Blue Waters My Afrikaner Experience

Hi folks, I am back again with another encounter in Durban S Africa. Your comments are welcome [email protected]

It was almost Xmas season and I was a permanent resident at the Blue waters hotel on the Durban beachfront. I was still new in the country and yet to find an apartment of my own, and moreover I was frequently traveling back and forth from S Africa to Singapore almost every 3 weeks. So it made sense for me to keep a permanent room to myself there.

It was a bright summer’s morning and as usual after my shower and exercise and meditation session I got ready and went down for breakfast. It was a busy morning and the tables were full, the matron, recognized me as a regular, and said pls have coffee outside the hall in the waiting area, while you wait sir. I looked around myself, and in the far corner I noticed a tall white lady in her mid thirties, I suppose alone on a table of 4. Now I knew South Africans are a friendly lot, and I was pushed for time, to go to work, I worked my way towards her table. She saw me coming, gave me a smile and waved me to sit on her table. I said thank you v much, and sat opposite her.

The matron brought me the regular cup of coffee and hot milk, and I took a sip. I looked at the lady who I must say was absolutely stunning and tall too, about 6 ft 2 inches. And she was in a top that fit into her body and showed off her big boobs. Now I am a big boobs fan, this one was a knocker, and I promised myself I will see them someday soon. I asked her name and shook her hand, I said I am Prasad from Bombay, she was Anne from Pretoria the capital city. Anne smiled and shook my hand firm, but with a slight hint of pressure and leisure. It was like a person on holiday would do. I asked her what a beautiful lady like her was doing alone in Durban, and she replied that its Xmas season and she gets a month off from work and she decided to spend 2 weeks in Durban on the coast. She was a senior assistant at one of the embassies in Pretoria.

I told her I was now living in Durban with a new project and company from Singapore. She was confused as I didn’t look Chinese or something like that, I have Asian features and sometimes people mistake me for Indonesian but I definitely look Indian. My accent is good like an international one as I went to convent school in Kerala. I am 38, 5.10, good built decent toned body, fair and a hint of a small tummy. She was quite surprised by my knowledge of South Africa and people. She assumed Indians were not well informed. Later she would appreciate all what Indian did….my mind said to me naughtily. I went for a full breakfast with toast and eggs and more juice. She too ate up all her food. We chit chatted abt this and that. The daily newspaper was on the table, and headlines read, that a group of prostitutes were arrested on the beach front, for soliciting. I joked with her about that, and said they should be let free, as they were in the Wholesale business. She laughed out loud at this. Pretty mischievous smile.

It was time to say bye for now, and I did that, in S Africa they kiss on lips lightly to say bye, I had learnt that quickly. I did so, and smelt her wonderful perfume. YSL……I was sure…. I saw she was in shorts and chappals. She said she was gonna go swim on the beach and be at leisure for the next few hours, have lunch and get some rest. I had work to do, so I excused myself saying bye and probably would see her later if she was around.

She nodded and smiled, and that made me stop a while, she asked ….if I had forgotten something, and I said no, it was just that my heart told me to stop and admire you a minute longer. Which I did.

She was having a big smile, and said, that’s the most original punch line I have heard all my life. She got up came across the table and gave me a big hug, I was pleasantly surprised and held her long enough for my little Peter was just about to wake up. I moved away from her, and said, enjoy the day for now, let meet this evening if you are free. She said yes, she’s alone and no commitments either. I had a date, at least for a drink.

Work was busy as usual meeting clients office routine emails etc, and within no time it was 430pm, my mind went back to Blue waters and the breakfast meeting. I got the feeling that she would not be there as its holiday season and one thing would lead to another, and she would be busy elsewhere. There are plenty things to do in Durban when you are on holiday.

I drove back to my hotel, parked in the garage, and went up the lift to my floor. Room 702. I put away my briefcase, started stripping off and went into the shower. Long and cold shower, I came out with a towel on, went up to the window and looked out to the sea.

