Me, My Neighbor Aunty And Maid Part 1

Hi all, I am Nithin from kerala and I am 24 yrs of age. I am an ardent fan of Indian Sex Stories from past 8 years and I have read almost all the stories posted here. I love aunty and maid stories the most. I am here to narrate one of my fantasies as I am one among those unlucky guys who couldn’t get laid till now. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes. So coming to the story, as I said, this is purely my fantasy. So please enjoy and also be free to criticize me if there are any mistakes. You can contact me at [email protected]

This story is about me, my neighbor aunty and their maid. The first heroin is the aunty who is residing beside our house for a while. Her name is geetha aged 39, a typical south Indian lady, that is a bit on the fatter side but that makes her sexy with right amount of curves and gives hard on for any guy who passes by her. Highlight of her body is that, she had huge breasts and I am lover of her huge boobs. I have been thinking about her and masturbating from the age of 15. Her husband works in gulf and he comes for vacation only for a month in a year. So usually she calls only me for any help. Likewise, one day she called me to take her for shopping and after that she also asked me if we can go for a movie as she is bored being all alone, as her only son is studying in Bangalore. So we went for a horror movie Annabelle. So, this movie was actually a turning point in our relation. The movie started and after a while when horror sequence started, she came close to me and she held my hand very tightly. Then she closed her eyes and lied on my shoulder. After the movie she realized that something is wrong and said sorry for her behavior and we left for our house.

Actually I was enjoying this because her boobs were pressed to my hands while she was lying on my shoulder. It was a great feeling and I had an instant hard on. So immediately after reaching her home, I didnt think about anything,asked her that I wanted to go to bathroom and I masturbated in her bathroom. After this situation, gradually her behavior towards me changed. Usually, she was a little reserved type as she would wear her dress properly and won’t talk to me too much. But now things changed. She often calls me to her home to have a chat, started to wear deep neck maxis and blouses inside home when I was at home. She now sits close to me, even touches my thighs, cheeks and all. All this while, I will be suffering to hide my hard on, which has become so often.

One day she found me ogling at her cleavage. She stared at me for that, for a while and gave me a naughty smile. I got a green signal from her, but I was very afraid to proceed. So as usual, I went to her home one day and at that time she was about to take bath. So she asked me to wait for a while and watch TV. After some time, I heard a huge sound of her falling from her bathroom and shouting. Luckily her bathroom door was not locked, so I quickly moved into the bathroom to check on her and there she was lying on the floor naked. I was shocked by seeing that sight. So grabbing my opportunity, I lifted her naked and slowly took her to her bedroom. I made her lie on her bed.  She was crying with pain as her back was hurt. So I took a pain relief balm and started to apply to her back. After some time, she stopped crying from pain and started to moan with pleasure. She then took my hand and kept on her boobs and started to make me press her boobs. Then she slowly moved her hands to my rock hard cock and started to press. I was on cloud nine. So I quickly removed my dress and joined her in bed.

We started to smooch like there was no tomorrow because it was that much wild and she even bit my lips in pleasure. So while smooching I started to move my hands all over her body and found her hot and sexy pussy. It was neatly trimmed and was really wet. I inserted two fingers into her pussy at that time and it was so hot inside. She gave a very sexy and deep moan. Then she took my cock for giving blowjob at that time and she said that my cock is slightly bigger than her husband’s. Then we did a 69 position oral sex. I tongued deep into her pussy, made her cum three times and my face was covered with her cum. I liked the taste of her pussy so much. She also made me to cum in no time and she drank my cum. Then we smooched again and tasted each other’s cum. After that, while smooching she sat on my lap and started to ride me. She was so excited that she was riding with great force and I can feel my cock getting deep inside her. It was such a great feeling to be inside a pussy and I loved it. Then she lied on the bed and I started to do missionary. I was pounding and pounding her. She was making such beautiful sexy sounds that I really loved that moan. We did this for two-three hours and we slept for a while. After some time when I got up, my sweet sexy angel was still sleeping. So I started to play with her boobs and also pussy. This made her to wake up and we had another round in the bed, one inside the bathroom.

This is the first part of the story, please wait for more interesting and saucy second part. Please give me feedback as this is my first story, it will not be up to your expectations. Email me at [email protected]