Sex With My Cute Neighbour


To all the readers of iss, this is Shaaz from Hyderabad. Now I am working in Chennai. I have good hand in gentle massage for relaxing. I have just started reading the stories of iss. I am 29 years old guy, married and I have kids, they stayed back in Hyderabad, am staying alone here. I am average built and average looks.

This thing happened just a few months ago. There is a woman in our neighborhood her name is XXX (I don’t want to use her name here because of my commitment) and she is not that much beautiful but the she has a great vital stats 38, 28, 36. Her boobs are quite large and firm and always inviting to suck them. Her big round ass, when she walks is just extraordinary. Her husband work in one private firm and he used to go to office by morning 8:00 am and will return by 6:00 or 7:00 pm, I am working in night shift, they use to take my help, for some or the other thing, ( paying bills, going out with her son and daughter, etc).

I always have lust to suck her boobs and fuck her, but I didnt get chance until one fine day, I planned and try to seduce her, so gather my courage and went to her flat pretending like I felt down in bathroom and I got hurt internally in my back, and looking for some pain relief spray, I knock her door and she invite me in and I asked her if she has any pain relief spray and started telling her all cooked up stories, she said that she dont have the spray, but the ointment, I took that and start walking towards door.

She asked me to wait and she took that from my hand and she said that she will apply, but I told her that here if someone will come. Then what they will think? I told her that I will manage and came to my flat and after 5 minute, I started cursing myself, then I heard someone knocking my door very slowly, I am surprise to see her. I asked her to come in that time I was only in my 3/4 shorts. She said that she will apply now.

I told her that this pain needs some massage, as I have the knowledge about it, then she said that she will do it. I said ok and I was feeling happy that time, and I laid on mat, she slowing put some move on my back and started slowly massaging (Move doesnt need any massage). I felt light burning sensation due to that move ointment cream. Then I start advising her how to move the hand and how to use her figure while massaging, I took her hand start showing her slowly and she was trying to do the same, but not exactly.

I told wait I will show you and I asked her to sit properly, she said not now some time later, but any how I convinced her and I started explaining her how to do head massage, (because I want her to feel from top to toe) then asked her to sit in the mat (I was sitting on chair) and I took her hair pin and band and started massaging her skull very slowly, putting my fingers across her hairs, and occasionally pressing the skull. It gave her a feeling of much relaxation.

I massaged the whole skull for 10 min then I slowly came down to her shoulders and started slowly massaging them for 5 more minutes, she was in a cotton nighty, (nighty with zipper in front). Then I massaged her neck and her upper hands. She closed her eyes and enjoying, I believed the feeling of my warm hands on her skin (above nighty) was providing electric shocks and a very different sensation, which she had not felt before.

Then I slowly started massaging her neck and I tried to open the zip and I slowly drag down to 1/2 inch and again started massaging her shoulder and upper arms above nighty, and I saw no reaction from her, so, slowly I open her zipper completely down and I parted the nighty and she is in a white bra, and now I slowly started massaging her shoulder skin, and slowly started on her throat and I touch her cleavage and start moving my figures on her breast over bra and I praised her boobs.

I asked her if it is possible to takeoff the nighty, which she did not answer, I asked her twice and with no reply from her, I slowly pull her hairs towards me and whisper in her ears “mam may I remove ur nighty. She had no answer still, but stood up before me and took a deep yawn, I pull down her nighty to till her waist and then completely, now she is in white bra and petticoat only and I asked her to come to the bed.

I had olive oil and I asked her to lay on her front in the bed (back exposed to me). I open her bra and remove it completely but I don’t see her nipples yet and started pouring oil on her back and started slowly massaging the whole back, shoulder and especially the spinal cord with two fingers. I realized that she felt relaxed and she is enjoying my touching my hands on her body, it passed currents in her body. I did this for about 20 minutes and then asked her to remove her petticoat to expose her legs and to massage them, but there is no reply as she do not want to speak anything; only enjoying every move of mine and every single touch of my palm.

Then started massaging her toes put oil and rub them and then came to massage the calf muscles which was quite relaxing and her eyes were closed in relaxation. I realized that she felt sensation when I moved up to her thighs and put oil and massage them. I covered her boobs with a towel and started rubbing her thighs and slowly pushing both her legs apart. I was standing on the bed and she was sleeping on the side of the bed. I then run my fingers slowly around her pussy lips from up to down and that was a killing sensation for her and for the first time she was moaning in pleasure.