The place was crowded with tourist of all types mostly African ….noisy as well. I was toweling myself when I noticed Anne in the parking lot with her binoculars looking at the ships crossing the harbor. She was still in her shorts and t shirt of the morning. I opened my window and shouted her name…..couple of times… we do in India…..suddenly to my astonishment a lot of heads turned toward the window. I was embarrassed, and withdrew behind the curtains. Anne was one of them, I peeked again and was sure she had heard her name, she was still looking up with the binocs…..I saw her and she me…..she smiled……I waved…I made the sign 7…0… 2 and she gave me the thumbs up.

Now I got ready quickly put away all the stuff and got the room tidy. I waited a few minutes, and more …..nobody knocked. I thought let me go downstairs and catch her. I went out towards the lifts…..and as the door opened I saw her…walking out….we almost bumped into each other head on…imagine being hit by a big pair of perfect boobs….ha ha…..that’s what happened. I stopped, and said to Anne….Hey lady…you can formally introduce them to me sometime….she chuckled and grabbed my arm. Come on she said, leading me towards the bar. She had a gin and tonic, I went for a cold beer. The barman Robert was about 60 years old, Tamil origin, and smiled at us, offered the usual freebies that went along with the drinks. He suggested the lamb curry and rice dish, which was their special. We both nodded, and said yes will have it a bit later. My dirty mind was on overtime, and I inspected this big South African woman next to me, and said to myself, I wanna have this one instead.

Anne was a very well educated woman, locally brought up, her parents were cattle farmers and she had a masters degree in English and Africkaans. She was never married, as she felt the changes in the political system in S Africa was fairly new and she would wait a few years more before settling down. I guessed she was about 34 years old. Pure white skin, with a few tiny birth marks on her neck and face. I looked at her, closely and noticed a tattoo just protruding on her right boob, hidden away by the top.

There was another one on her left leg above the shin too…..I noticed. I asked her about them and she said it was a small butterfly on her chest, and a squirrel on the legs. She had them done a few years ago in Pretoria. I smiled and said, maybe I will get to see the butterfly in full, and she said, Hmmmm, you very inquisitive eh. I didn’t comment further. She had nice smooth long legs a bit muscular, and a nice round ass. We talked about her parents and mine and gave her a whole lot of history lesson on India and she filled me in on the Indians in S Africa etc.

I was getting hungry as I had skipped lunch, and suggested we eat something. It was about 7pm already now. We decided to go to a sea food restaurant instead of the lamb curry, and try out the best seafood Durban had to offer. Anne loved a good wine, and we shared a bottle, I let her pick one. She was impressed, by my knowledge of wines and S A culture. The topic moved on to life and relationships, where she said she was unmarried yet and had a big beefy boyfriend, who only ate and drank and fell off to sleep soon after she started having sex, so there was no chemistry. In the old S Africa racial mixing was taboo, and it was always a thrill when the whites started mixing with other races.

I smiled and squeezed her arm, and said yes that’s very important to have chemistry in any relationship. But you also need to check out the geography first, to which she said….yes am doing that right now.

Like I said she was taller than me by at least 4 to 5 inches, and big as in size, I presume a 44 dd, bust and well maintained body, I said to her that I have never had a white girl friend before, which she smiled and said, yes Indian are very attractive and their skin is very smooth, what do they use?? Oils ?? I said yes, a lot of coconut and amla oil on their bodies. I offered her a bottle which I had somewhere in my bags, she happily said yes, she would like it, but said, she would love a good massage with it. She was a blonde, with long hair upto her shoulders. Made into a bun on top. Wore red lipstick, and that YSL perfume I am sure.

I said showing my big hands and soft fingers….I held her hands to prove the point, and said, I would love to do that ….anytime….I kissed her lightly on her lips, and took in the smell of the wine….she held the kiss for a few seconds and then gave me a squeeze on my arm. Then she said, that’s very exciting, let s try it tonight after the meal?? ….I was a bit surprised at that forward move of hers, but kept my cool, as my hormones were at work again, down below. I stirred shifted a bit on my chair, she noticed that, and smiled and put a hand on my lap, squeezed it and said……yes…..??? I winked at her and nodded…..knowing it was game on…I told her I was feeling very charged up, and she giggled and said mmmm.

