Sneha My Neighbor And Boss Part 1

I am Rohit and this is my second story on ISS . I am from Delhi, well built and my dick size is 7 inches in length and 3 inches in width.

Now coming to the story the heroine of the story is my neighbor and later in the story my boss Sneha. She is divorced from her husband and looks like an angel. Her stats are those of a real sex goddess 38-32-38. She used to come to my daily and talk to my mom about various dishes as her cooking was not good. Since that time I was a big fan of hers and wanted to fuck her real bad. I used to masturbate thinking about her twice a day.

I am doing CA so I was looking for a company in which I wanted to do my articleship. My mom told me that Sneha is working at a very high post in a very well known firm so I should go and talk to her regarding the articleship. I went to her house and rang the door bell. Sneha opened the door, seeing her my jaws fell to the ground. She was wearing a transparent saree with low cut blouse and also she wore that saree very much below her navel. I could easily see her cleavage and navel which made my dick really erect .

Sneha-Rohit what are u looking at??(Naughtily smiling)

ME-nothing nothing I want to talk to u abut something??( Avoiding eye contact)

Sneha then invited me into her house. I was walking behind her and the way her ass was jiggling I wanted to get hold of her ass and fuck her then and there.

Sneha- So what did you want to talk about??

ME- I wanted to do articleship from your firm as it is very well known.

Sneha- Okay then let me interview you.

ME(I was a bit shocked but then calmed myself)-OKAY

Sneha-So do you have a gf??

ME(Confused)-No, I broke up with her a month ago.

Sneha-So have u ever had sex with anyone ??

ME-Yes I had an affair with someone and also had sex with her.

In my mind I was getting scared what if she told my mom about this .So I asked her ,”Are u gonna tell about this to my mom??”.Sneha replied,”No whatever we talk about here will stay between you and me only.”.

Sneha- What is this size of ur dick??

ME- 7inch in length and 3inch in width.

Hearing this she got shocked and her jaw dropped to the floor. I now knew that she must be sexually unsatisfied as she is divorced and also hearing about my dick size she must be really horny now. So I gathered some courage and said ,”Now that you know my secrets I also need to ask some private questions about u “.She said,”Okay go ahead”.

ME-So how many people have u had sex with other than your husband??

Sneha-I have had 6-8 one nights stand so I have had quite my share of dick other than my husbands.

Hearing the word dick from her mouth made my dick erect like a tent and the bulge was quite visible . Sneha kept on staring at my dick.

ME-What are your stats??

Sneha(giving a naughty smile)-Someone has all grown up now. My Stats are 38-32-38.Wanna check them out.

She then stood up came near me and started posing like a model. She bent towards me and her breast were few centimeters away from my face . I could feel her breath on my face . Then she turned around sticked her ass out and just sat on my lap for a few seconds. I was in heaven at that time my dick was out of control, I was breathing heavily . She then stood up from my lap sat on her sofa and started laughing seeing my face all red. I then said I wanted to use the washroom and went to the toilet.

In the toilet I found some bra and panties of her.I took her panty and brought it close to my nose and smelled it. It smelled so erotic , I could imagine her pussy just by smelling her panty.

I took my cock out at once and wrapped the panty around the cock and started masturbating. I sprayed my cum on the panty and came out of the washroom. Sneha was waiting for me in the hall and she said,”What were you doing in the washroom for so long and why are you sweating”.(Smiling naughtily). I said,”I was relieving myself”.Sneha said,”Relieving yourself or relieving your cock by using my panty hahahaha “. I said ,”NO nothing like that “.(Blushing and avoiding eye contact).

Sneha-Okay I will get you the articleship in my company but before joining the company in need you to come to my house everyday for a week.

ME(In my mind I was happy that I will get to see her everyday and will be able to see her sexy navel,cleavage and ass.I was on cloud nine)-WHY??

Sneha- Before you join the company I need to teach you all the work that you have to do in the company so that’s why.

ME(in a sad tone)-Okay.

Sneha-Awwww what were you thinking my naughty boy hahahaha(laughing naughtily)

ME-Na nothing I just thought of something else.(feeling embarrassed)

Sneha-Don’t worry I will teach you everything practically about the office and ME also(She winked at me).

ME(excitedly)-Okay I will be there on time from tomorrow.

Sneha-Okay I will be waiting for you . I will teach you and your tool everything about me.(Smiling naughtily)

ME(excitedly)-What do you mean by my tool??(I winked at her)

Sneha(Smiling naughtily)-By tool I mean your brain . In the office u have to use your brain or you will get fired from the articleship. What tool you thought I was talking about you naughty boy.(winking at me).

ME- nothing nothing(Getting embarrassed).

I then went home in the night and masturbated imagining about Sneha’s big sexy breast and her round firm ass . I masturbated three times imagining my sex goddess Sneha.

That’s the end of first part of the story I will be back with the second part soon. Any unsatisfied aunties or married women in Delhi contact me at [email protected] and please give me your feedback on the story also.

Sneha My Neighbor And Boss Part 1