Bus Journey Proves Lucky For A Couple

The bus starts. we are excited and there are many reasons to be, the trip ahead of us, because we both love the cool winter chill and because we managed to get the 2 seats in the second last row of the bus. The last row is vacant as it is the middle of the week. They start to play a mundane romantic Telugu movie on the video.Im thankful I have the window seat as I dint want yo watch it, I saw you and your expression said that you werent interested either. We both talk about how quick everything happened and here we are planning our first trip. You are holding my left hand and my right hand is around you on your right shoulder. You are leaning on me. We already wear the two blankets as the AC only added to the chill. A quick glance around and I find everyone else is occupied in the movie.

I look at you in the slight light coming from the gap in the curtain. Your eyes and moist lips in the shimmering light is too much to control. I bend over slowly for a kiss. My lips meet yours and I kiss you. You reciprocate with a slight urgency. I kiss you long and hard. My tongue tries to enter your mouth. Your open invitingly. I am lost in the moment as our tongues meet for the first time. We can.t get enough of each other. I look at the couple in the front seat. Assured that they are still involved in the movie, I slowly move my right hand from over your shoulder to under it. You tense a little but understand my intention. You lift your right hand slightly so I have more access. My hands slowly touch your boobs and linger there. The soft black T-shirt doesnt do much to shield my touch. You shudder and press your hands in.

I slowly cup your boobs enjoying the heat of the moment. your excited breath urges me to go on. Unable to control any longer, I take my hand lower on your hip, this time with the intention of eliminating the thin clothing between me and you. My cold hands go beneath your shirt and touch your bare belly. You shudder, partially due to my cold fingers and partially due to the feel on your bare skin. I teasingly pinch you and you gasp ever so silently on my lips. I slowly move up with only one goal in my mind.

Since the day I have seen them, that has been my only goal! I keep moving up and feel the soft satin your bra. Unable to wait any longer, I slide it up further until your whole right breast is free. I can feel your areola but stay clear of your nipple. I move the tip of my index finger in slow concentric circles around the nipple. The faint light on your face shows the tension wanting me desperately to touch your nipples. I slowly run my index finger on your already erect nipple. I slowly pinch it. I cup your breast while pinching your nipple. Slowly digesting the feel of your breasts, I mentally agree with you remembering the time you said that one hand wouldnt be enough to cup them completely. But thats exactly how I like them !

Making sure the couple in the front seat is still not diverted from the movie, I slowly move the blanket to the side and quickly lift up your shirt. I had to suck those nipples! I see you left breast inviting me. Slowly I bend down and put my tongue on your left breast. I lick your areolas and then make my way to you nipples. Both of us are in heaven when i start to your nipples. I cant get enough of them. While sucking one breast, I pinch the nipple of the other breast from beneath the bra I.

Now unable to control my excitement, while still sucking your left nipple, I slide my left hand under the blanket. I quickly undo the button of your jeans and unzip it halfway. I reach and clutch your pussy area from over your panties. I can sense the heat and warm wetness emanating from it. I slowly move my fingers into your panties.I.m pleasantly surprised, It feels smooth from the recent shaving. I move fingers lower till I start to feel the slit. I let my fingers linger there for a while. You open your legs slightly so I have easier access.

I slowly move my hand down and cover your whole pussy mound feeling the warm wetness. your pussy is tingling with excitement if expectation of what.s to come. I put my index finger and slowly circle the area around mound. I can sense the chill up your spine as you arch backwards. I slowly let my index finger slide along the slit and already feel it slightly dripping. The already wet pussy makes it easy for my finger to slide across. i slightly spread out the slit more and insert my middle finger as well. Your pussy feels so hot and i can almost smell the tangy scent filling my nostrils. I rub the two fingers in slow regulated movements, occasionally switching to a circular flow. I can see the tension on your face as you whisper in my ear desperately to go faster.

I start fingering you briskly with alternate moments of my 2 fingers. I go lower and feel your clit. I briskly stimulate it with my middle finger while my index finger keeps fingering you. You are in seventh heaven as i increase the speed. I can hear your heavy and irregulated breathing. I am thankful for the audio of the movie masking your groans. I run your fingers through my hair. bend down and bite your left nipple. You are almost about cum. I clasp your nipple between my teeth and play with my tongue on your nipple as I increase the speed of my fingers. One clasp at your clit and that gets you off the edge. You start to cum all over my fingers. You start to convulse hard repeatedly making my fingers drip with your cum. You pull my hair in ecstasy and moan! I look at the people in the front thanking the moving bus and the movie for masking your moans completely.

After a while you stop convulsing and rest your head on my shoulder. You correct your clothes. Your have the most satisfying and grateful expression I ever saw on you. We look around and find that no one else was remotely aware what was going on in the second last seat of the bus. They were enjoying the movie while we enjoyed the game ! You start to breathe more evenly now. Your hands hold mine on my lap. You notice that I have a hard on which is made a clear tent on my jeans. I point to it and wink at you. I see a smirk and a faint smile on your face. You look so sexy in the faint light that I can.t help but kiss you. I kiss you long and hard. While kissing you, I take your hand and put it on my boner. You start to feel me on top of my pants. I feel so good and urge you more. I tell you to unzip me. You heed to my request and unzip my jeans. You use your nails and tease me on top of my underwear.

My penis is raring to spring free. You see that I can.t wait any longer free me of my torture. You pull down the underwear and see my penis spring to life. I have never seen it so erect in my life. Seeing it so close range makes you hesitate a little. I kiss you on your lips and pace your hands on my penis again. You find that I.m as wet as you were. You feel it hot and throbbing. You hold it and start to stroke it up and down. You see a bit of precum forming on the tip. You rub it and use your thumb to lubricate it further. I shudder with the pleasure I.m feeling. I move my right hand in its original position under your t shirt and hold your right breast. I play with your nipples while you slowly shag me. I tell you to increase the speed. You do and I.m in heaven. But I still want more.

I touch your lips and point to my penis. You get the idea but seem really hesitant. I whisper to you and encourage you. Even while I.m still whispering, you suddenly bend down and lick it. I.m taken aback by the sudden pleasure of the town of events. You look up at me with a naughty smile on your face. I smile and lay back. You lick along the whole length of my penis from base to tip. I close my eyes in pleasure. You kiss the tip and slowly let your lips part. Your mouth opens wider as you go lower and lower. You engulf as much my penis as possible. And then you slowly make your way up. I indicate you to go quicker as the excruciating pleasure makes me desperate. You don.t heed this time and take your time on this. You take it again in your mouth, this time working your tongue around it in slow moments wreaking havoc and magic at the same time. I silently moan in the sheer ecstasy of the moment. I can.t bear it any longer. I lift your head and gently push it back down. I do it again couple of times to set the rhythm.

You continue the rhythm and I.m on seventh heaven. I can.t stand the wait any more and start to push into you. You see my urgency and increase the speed of your head. I know I can.t hold it back much longer. I remove your head and tell you to use your hands. You hardly stroke it a couple of times more and I explode. I realize I never came so hard in my life. You wipe your hands on my underwear and clean yourself. I never felt so satisfied in my life. I look at you and try to express it. Satisfied I wear my clothes. You lean on my shoulder as we both drift off to sleep as we come in each other.s dreams and think of how this is the start of the most beautiful relationship on our life.