The Covet Chronicles With Malvika Part 1 Prelude

They say life is full of uncertainties. You never know what might happen the very next moment from now and sometimes we get so lost in our past that we just ignore our present and our future. We keep digging into our past more and more, forgetting what a beautiful life we have ahead of us and what amazing opportunities lay in front of us. Well I was in that state of mind too before I started reading Malvika’s stories on ISS. It was like a complete turnaround for me. I never knew that a lady can be so magnificent, so alluring, so outspoken and so beautiful. I have been with several women from all age groups but no one can even come close to how stunning Malvika is.

Hello my fellow readers. This is CJ back again after a long time with yet another sensual series which involves the most famous author on ISS, Malvika Kapoor. Before I go any further, let me tell you that this is a series. Rather a chronicle.

So everything is going to be very well detailed and long. If you are looking for a story which just has sex, please move on. Malvika is the co-author of this series as well and I am really thankful to her for the same. I am sure everyone on here knows who she is but for the ones who don’t, Malvika is one of the most elegant ladies based in Mumbai. She works at HR in a very well reputed MNC over there. She is 38 years old, married with a loving husband and two lovely kids.

Although she is one the most sexually excited and active ladies I have ever come across. And why won’t she be? The lady of her class needs a lot of attention and satisfaction considering the fact that she is at the peak age of her sexual life. About the physical attributes, she is 36D-32-38. And oh does she know how to dress! She has a very classy, elegant and sensual way of dressing. Everyone who has met her will agree to that. The way she carries herself cannot be described in words.

About me, my name is Chetan Jain. Yes I’m going to reveal my identity today and its all thanks to Malvika. I am 24 years old and based in Vadodara but keep travelling to Mumbai very often for business. I have my own business of exports. About my physical self, I am 5’11” with an athletic body and a nice 6 inch tool with a thick head. I’m sure you can imagine the whole thing now.

Coming to the story, I very particularly remember, it was the night of 16th September 2015 when as always I was not getting sleep and just like my usual schedule, I was browsing through the stories on Indian sex stories. That’s when I came across a story titled “Double Trouble – Malvika gets stuck”. I read that story particularly because it was written by a female author, Malvika. I have always loved reading stories written by female authors because they like to share a story and not just jump to the sex part of it. But this was different. I got a feeling of being hooked on to the story as soon as I started reading it. By the time I was done, I had already cum twice and was still going very hard. Malvika had done the magic. The way she had described the whole plot, the characters, her lust for sex and just everything about the whole story, it was truly very sensual!

As soon as I was done with the story, I was very quick to send her a mail appreciating how lovely the story was and how I would be waiting for many more to come. And that’s how the saga started. I searched for all her stories on ISS and started reading them all.

As a matter of fact, I bookmarked them in my browser and still read them very frequently because no story on ISS gets me off the way they do. A lot more stories came from her and I made it a point to read them all and send her the most appreciating feedbacks which I never did to anyone else. Later after sending her an email about her Lonavala Series, she sent me a story which she had not published and I have to say that it was the best one till now! I will not reveal anything about that as she would not appreciate the same.

We exchanged emails for a pretty long time and me being the gentleman that I am, never sent her a message on Hangouts until she approved of it. Finally the day came when she asked me to come on hangouts for a chat. I have no words to describe as to how very pleased I was! I was literally all smiles seeing that message from her. We spoke over there for probably the longest time that I have talked to someone over the messages! We got to know each other well and somehow we connected very well. We had too much in common. Our interests, work backgrounds, likes & dislikes and most of all, our passion for sex. I remember we spoke for almost 3 hours that night and I will say that it was one of the best nights of my life!

For the next few days we spoke a lot to each other. I knew she was a lady who is desired by many but not everyone could have the privilege to even talk to her, forget meeting her. I was indeed very honoured and to this day I thank her for giving me a chance that night. Our talks started getting more and more intimate as the days passed to a point where we desperately wanted to meet each other in person. We had exchanged a lot of pictures and couldn’t wait to get our hands on each other. As I mentioned earlier that I keep travelling to Mumbai very often, we decided that we would meet on a weekend as she would have the next day off and could spend a lot of time with me.

It was 24th October when we decided to meet. It was the perfect Saturday. I landed in Mumbai early in the morning and finished all my business meetings by evening. We had decided that we would meet for dinner at Mezzo Mezzo which is situated at JW Marriott Juhu and then go back to Novotel where I was staying, for a drink or two.

For people who don’t know, Novotel in Juhu has a very beautiful sea facing lounge and is a perfect place to spend some quality time with someone you love. It was a perfect date with the most gorgeous woman I’ve been wanting to be with.

As soon as I got back to the hotel at 7 pm, I rushed to my room and changed into the finest clothes for the evening. I wore a very smart blue Hugo Boss shirt, pair of beige trousers and my ever favourite Bally Drivers. To top it all was my Terre’de Hermes perfume. I was getting ready for the best night of my life. I had to look my best. We were to meet directly at Marriott at 8.30 pm so as soon as I got ready, I rushed down as it was 8 pm already and I don’t like to keep anyone waiting. Called for my car and went to Marriott. I was waiting at my table for Malvika to join me.

