Ultimate Pleasure Given To My Friend

Four years back when i was staying alone, i met a girl named as Kamini, as her name she was also kammuk.. She had a wonderful figure and big ass,, which every one would like to taste it.. We both work in a MNC company in Bangalore and had a 3 days long holiday.

Initially we just speaking about our work and i asked her lets go to my place and have few drinks and food, she agreed and came. Friends i am good cook too so i prepared dinner for her and we had chicken curry that night.

Coming to story .. we were sitting and drinking and suddenly she came near to me and asked for a cigarette, she was so close to me as her big boobs was touching my body and i feel the curve of her and said OMG what a pair of balls u have ,, i wish i could play with them,, she winked the eyes and said its all your when ever u want.. Without wasted our time i just touched them over clothes and felt like anything.. she gave a good moan and voice of asssssshhhh ahahah ahahaha ahahahah ahahhah came from her mouth. i started pressing them hard its 34 in size and i kept on pressing… suddenly power went off and she said wow…

We kissed each other lip to lip for some 10 min and exchanging our saliva.. her lip was so smooth and soft ..now we started removing our clothes as we both were excited and i removed her top and then bra now she was in panty only and siting on my lap.. her boobs was so white which i can see in dark and nipple was in pinkish color ..

Now the real fun started ,, i was licking like a baby …she keep on Moaning aaahhh aahh aahh ahhh ahhh,,, i was pressing hard and licking.. in no matter of time ,, we were on bed and nude…i keep on licking her body and sucking big boobs.. she was moaning like shhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhhhhh. aahhh ahhahaahaha .. come on baby …then she took my 8inch cock and started playing with that and taking in mouth and sucking like a lollypop.. to add more on it i have poured some red wine on it and she was drinking each and every drop of wine.. it made me more hornier and wild … then we started playing in 69 and poring wine on each other body and licking it from there.. it was wonderful experience for both of us.

After continuing for some 10 min in 69 position she said sam i want to get the real fun and i just took her in butterfly position and started giving the pleasure.. the room was full of moaning and voice like ahahah ahhahah ahahhahah ahahahah ahahhah assshshhs ahahhshshsh ahsshhshhs come on baby i am all yours .. take me to the cloud 9 …i was licking her pussy and the smell made me crazy..

I told her be ready for the fun and to reach on cloud 9 .. i entered my cock in her pussy and her mouth was wide open and it pained for a time been and when i started pumping the pain came down.. both were going crazy and making lots of voice as ahahahahahahhah ahahah assshhhs ahhhahshshh ya baby yayaa baby .. come on baby .. show me your animal and we keep on fucking for some 20-25 min…

Finally she discharged and lots of fluid was there coming out from her pussy… still i want to get some more so i asked her to be in doggy style i licked her asshole and put some saliva on it and in 2 shots monster was in .. she shouted like anything and later she enjoyed ….. i was fucking her like mad and she was jumping on bed… i pulled her hair and ride her like a horse … which she was enjoying… i asked her to come on cock and i will take you to the moon and she jumped on my cock and facing each other i was pressing her boobs and she was jumping on cock.. after 5 min i was feeling we both are cumming .. as i was using condom so left everything there and finally she came to chest and got down there.. for few min she was silent and said it was an awesome ride to moon… and started playing with my hairy chest…

After some time we continued the drink and slept nude … in morning we had a session in our bathroom under shower.. as she got up early and was in washroom i asked to come there she was totally nude and i just stand there side by side and kissing her over body .. licking her body and arm pits… she got on floor and i licked her whole body under shower .. she started playing with my cock and i was licking her pussy … asss.. fingering her pussy and ass on timely manner.. she opened her legs and i got the green check to enter .. she said i wanna cum like last night and fuck me like anything.. fucking under water is so nice.. you will know once you do it…..

Since we had 3 days of holiday so, we kept on enjoying each other on different different pose and style .. sometime on bed ,, wall, bean bag,, on table, in kitchen,, and the one which i loved was in bathroom under shower..

As this is my first story and i am not a writer so please forgive me for any mistake.. you will see soon my next story with a married women how we enjoyed in a hall.. till then take care stay blessed..

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Ultimate Pleasure Given To My Friend