Sex With Husbands Friend Part 2

Hi guys , after an amazing response from my previous story “Sex with my husbands friend” , I am back with another hot story on public demand . But before that I want to thank you all for the emails and positive feed back you gave me . That encouraged me to share another experience with you. This story is a continuation of the first one.

After having a night full of organisms we both woke up with the bright rays of the sun falling on our naked bodies. He held my face in both his hands and kissed me on my forehead and said that I am very beautiful and he wished that I had married him instead of his friend who has no value for his gorgeous wife. He then continued to say that he has had the best night of his life ,I blushed and said likewise. His dick was hard and grabbed my head and routed it to wards it. I was excited for the morning sex session I was about to have.

I started giving him head with complete passion. My eyes were closed , I had both my beautiful hands with finger nails painted hot pink, wrapped around his cock and I was sucking it. I pulled the skin down and licked the head , the most sensitive part of the dick as you all know . I could hear him moan, then I grabbed his balls and started massaging them softly while sucking his cock with the same passion as before. He had his hands thrown behind his head and was very relaxed watching this sexy chick giving him the best blow job ever. His dick was shining in the sunlight with my salaiva and his pre cum. Ohhhh what an amazing combination!

Then I lifted my head off his monster and crawled onto his chest, I whispered in his ears ” relax baby, I want you to have the best morning ever” he smiled! Then I started licking his ear lobes and slowly came to his neck and then shoulder to chest, moved to the other ear and repeated the action.

Then I started kissing his face and moved to his chest and then stomach, licked him all over his stomach and reached his cock , while stroking it, I was licking the side of his thighs and by now he could not take it any more so he grabbed my hair and put me back on his cock! And made me suck him. I kept sucking and sucking while massaging his balls gently. He was moaning very loudly and so was I while doing my job! His hands reached my nipples and began squeezing them, I was getting so hot that I started stroking my own pussy while sucking him! And there came a storm of hot cum into my mouth, I swallowed every drop of it while I was rubbing my pussy!

As soon as he came his cock was throbbing , I immediately inserted it into my pussy and then grabbed his ass. With my pussy hot and full of pre cum, his dick started getting hard again and he started stroking my pussy with it. And sooner than I could realise I came with him inside me.. And then I pushed his cock deep inside me by pressing his ass very hard . He could feel my pussy throb and was loving that feeling. While doing this we kissed very passionately ..

Then he carried me to the shower and on his way he said I should either divorce my workaholic husband or just have an extra marital affair with my husbands best friend! I laughed and we entered the shower. He took some soap in his hands and started rubbing it on my body, he started massaging me right from shoulder to breast to ass to legs, then it was my turn to apply soap on his body which I did with full pleasure , I gave special attention to my favourite part of his body any guesses! Well ! I rubbed his cock and then we rinsed our selves..

Then he stared sucking my wet nipples, I was moaning and stroking his dick with my hands. He turned me around in the shower cubicle and lifted my ass and started fucking me doggy style with his hands on my ass. While he was drilling his 7 inch tool inside my asshole , my 36 inch boobs were dangling and shaking . He enjoyed seeing my tits hang in the air and shake . I was moaning for more as I did not want him to stop. He kept fucking me in that position for ten minutes and then took out his dick and turned me around .

He lifted me off the ground and made me sit on his cock while he was standing and upon doing so he started bouncing me up and down in his dick. I wrapped my legs around his ass and my hands were around his back . We were having the time of our lives. We both were reaching our climax together , and there was a loud moan from the two of us and we came into each other. I hugged him tight as I was cumming and he did the same .

We shared the most awesome moment a couple shared. Unfortunately it was not with my husband but his friend instead . He pulled out and we kissed while the shower was still on. Then he grabbed two towels and wrapped me in one and him self in the other. He then carried me onto the bed and let me lye down while he got dressed to go to office , he said that he would love to come back soon from work and we should go for a drive after dinner. I smiled and said I will wait for him and he should come back soon.

In my next story I shall tell you what happened when we went for a drive and how he banged me in the middle of a forest against a tree. Stay tuned ! I hope I was able to make you all cum! Take Care , Happy Fucking!

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