I told her that it was not ideal to get an oil massage after a meal, so tomorrow morning would be the best time…..she agreed with me, and said ok, then tonite we will just hang out and have fun. I wanted to talk more with her, and she said, hey the beach is just across the road, can we take a walk ??

I thought it would be fun, so we paid the bill and walked across, to the pathway across, that led along the beach. The moon was out and the air was a bit cool, v pleasant for a December night. Anne was loving the sound of the waves crashing on the shore….I held her by the waist, and hugged her, smelled her perfume…..and her big boobs came and rested on my chest…..Ummm…….I said….Nice…..I kissed her on the lips a lingering long one….she was a great kisser, and played with my tongue….and then it was lip on lip very hard kissing….ohhh……my first time with a white woman….I always wanted to taste that…..I stopped walking and held her close body on body, like I said my face would reach her boobs easily as she was taller… arms went round her bums and I squeezed hard, she came forward and held me close, I felt a stirring and my hard cock was doing his best to tell me he wanted more, I let him feel the front of Annes crotch. Anne put a hand and felt me, over the trousers…..ummmm……she said, you are big….and kissed me harder. She said, darling…..I want you to make love to me tonight, forget the massage…we should go to the hotel now….I got up from kissing for a breath of air, and said, yes …..I want you too….and he wants you too….pointing out to my cock.

She giggled….and squeezed my bums and let her trailing hands feel my cock, over the trousers….ohhh, she was a tease…….We drove to the hotel as quickly as we could…..I said my place or yours…..she laughed and said yours…..

We entered the room, and she excused herself to freshen up, I waited by the window watching the ocean, and kicked my shoes away. I took in a deep breath and spread my arms wide holding the window and stretched letting go of the tension. I turned around as she came out of the bathroom, and that’s when I got the biggest surprise of my life. Now I have seen women, and more women, in my life, but in that dim light of the room, I saw what we call magic….and sheer wonderful magic….she came out in a light pink lace bra and matching underwear….ohh….what a great sight, Taj Mahal……..on full moon night.

Anne was looking like a million bucks, she walked slowly towards me, with a naughty smile and stopped a few feet in front, I was admiring her body, and she let me do that….few seconds passed…..I went from her 44 dd boobs hidden inside the bra, asking to be taken out… her stomach…..navel….I noticed a small ring pierced…sexy…..she had long legs and shapely too, the panty clung to her, nicely…..I saw a hint of pubic hair behind it…ohhh what a great sight. My cock was fully erect by now, and I put one hand on him, to tame him. She saw me do that and came forward, she reached out and placed her palm on him……moved her fingers up and down.

I held her hand with mine, I pulled her closer to me, and took in a big breath of air as her big boobs came closer. I smelled the fragrance of the perfume there…..I kissed her neck on the side, slowly moving my lips around there, towards the base of the neck, now those beautiful boobs were all mine, to explore. I slowly unhooked her bra from the back. She let me do all this and was just watching me with that naughty smile. The bra was off, and out popped the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. Large , firm and perk…..real ones no implants I could see……the pink nipples were firm, and pointing at me, as if to say….lick me…..I obliged by sucking in one on the right, she gasped and purred like a cat. I had my hands on them now, she let me play with them a while, and offered me the left one which I took in mouth gladly…..ohhh……this is heaven, I tell you real heaven……

I had both my hands on them, holding them caressing them, flicking the nipples with my fingers, she was moaning with pleasure now, and pushed her boobs further in my mouth. They were big and I had a mouthful… she leaned down and kissed me full on the lips, slowly moving her tongue around in my mouth, and bit me a bit on my lips, I kissed her back, and bit her lip too, and she moved away a bit and her lower lip left the kiss last. It made a sound…like a smooch……hmmm…..I ran my tongue along the side of her face and shoved it inside her ears, she groaned with pleasure at this and offered me her left ear, I did the same. Now she had her hands up holding my face, and I had my hands on hers too, I moved her towards the wall, and pressed her back to the wall. With her hands held high I slowly kissed her boobs body and stomach, stopped to flick my tongue over her navel and the ring….she squirmed in pleasure…her hands were holding my head now, guiding me around her body, and I saw that she wanted me to kiss her navel more and more. She offered her fingers to me,one by one, I kissed them slowly making sounds she loved….that.

