Madhu In Her House Part 1

Hi guys, i am a regular reader of ISS for a long time so finally i am going to share one of my experiences. This incident took place a few years back during my teenage years when i used to be naive but sexually curious. My family including me had to visit our village to attend a wedding of my cousin. I was becoming really bored when suddenly a soft pair of hands covered my eyes from behind.

“Remember me?” a sweet honeyed voice asked.

“Of course, who else can it be ?” i replied.

She let go of my eyes and came forth, my childhood friend and the heroine of the story, Madhu.

She was a typical village belle, elder to me and was a distant relative in some manner. I used to play with her whenever i visited the village when we were kids.

“My-my you have grown up” she said while holding my shoulder, standing in front of me while i was sitting on a chair. In this manner i was accidentally able to view the deeper parts of her cleavage through her top as she was bending a bit. Here i should tell you guys a bit about her physically. She has a very seductive golden skin tone, 55″ with a petite waist and quite ample in the boobs department. And how could i forget, a unique pout which makes me hard even now as i remember how skilled she was in using it. Now back to the story…… Since i knew her for a long time, i didnt heed much attention to it and stood up.

“Come on. I havent met aunty yet ( her mother)” i told her and went to her house. There we talked & laughed and the day came to an end. The wedding was not going to take place for more than a week so i had a lot of time to waste, but little did i knew, this few days were something i would remember for the rest of my life.

The next 2 days went as usual but i was noticing a change in the air. Madhu seemed quite intimate towards me like holding me from behind with her boobs squeezing sweetly on my back and even kissing me once on my cheek when we were talking alone. So on third day i took the initiative of talking about our love life.

“Oh, who would love a poor girl like me” she said

“Who cares? You are so beautiful” i replied

“Oh, am i?”

“Yes, Of course”

She looked at me sexily, biting her lower lip for some time then continued,

“Okay, but what about the villager? What will they say when a young girl like me is hanging out with another guy”

“Then you just have to meet secretly”

She waited for a second rubbing her lips together then

“You mean like right now?”

She came a bit closer, her right hand on my left knee as she continued

“Alone in a room…on the bed?”

Now i was feeling a bit awkward. All the situations ideal for the proposed idea matched the room environment. Her mother was busy talking to my mother & others in the neighbourhood and her father was on some business. We were all alone in the dimly lighted room and no one in the house. Then out of no where a few kids burst into the house cheering and Madhu removed her hand and stood up from the bed. Those kids were all relatives here to attend the marriage and were now roaming around everywhere. Madhu started conversing with them and i too joined her.

During the same night all the kids had gathered in front of the TV watching some movie and Madhu & I were also there on a cot. It was a chilly winter, i had started rubbing my hands when Madhu offered me the blanket she was covering herself with. I turned her offer down but she forced me saying ” Dont try being like a hero”. So now both of us were covered underneath the blanket, when a romance scene had started on the screen.

Now the kids were laughing while it was embarrassing for myself, but under the blanket was a very different setting. It was really hot. I watched Madhu was blushing a little with rosy cheeks, her eyes fixated on the screen while her hand touching my left inner thigh just an inch away from the tip of my manhood. The scene on TV had changed but it remained the same between Madhu & me. Her soft hand kept pampering my inner thigh while my tip was erecting towards it. Finally i couldnt stand it and told her i was feeling sleepy and started going out.

When i was just outside she called out my name and came near. It was a dark moonless night and no one was outside. The lights from inside her house only covered the steps and the bulb on the verandah was off. She steps inside the darkness with me smiling, slowly lifted her arms and wrapped them around me. We were silent all the while and she started gyrating against my semi-erect cock. Then she spoke the last words “It is HOT!” and broke the embrace.

Then she took my hand and wrote something with the pen she was carrying ,kissed it and walked back inside. I started walking towards my cousins with a fading ultra-erection and the first thing i did was saw my hand. “I love you”. I was dumbstruck.

While i was trying to sleep one of my cousin was playing porn on his phone. It certainly aggravated my mind state with all the things that had happened. After some times my thoughts were clarified and i came to a conclussion. I never had a girlfriend and Madhu although older was really beautiful. So i decided to go along with it and accept her.

The next day i went to her house, her mother was present and doing some errands. Although i was talking to Madhu she was careful in keeping distance between us. After a while her mother went away and Madhu kept her eyes on her mother till she walked passed the verandah and outside the gate across the lawn. Then we started looking each other and she started “So?”

I smiled and replied “I love you too”

She was coming towards me when again the kids returned. I sat on her bed when she went out and told them something. Within minutes the kids were going outside and Madhu quickly came back to sit besides me. Suddenly she held my head with both hands, turning it towards her and closed her lips around mine, roughly forcing her tongue inside my mouth. My hands were still on the bed and my eyes were wide open. I totally did not expected this.

I slightly turned my head to the window viewing the lawn thinking what if the kids return? Then i closed my eyes and enjoyed her french kiss ( which was unbelievably my first kiss as well) for a few seconds. She let go of my lips and started smiling. My mind was totally blank.

A few seconds later the kids returned with a casio keyboard that my cousin used to play. I acme to know that Madhu had sent them for it which gave us the time for our lip session. When they started playing with it, I excused myself and started back to my cousins

“Why?What happened?” Madhu asked seductively

“Nothing. Just feeling a bit dizzy”.

She started laughing and joined the kids. All the way, i was still able to feel her lips and her tongue wringling inside my mouth. My head was having these strange sensation i had never had before, almost as if i was drugged. I decided to take a bath and sat under the tap with the water falling straight on my head. After sometime i felt okay and had my lunch as it was noon already.

After lunch i started for my venture again. This time no one was there. I sat on the chair.

“So you okay now?” Madhu asked with a grin

“Yes”i replied “I had never tasted something like that before”

“You are lying” she said playfully “you city boys know everything”

“No i dont”

“Oh really?” she said and came closer.

This time she started straddling me, sitting on my lap and we again started our french kiss. My hardness was now pressing between her pussy fold, with the only barrier between us being our clothes. As she continued the kiss, i decided to experiment a thing. As her juicy tongue was inside my mouth, i started probing my tongue passing hers and pushed it deeper in her mouth. This made her moan a little in my mouth which encouraged me further. I started pushing more of my tongue.

Since she was strandling me, my head was a bit lower than hers, so it was easier for my tongue to go almost down her throat. Finally she gasped and we broke the kiss with our tongues sliding each other as they came out. Now she was in a dizzy state but after a few heavy breaths she kissed both of my eyes like a sensitive lover. We kissed for a bit until those kids returned.

Madhu In Her House- Part 1