Lonavala Calling : The Malvika Diaries Part 2

Hi readers! I hope you all are doing well. This is Malvika Kapoor with the second and the final part of the story “Lonavala Calling”. So close your room, open your pants, take your dick out, read the story, feel me and do what you are best at. Read the first part for better understanding!

We reached the suite he booked. I was a little exhausted of all the sexual tension that existed in the car journey. Imagine we only had oral sex and we were tired. The tiredness was because of the anticipation of what would he do next. We decided to rest for a while and I stripped myself to the thong he had gifted me. And he stripped down to his undies. His eyes were fixed on me and I like a ramp model displayed every portion of my body to him. I did a 360 turn and winked at him and laughed and he just couldn’t stop smiling. I could see his cock also getting erect and wherever it found space in the undies it started getting bigger and bigger. I could make out the boundaries of his cock. He was huge.

We had teased each other a lot and slowly our emotions changed. We needed an early morning fuck now. At least I wanted it bad. I took small steps towards him making slutty faces that I want him bad and just brushed my lips against his…kissing his face and was about to go down when he grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him and he smooched me. We smooched for long each participating equally. A smooch is awesome when both participate equally. My hands were caressing his back his hair. My boobs were pressing against his chest. The tension was increasing and I pinched Rohit hard on his back and he shouted ‘ouch and broke the kiss. He had a bemused look and I was smiling….

I kissed his chin his neck and started going down…. kissed his nipples bit him there and kissed the outline of his cock over his undies. He moaned and grabbed me by my hair picked me up and threw me on bed. He unhooked my skimpy bra and latched onto it. He kissed me … bit me … sucked my tits. He pressed my one boob and sucked the other. His tongue was sensational. He circled my nipples with his tongue … tweaked the other nipple with his thumb and forefinger and I was moaning like hell had broken loose. He squeezed my boobs… kissed them, adored them and I held his head and tried to shove his head into my tits.

After a few minutes he went down on me and kissed my navel and stayed there for a while. He knew how to please a women. He was different from all I have had sex with. He opened my sexy thong with his teeth and I just saw him looking at me. His teeth brushed my pussy while he was opening it and I shuddered. The thong dropped to my ankles and then he with his hands took it and threw it where all my clothes were and started kissing my feet my thighs and kept on teasing me. I told him then ‘Rohit you are a real tease …. I want you bad … just shove your dick and fuck me hard.

He, the usual teaser, continued his teasing and kissed the corners of my pussy and licked the opening. I just held his head and pushed him inside me. Just then the room bell rang for the champagne Rohit had ordered to celebrate our togetherness. He was cute and a really nice boy. He knew how to fuck his girl … he knew how to love his girl … he knew how to care and pamper his girl!! He draped me with a bed sheet and told me not to get up.

He walked in his undies to receive the champagne. His dick was erect and was positioned sideways. He opened the door and in came in the hotel boy. Rohit told him to keep the champagne on table so that he could see me lying in the bed covered with just a sheet and my breasts heaving up and down. A little bemused was he as we were in the hotel not even for an hour and we were already into it. Pity on that boy, he was struggling to stand the view that I was stripped naked with my clothes lying just beside the table and he was trying to steal glances at me.

As soon as he left, I removed the bed sheet and told Rohit “you really know how to tease people. Come now and fuck me” and we shared a laugh. He jumped onto me, stripped himself nude and out came his monster swinging in the air and he slowly placed it in the entrance of my pussy. We were in missionary position and he bent forward and smooched me and began his slow strokes. My pussy was wet with excitement but still because of the girth of his cock it was quite tight. He pressed my boobs hard with his hands and started increasing his pace and stopped me from moaning as he continued his smooching. Soon the pace increased and so did his pleasure giving skills. He broke the smooch and focused on my tits.

His hips were moving fast so I spread my legs wide and placed enclosed his hips with my legs. Now we were interlocked and I was able to swing with his strokes which helped him in penetrating me further. It was a great feeling. His skills were amazing, so was mine. It was like the match was perfect. I grabbed his hair and then his back. I dug my nails deep inside as I moaned of pleasure. I called his name and egged him on to fuck me. We kept on with this for a good 20 minutes. He just didn’t stop … he lowered his pace whenever he was near his climax and he understood whenever I was near my climax as my grip tightened. That was his specialty he could feel my emotions.

I finally told Rohit please make me cum now so he released his hold from my tits and asked me ‘Are you enjoying Mali? ‘Do you like me? Do you like the way I fuck? I searching for breath, ‘I am enjoying like never before ‘I would love to get fucked by you every day. We were in a trance and in hearing this he increased his pace and went for it. His pace increased and my moans did too. He broke loose and was about to cum and took my name ‘Maliiii I am cumming and he did and so did I.

The suite was filled with our moans echoing each others names. A splendid feeling and he rested on my side and we looked at each other. My breasts were going up and down and he put his hand on my left boob and pressed it and said ‘Every inch of it is perfect ‘You are heavenly and having sex with you is a dream being lived. I smiled and told him let’s take a bath and sleep a little as we were awake the last night. He took me in his lap and put on the shower. We embraced each other … hugged each other. We smooched for some time with my hands all over his back, his neck, his ass and his hands were all over my ass. He was fascinated by my ass. He kissed my entire body from head to toe.

He kissed my pussy and licked me again and I shuddered to another climax and turned me the other side and kissed and licked and smooched my ass. I was moaning with pleasure as his acts were making me horny. He just loved my ass and I asked him the reason then … he replied ‘I have never seen up close such a beautiful pair ‘It is because of this I gifted you thongs … It is my dream to see your ass … and I am super attracted to it … he kissed my ass again. I was smiling feeling real proud about the fact. I caught his shoulders and brought him and we smooched again. We wiped ourselves dry and had a few glasses of champagne and went to sleep nude hugging each other.

I woke up around three in the afternoon. He had ordered lunch. We had our lunch and he said “let’s enjoy the sunset”. I was not feeling to get up and dressed and pulled open the curtains and told him “There is your sunset and let’s enjoy it fucking each other. I don’t want to put on a single cloth on my body.”

He then took out for me a black tube top and said ‘Get up darling!! Put on this and show me how you look in this. Now tell me who doesnt like gifts… I was super excited to receive it as I knew that the dress he would choose would be a marvel. Since all my bras had shoulder straps I asked him I can’t wear a bra … out came another gift … it was strapless bra. He gave me three pairs.

I asked him ‘What else is there in that bag of yours?

He smiled and said ‘My heart.

I kissed him hearing this. I put on the dress and was looking super sexy and posed a few times for his click collection. We were all smiles and laughs and watched the sunset.

He did say then ‘ I really liked your idea of watching the sunset from bed and lets do that tomorrow.’ We smooched there and came back to the suite and had a few sips of champagne looking into each other. I really liked the way he looked at me while I was drinking. It was very satisfying for him to see me wearing the dresses he gifted me.


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Lonavala Calling : The Malvika Diaries Part 2