I placed my fingers in her mouth and she too loved licking my fingers…..ohhh this is great…..i said to her, in response she took my palm and placed it on one of her boobs, and told me to press as hard as I could. I am a strong guy, and I squeezed hard as I could, she moaned out loud and said, the other one too…..I obliged……hard big boobs being squeezed……oh……this was nice. I massaged them for some time, and then again I took the nipples in my mouth…she loved that.

Now she ripped open my t shirt I saw a couple of buttons fall off, I didn’t care….next she had my belt off, now lowered my zip and took out my now fully erect cock……….she looked at him for a few seconds…..and said wow Indian cock, for the first time….ohhh……dark skinned too……..I was fully erect abt 8 inch now, and she smiled at the size…

One long kiss she planted on him, with her mouth, and then she flicked him with her tongue, played with him, few seconds.

She let go, stood away for a few seconds, next thing she removed the bed-covers and placed it on the carpet, and a couple of pillows too…..she lowered herself on the floor and removed her panties, with her legs up in the air…..I took off my pants fully…..I saw the beautiful bit of pubic hair, golden brown nicely trimmed on her pussy. She opened her legs wide……let me devour the sight of her pussy, and said, darling, come I want you to fuck me now now…..bold statement, said so nicely and with authority.

I was ready for all action now. I saw she was wet a bit from the foreplay we had, and bent down in front of her, I kissed her pussy slowly and inserted a finger and my tongue in it, she moaned with pleasure, again asked me to fuck her……..I played with her clit, a bit and saw that she was fully wet now, I lifted her legs up to the sky she was tall and had long legs, and I inserted my 8 inch cock slowly inside her, her legs were on my shoulders and my hands were on her body holding her boobs. I went in slowly inch by inch she loved it, she didn’t make any move….I went in again… I was fully inside her…

I stopped to see her face. Her eyes were closed, and I could feel she was deep in pleasure mode……I moved out , and in , out and in slowly, she groaned with pleasure, I moved faster now, faster in out in out… she responded by thrusting outwards to my every move…….this was real pleasure……I moved faster and faster……in out…..then I stopped……..moved slowly again in out, in out. Slow strokes I gave her, then picked up speed…..faster now, faster….in out in out…..

I was making slop slop sounds as she was completely wet….inside……and she was loving this, I increased speed and went in fully upto her stomach, she told me that later, she could feel me inside her stomach… mouth was on her big big boobs sucking them as I went in and let go as I stroked out, man this was real heaven…..and she was making loud sounds….ooohh…..yesss…..uhhhhh……ouch…..hmmmmmm…..she shouted…..I kissed her hard to keep her from making more sounds..she wouldn’t have that, she screamed……again, more deeper…deeper…..faster….ohhhh……I was approaching my peak now, man this was great……she too felt herself peaking, and said to me, lets cum together……yesss….I said…lets come together….she arched her hips up and let me know she was a few seconds away……

I too wanted to time myself……we both felt the jerking…..and then it happened…..she lurched out ohhhhhhhhh…..ahhhhhh……I am coming….she screamed……….I was almost there, and suddenly reached my peak…….oooooooohhhhhh…..ahhhhhhhh……yesssss…….me tooooo…..ohhhhh….we both screamed…..and I could feel the hot cum inside her, she too felt the squirts form my dick inside her hitting her….she moaned and I moaned with her….we both came like a steam engine letting go…..It went on for a few more seconds, until I was completely dry……she moved her hips back and forth, getting every drop inside her.

I lay on top of her spent fully and finished, like I had run a 100 miles……oh man….this was the greatest fuck in my life, and I looked at her, she was smiling with her eyes closed, and I bit her nipple ….she jumped opened her eyes and kissed my forehead….said honey….that was awesome…never felt this thrill before….you Indians are great fuckers…….I want more……..

Do you folks think I could last again…….with her……well I will leave that your imagination……until my next posting…….cheers……..cum again