While I was waiting, my eyes got fixated on a gorgeous lady who just entered the restaurant. I thought to myself, “Can it be? No ways! That is a Goddess coming through that door!” It was Malvika. She was looking like an actual Goddess who had just grabbed the attention of the whole restaurant as she walked in. She was draped in a beautiful black saree which was hugging her voluptuous body. Her saree was complimented by a stunning set of stilettos and to top it all, she was wearing a very simple yet very elegant diamond necklace. Her face was glowing as if it were a sight of sunrise for everyone around her. Her luscious red lips definitely made the manager stutter when he greeted her.

She looked around for a moment and saw me sitting at the table. We had not seen each other earlier except for in pictures but that one look at each other was enough. We knew this is it. That one moment felt like a decade to both us. As she walked towards me, all eyes were glued to her gorgeous body and my eyes were glued to hers as we didn’t even blink till now. I was truly out of words but immediately regained my senses and as she came closer to the table, I got up and greeted her with a warm hug.

Me: Hello gorgeous. It is so good to finally meet you!

Malvika: Indeed. I have been waiting for months and this feels so good!

We parted and smiled looking at each other. I pulled the chair for her and we sat down to have dinner. All throughout the time we were at the table, we just couldn’t take eyes off each other. It felt heavenly to be with this lady who was nothing less than divine for me at that moment. We were having our dinner and spoke a lot to get to know each other much more than what we already did. Her giggles and her smile was truly heavenly!

Me: So Malvika, how does it feel to finally meet?

Malvika: As I said when you hugged me, very good. I believe we still have a lot of time to ourselves to let you know how it feels!

Saying that she winked at me and there was a wide grin on my face.

Me: Of course. We have the whole weekend in front of us!

Malvika: Whole weekend? I didn’t carry any clothes!

Me: Will you be requiring them at all?

That was the cheekiest statement I could make on a first date with her but I wanted to take my chances and to my luck it worked. She gave me a very wicked look, smiled and stared right into my eyes as if she was going to eat me for dinner that night! We finished our dinner and were walking out of the hotel when she clasped her hand into mine. I knew we had broken the ice and I knew a very long, sensual, wild and intense weekend lay ahead of us.

As we got out of the hotel, she asked me to come with her in her car instead of taking my car as well. I called my driver and asked him to go back home and in the meantime her Audi came to the porch. I knew she owned one but seeing her get into that was yet another sight I couldn’t forget. We got in the car and drove to my hotel. All throughout the drive, we were holding hands and neither of us wanted to let go. We reached the hotel shortly and straight away went to the lounge at the sea face. We ordered for our drinks and were talking with our hands still into each other and we were cuddling each other as if we were actually a couple. We didn’t even realise how the hours passed by and it was 12 am already!

Me: Malvika, you truly are an amazing person and I am so glad to have met you today.

Malvika: Is it? And how do you plan to return this favour?

A wicked smile came on her face as she said that.

Me: You will see as the night passes sweetheart.

Saying so, I drew myself closer to her, looked deep into her eyes, placed my palm on her cheek and pulled her closer to my face. We looked at each other with the fire burning in our eyes, and finally locked our lips into each other. I was kissing her as passionately as ever and she was returning the favour with a much more intensity. Our lips were engulfed into each other, our tongues were rolling against each other and our hands were literally tracing each others’ bodies with the entire lounge awestruck! My hands were around her bare waist, feeling her smooth skin and squeezing it gently while her arms were around my neck, pulling me deeper and deeper inside her. The fire inside our bodies had ignited completely and we couldn’t wait any longer. After good 15 minutes we broke our kiss and were gasping for air. We looked at each other again and that devil inside us had woken up. We knew that.

Me: Let’s go to the room shall we?

Malvika: I thought you would never ask and let the whole crowd here be an audience!

I quickly cleared the bill and we walked out of the lounge. The entire staff and all the guests were still in a shock that what had just happened over there! As soon as we got in the elevator, I pinned Malvika to the wall, and we again started making out like two lovers united after ages! Our lips just wouldn’t let go of each other!

Malvika: I see you have no patience at all!

Me: I think neither one of us has that right now!

We reached my floor and even while walking towards the room, we were constantly making out. Our hands were busy exploring each others’ bodies. I opened the door and as soon as we got in, the animal inside Malvika got wilder. It was her turn now. She pinned me to the door and we were kissing each other in the most intense fashion! We were biting each others’ lips and our tongues were exchanging all the saliva we had in our mouths! I placed my hand at the back of her head, ran my fingers through her hair and pulled her head back a bit as I started kissing her all over her neck and ears. My tongue was literally licking her all over her neck while my teeth were gently digging the skin with each lick. My other hand ran down her massive breasts to her waist and then back to her buxom ass which I grabbed and squeezed hard, giving her a signal that she was going to have a memorable night! She moaned as soon as I grabbed her ass, “Aaaah Chetan! You are hitting me at the right spot baby!”

