My First Sex Experience At School

Hi friends,  I am Akshay. I am 19 years old. I am an average looking guy. This is my first story so dont mind if there are any mistakes.

This happened to me when i last year. I used to go to school near our village. Its a newly established school hence there are very few students. In our class there are very few students. And sandhya was also in my class. She is an average looking girl. But her boobs im mad of her boobs. Biggggg;roundddddd;and full of pulp; so soft and also her butt sooooo hot…. One will sure masturbate seeing her sexy assets. At the starting of our school we were just friends. I never thought about her in that way. In our leisure time we used to play games. One day i accidentally touched her boobs. They are so soft like cotton. But to my surprise she didnt respond.

Then i grabbed her boobs and pressed it. Our classes started and we went to our classes. In the evening when the school was over she came to me and asked why i did like that. I acted that i dont know what she is talking about. She asked me why i touched her. I said it was just an accident.

Then we went to our homes . I was unable to sleep. I masturbated thinking of her. In the next morning. She came and sit beside me . Pressing her boobs towards me i was unable to control my self and kept my hands on her thighs and rubbed it later i slowly grabbed her boobs and pressed it. She didnt say anything. The thing continued for many days.

One day she invited me to her home. I was very excited because she told me that no one was at her home. As we reached her home. We went inside. She said she will change her dress and went to bedroom. And she wear a salwar. In which she is looking damn sexy. Her boobs are very tight. My tool hardened seeing her boobs and was penetrating out from underwear. I slowly went to her and grabbed her boobs from behind and started to press it hard. Early she didnt react later she started moaning like “ahh… hmmm… akshay…. shhh…. ahhh… hmmmmm… ahhhh ………………..which made me hornier than ever.

Now i turned her and stated to suck her boobs. She was moaning like hell. She grabbed my hair and started to press my face into her boobs. Then i kissed her on lips. Now i started removing her clothes and started sucking her nude boobs.

Then i placed my hand on her pussy. And started rubbing it. After sucking the boobs. I removed her pant and also mine. I think its not first time to her. I started licking her pussy. I gave up really because i didnt like to suck pussy at that time not now. Then she started giving strokes to my dick.

Then she took my penis in her mouth and sucked it. She sucked it like that for a few minutes .then we went to bed room she laid on bed and spread her legs wide apart it was like inviting the beast for the feast. I went between her legs and kept her legs on my shoulder.

Then i directed my dick towards her pussy and pushed hard. It didnt enter and she she cried loudly and asked me to stop. But i didnt i pushed a couple of times and my dick entered fully. She was crying like hell so i stopped for some time. Slowly her pain gone. And i started pumping she was moaning like” ahhhhh…… ahhh… hmmm.. . Fuck me harder …….. ahhh…………..(her moaning made me mad. Of course any boy can be mad) I gathered my speed and fucked her.

After sometime when i was about to cum i removed my penis out. I thought of spilling it in floor but she kept my penis in her mouth and started sucking i came and she dranked it. As its not the first time for her. Then  laid On bed for some time . Then again she started sucking my dick. And i was ready for another round but i want to fuck her ass. I told her about she didnt object . I bend her in doggy position and inserted my finger in her ass. After that i inserted two of my fingers.

Then slowly i placed my dick on her ass and pushed inside. It was hard to get inside and she was crying in pain. So i took some oil and spilled it on my dick and again tried then it entered and i was fucking her in my favorite position doggy style……………………………………. I fucked her hard after some time i came inside her.we are done for that day then we had sex a couple of times . I know she had relations with other guys but I am the first to fuck her. We dont love each other we just satisfy our lust.

Now my school is over and we are unable to have sex. If any girl or unsatisfied woman want to have sex or sex chat contact me either at my mail or fb my fb username is sirius white and the profile pic is of the joker i mean the one in batman……………………………………………………………………………….may be i can satisfy your lust I am a great lover of sex. I masturbate daily…friends leave your comment at :[email protected]

My First Sex Experience At School