Neel With House Owners Hot Wife Part 3

Hello all you ISS readers. I am back with another part of my sex escapes. People who have not read my previous stories. I would request you to read them to know about me and how many sex escapes I had already and to understand this entire episode request you guys to read the previous two parst “Neel with house owners hot Wife-1” and “Neel with house owners hot Wife-2”. People who have read my stories and people who wrote to me, thank you all people. Your responses are the actual reason which inspires me to write about all the escapes of my life. Lets get in to the story guys. I will start from where I left in the previous story Neel with house owner’s hot wife-2.

I don’t know how long I slept after my darling left, when I woke up I felt something on my dick. I somehow managed to open my eyes, because I was still feeling a lot sleepy, and saw something black on my stomach. I tried to see it clearly, and then understood that it is hair and suddenly understood some girl is sucking my cock.

I wanted to see her face, but the girl was sucking it so nice that, I was like, fuck looking at her face, let me enjoy this sucking. The girl kept sucking me, but she didn’t turn her face. I felt she is Sunita for an instance, but again fuck all this. Let me enjoy this.

She went on sucking me as hard and fast as possible. Sometimes she rolling her tongue on the tip of the cock and sometimes she was licking the whole cock. She was massaging my balls too while licking and sucking my cock. And she got on top of me and sat on my cock, that’s when I saw her face. And yes, it was Sunita again, she put my dick in her pussy and fucked me again. She fucked me hard and fast and was jumping on my dick. I swiftly rolled her below me on bed and started my fucking. I started giving her long and strong strokes in her pussy.

After almost 10-15 min of fucking her like that I asked her be on her four. She rolled herself without having any idea why I asked her to do so. I started fucking her pussy from behind, and hugged her and keep my figures on her clit and started pinching and playing with her clit. That was making her crazy and she was trying hard not to shout with the crazy feeling she was getting while she fucked, so she pushed her mouth in the pillow. I kept fucking her as slow but strong as possible and played with her clit as hard as possible.

And after almost 45 min we both cummed at the same time. And we lay there for some times after that and I asked her, “Where is uncle?” She replied, “He went out with his friends.” I said, “So we have a lot time together then?” She said, “No, we will come back after some times. He asked me to keep the food prepared for his friends, they are coming for dinner. So, I need to go now.” I asked her, “When can we meet next.” Her reply again shocked me, “Every night, after that black hog sleeps.” I asked her, “What if he wakes up and search for you and don’t find you.” She replied, “Don’t worry, I will take care of that.” I was very happy to hear that. And she left home after that, I let her go to. I too needed a shower and some food as well. So after completing that when I was back home. I switched on the TV and relaxed myself on the bed.

At around 11 o’clock in the night, she called me and said, “Come down, I have surprise for you.” I asked her, “What about uncle and his friend?” She just replied, “Come soon, I am waiting.” And hanged up the call. I didn’t think anything, just locked my door and went down. I tried to knock on the door, but the moment I put the pressure on the door, the opened.

I went inside and saw my sex queen there standing in the hall holding a bed sheet with her one hand just above her boobs. My eyes lit up, and with a smile on face, I asked her, “Where is uncle?” She replied with a sexy smile on her face and walking towards me, “He went to Mumbai.” She kissed on cheeks and went to close the door. I turned to her and asked again, “For how many months?” She laughed at my question and replied, “How many months can you keep fucking me?” I replied, “I can fuck you for years darling.” She said, “He won’t be here for 10days and I want you take leave for these 10 days. Is it possible?” I took my phone, dialed my manager’s phone number and applied for 10 days leave showing some emergency and keep the phone aside and went close to her. I hugged her, kissed her and then started smooching her.

I hold her hand pulled her towards their bedroom and while walking she somehow crossed me and in the process I pulled her bedsheet, which uncovered her nude, slender body, which I gently pushed on the bed and started kissing on. But this time I had something else in my mind. So, I asked her, “Do you have chocolate sauce in the kitchen?” She replied, “Yes.” I said, “Ok, be like this. I am coming.” I quickly went to the kitchen and took the Chocolate Sauce and went back to her. I asked her to lay down on the bed facing up and started pouring the Chocolate sauce on her boobs and stomach and started licking it. I had to lick it hard because I wanted to eat the chocolate as well.

By the time I finished the licking her boobs, she was quite high with her moaning. I too didn’t care about the sound as there was no one in that floor to hear us.

I now started pouring the Chocolate Sauce on her pussy and then kept licking it. I kept doing it for almost 20 min. Which made her go crazy and now she was asking me to fuck her. But I said, “No. Not so soon.” She pleaded me, “Please fuck me. I am dying to have your cock in my hole. Please fuck me.” I replied, “Only in one condition.” She replied, “I am ready to accept any condition, but please fuck me now.” I said, “Ok, My condition is, you will serve me as a servant from now on, and do as I say. You agree to that?” Saying that, I gave her another hard lick on her pussy till her clit.

She moaned hard, “aaaahhh.” I said, “Say, Yes or I will keep torturing you for the whole night like this.” She replied, “Ok, I agree. I agree. I will do as you say.” I said, “Then say, Yes Master, I am your slave and I will follow as you command.” She repeated the whole thing and then said, “Please fuck me now.” I slapped her hard and said, “You fucking slave, say Please Fuck me Master.” She said, “Please fuck me Master.” And then I started fucking her pussy hard and at the same time I was playing with her clit too like always.

I fucked her for 45 min like that and cummed in her pussy and asked her stand keeping her legs wide, so that my cum can come out and I can see that. I then told her, “You remember right, what you promised sometimes back?” She smiled and replied, “Yes Master.” I said, “Good. Always address Master. Now keep my cock in my mouth and sleep near my legs, but remember my cock should not come out of your mouth.” She replied, “As you say Master.”

Then after 5-10 min, I felt like peeing, so I ordered her to get up and walk with me to toilet, she followed and I asked her to sit on the toilet floor like a good dog and open her mouth and ordered her keep her tongue out. She did that and I started peeing in her mouth and then peed on her whole body.

Once I was done, I asked her to suck me clean and then ordered her not to wipe her body and told her to sleep like that on the floor. She obeyed me, followed my order.

This is how the day 1 started. We did many more thing in the coming days, which I will write on the next episodes. Hope you liked it, please write to me on [email protected] if you like the story and leave your comments. It’s your comments that inspire me to write all these again and again. Thank you all. It was not the end of my sex escapades with Sunita. I will let you know the other fucking session, but that depends on response that I get on this story.

Neel With House Owners Hot Wife Part 3