell me here only

Waiting to see you your boobs and…
Ohh you stupid please don’t say like that, I really am worried, I will go back if you will say like this. No baby don’t worry we can do it politely don’t worry. I was completely wet under my pants during our 2 hour drive to Moussori. We reached the hotel, I closed the door and hugged her tightly and smooched her. She also responded and she went to get fresh, she came back from bathroom, she was looking stunned in her lower and tea shirt. We had breakfast and then we started talking, I wanted to go slow, we talked for a while she was looking stunning, I looked at her lips and tried to kiss her she refused few times but then we were on with it.

I tried to press her boobs over her top , she again refused for that but later submitted herself within 10 min she was topless and I could see her bare boobs, they were amazing , I held them in my hands and pressed them later sucked her, she was moaning she also started enjoying her. I kissed her all over her body from forehead to navel. I started touching her pussy over her trouser; she did not allow me to do so she was scared. I did not wanted to force her so I kept on enjoying her upper body we were both topless but neither of us touched each others sex organs.
We slept for a while went to market and roamed till 8PM, while coming back I brought one packet of condom without telling her. After dinner we again played with each others parts. We were again topless, it was amazing her body was very soft, I tried to touch her pussy again but again she refused, I thought of talking to her, she was scared of doing this, losing virginity, getting pregnant etc.

I told her that I have condom with me and nothing will happen, but she was still scared. Atlast I convinced her for touching the pussy only over her trouser. I touched her pussy it was soft, I put my hand under lower and touched her pussy over her panty, I could feel the wetness of her pussy, the panty was wet.

I was sucking her boobs and moving my hands over her pussy, I tried to put my hand under her panty but she did not allow me. But after 3 – 4 attempts I was successful in touching her bare pussy. I was clean shaved very soft. Now I hold her hand and put it on my dick she was touching it. It was an awesome feeling. In next half an hour we played like this I was fingering her softly and she was moving my dick up and down, we were naked now. After some time I started kissing her navel and gradually placed myself in the middle of her thighs , She had told me to not kiss her pussy as she doesnt like it , but I was kissing her inner thighs and when she was moving her buttocks up her pussy used to touch my face and in one of such cases I kissed her pussy, she did not say anything, I started kissing her pussy she said but her no was not that strong.

I kissed her pussy licked it all over and started fingering her, she was loving it , while kissing I was looking direct into her eyes, she was feeling very hot. She was just loving it, so was I. She was moaning oh my God ohhh I love it hmmmmm ahhhhh ahhhh ammmmm, I loved this. After some time I moved my legs towards her face, I continued sucking her pussy, now my dick was just 6 inches away from her, she touched my dick and started playing with it, it was amazing after few min she was kissing my dick, I told her to put my dick in her mouth which she did as she wasn’t in her consous, now I was kissing her pussy and she was sucking my dick. I placed herself on top of me in 69 position we both were licking each other, it was amazing. I used to put my finger in her ass and lick her pussy.

After few min, I told her to lay non her belly, now her back and ass was facing me. I put one pillow under her belly area, bow her ass was little up, I started kissing her buttocks, I separated her ass cheeks and could see pink pussy and ass hole , I was eager to eat those again, I licked her pussy my nose was on her ass, I licked the part between her ass and pussy she was loving it , she had never experienced such thing before she was living it she was moaning like hell I thought of putting my dick in her pussy but she refused to let me in. she was scared, I also did not wanted to force her.

Then I was laying behind on the bed and she started licking my dick, she was looking into my eyes, it was awesome, she licked my dick all over, she sucked it , I was loving it after 15 min of licking I was about to come, I did not wanted to put my cum on her face , so I put all my load on her boobs , she loved it. It was amazing, on that trip we did not fucked each other put licked he each and every hole, it was really awesome. I was able to fuck her in our next few trips but that experience will be shared in my next stories. Please do write to me about the feedback at [email protected], there is lot more to come. Any girl who wants to get sucked and fucked like this, please write to me. Many more experiences to come. Have fun, have sex. Gud Bye