I sensed it and put lots of concentrations in rubbing the areas around that area, an electric shock was passing through her spine through her boobs and clit, at this stage she have started becoming restless and her eyes were closed, hands were restless, it was catching the bed sheet. I immediately uplifted her hips and pull the petticoat down to remove it completely. She fully cooperates because she needed my hands down there on her clit, and unknowingly her fingers reached there. I immediately pull out my dick (which is very warm, almost 8 inch, red tip, with fat and live veins).

I asked her to hold this in her hand and I have started playing with her pussy now, parting the pussy lips, and rubbing the clit slowly, she is fully wet down there and fluid was flowing inside her vagina, I slipped my middle finger inside. Ammmmmaaa she cried and then I started fucking her with my fingers, till her body crammed and she cried in pleasure her whole inside walls of her vagina was pulsating and her hand was masturbating my cock and engulfed it in her mouth. I takeoff my finger and put my tongue into her pussy to start licking, her pulsation feeling remained for another 5 minutes or so. Till she gets another wave of pleasure out of the feeling of mine tongue in her vagina and got a second orgasm.

Then started with her boobs, I am pressing them, squeezing them and playing with them and she really enjoying all these and I started sucking the nipples like baby, she kissed mine forehead which I loved it. I was sucking one breast at a time while squeezing the other with my hand. My other hand went to her ass and I pressed her buttocks and she moaned with pleasure. Her boobs were so tasty and delicious, she put her hand over my head and pull it towards her boobs and told me to suck them hard. Her nipples were dark in color and were very big and erect and inviting to suck them. They were so lovely.

After being satisfied of sucking her large boobs, she feeling the heat again and this time I used my tongue to lick her nipple, and then went down to lick her naval region. This drive her crazy and her erotic sensation built up again, I went down to lick her pussy and this time I parted her legs and virtually chew her clitoris and pussy lips, my whole mouth between her two thighs and tongue inserted into her pussy hole. She got another wave of current and while licking, I pressed her boobs so erotically that she started moaning aaaaaaaaa ufffff and she started speaking in Tamil, moaned to extent to get another orgasm. She got tire but I am didn’t stop.

She then slowly moved her hands to pull my short and dragged me towards her. She hold my sexy cock and start playing and then took it inside her mouth and start sucking like a lollypop and lick like an ice-cream and then she took it in her mouth again and began to suck it very hard. I had lost my control. This was the feeling I was having for the first time in my life and my goodness; I was out of the world. She started to suck it very hard and giving me a good blowjob. This went for another 20mins. And I could not hold anymore and I told her that I am coming, hearing this she increased her speed and I came all over her mouth and she drank all of my cum.

After that she licks again even a single drop and asked me to piss in her mouth once as she want to drink, I did, she drank completely and she sucking my cock, I got great pleasure. While my hands still busy in massaging her boobs.

Then I asked her can I put my dick in her pussy, she said yes, I lied on her opened her legs and started rubbing the tip of my cock in her clit and rubbed it till she get a blasting orgasm this time. When she gets the orgasm, I slowly inserted my cock inside her. Oh my god what a feeling… I started pushing hard in her pussy, she was shouting, “ooooooooooooooohhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck me, I started thrusting in and out of her pussy. It was the wonderful feeling. I was out of the world. She was moaning like anything. She kept on shouting,” I love you, fuck me hard and make me your bitch,” then she cummed and I could feel her cum on my cock and we both of us were in paradise.

I told her that if there is any paradise on earth, then it is here in your hole and I too love you. With that I increased my speed of thrusting and it was never before feeling. I fucked her as if there is no tomorrow. When I was just about to cum, I told her, she said cum inside me and I filled her pussy with my hot semen. I slept over her 20 minute more to kiss her all over body and massaging her shoulder. I squeezed her boobs and kissed them also.

Then after resting for some time I fucked her again, she woke up and went to bathroom to wash up, because her daughter will be returning from school, she dressed up and asked me how about your pain and she smiled and hugged me and once again she took my dick in her mouth for 5 min and went to her flat.

After that I have fucked her more times and I will do her complete body massage and I fucked her ass.

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