Me: You are in for a treat tonight Malvika!

Saying so, I ran my tongue down to her shoulders as I licked them and kissed them all over and removed her pallu. I took one nice look at those massive boobs which were dying to pop out of that tight blouse!

Malvika: Like what you see baby?

Me: Undoubtedly yes!

My hand glided down from the back of her head to her boobs as I squeezed them nice and hard over her blouse. She drew her face closer to mine and bit my ear as she moaned loudly! “Babyyy! You know just what I like!” she whispered. My hand was busy squeezing her boobs harder and harder while my tongue was busy teasing her shoulders and her neck with my warm breath tickling it as well. My other hand was busy tracing her curves, specially her beautiful ass. Grabbing it and squeezing it hard over her saree. Her body was now squirming as she was trying her best to control herself from moaning loudly. After maybe just a couple of minutes which probably felt like a couple of hours, Malvika, pushed me back, gave one long stare and said, “It’s my turn now sweetheart”. I smirked as she said that. She pulled me back into her and gave the most passionate kiss of the night and pushed me back again. She started strutting towards me with gentle steps. Her stilettos were crackling against the wooden floor of the room as she walked towards me. She then placed her fingers against my stomach and they walked their way up which were making me walk backwards towards the bed.

As we reached the edge of the bed, she drew her face closer to mine and said, “So you say I’m in for a treat tonight?” Saying so, she pushed me on the bed making me fall facing her. I knew that what I said is going to back to me soon. And that soon was now. Malvika started undraping her saree and then undid her blouse from the front. There stood the woman of my dreams in just a sexy red laced bra and panties which complimented her bold look. We were staring dead straight into each others’ eyes as she said, “So you so say that you’ve been waiting for this moment forever?” All this while, all I could say was, “Mhhmm”. She knew I was completely lost and in a trance. After a moment she reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and lay her hand in front of her boobs to keep the bra from falling down.

Malvika: Are you ready for me baby?

Me: I’ve always been ready for you my gorgeous sweetheart!

Hearing that, she let go of her hand and let her bra fall down to the ground. And out came those two massively huge boobs! Perfectly shaped, very firm and to compliment it all were the large brown nipples which were already very erect. She came on the bed and sat on top of me as my hands wrapped around her waist as I pulled her inside me and kissed her lips deep! My tongue then started to glide down as my hands were gliding up to take possession of her beautiful boobs. I ran my tongue down to her cleavage and gave it a nice long lick whilst my hands held both her boobs and squeezed them hard.

I was rubbing her boobs in a circular fashion while biting on to the flesh around her boobs. My teeth were digging inside her skin as I shifted my focus on sucking each one of them one by one. The tip of my tongue was doing its wonders like never before. It was gliding all over those heavy boobs till the point where it touched the hardened nipple. I encircled it and placed my mouth over it as I started sucking on her boob.

One hand was now squeezing the boob further into my mouth while the other hand was busy squeezing and mauling the other. My fingers were tweaking her nipples and pinching them occasionally as I kept sucking her boobs alternatively. All this while, Malvika was moaning loudly as she loves it when her most prized assets are given so much attention. She threw her head back in pleasure with her fingers combing through her hair!

Both her hands were behind her head and her eyes were tightly shut as she was completely enjoying what was happening to her. I noticed her hands were up and saw this as a perfect opportunity to do something I always wanted to. My mouth let go off her boobs and my tongue now started licking its way to her clean shaven armpits.

Throughout its journey to reach there, I was biting the sides of her boobs and kept on squeezing them harder and harder. She was not aware of what was going to happen next and kept moaning, “Aaaahh Chetan! You are too good baby!” As soon as my tongue reached the base of her armpits, she suddenly opened her eyes in shock and arched back a bit. “Chetan are you sure? I will not be able to control myself!” she said. “Are we really in a position to control anything right now baby?”

Saying so I continued my lick to her armpit and gave it one nice, warm and long lick with a gentle bite which made her shout! “Chetan! Don’t! Aaaahhh!”

She stretched them further, giving me a more exposed area to lick. I knew she liked it and I continued doing so to both her arms till the time she pulled my face back up and kissed me really hard!

“Baby! What have you done!” she said.

“Just what you wanted my baby!” came out as a reply from me.

I now placed my hands behind her back and spun her around to pin her down on the bed. I kissed her deep once before pulling off again and then licking on her earlobes. I pulled my tongue inside, lubricated it with my saliva because what I was about to do next needed a lot of it.

I again rolled out my tongue and gave her one long lick starting from her neck, rolling down to her shoulders, then to her cleavage, moving from one boob to the other as if it were a mountain journey going uphill and downhill and uphill again, encircling her erect nipples and then reaching her navel.

I gave it a nice long lick before moving further to the sides of the waist, giving the same a few gentle bites and finally ending my long lick at the base of her pussy which was already very moist as I what I could sense through the captivating smell that her panty was oozing. To tease her more, I skipped her panties entirely and moved to her thighs.

Malvika: Chetan! Mmmmhmmm! You are such a … dog!

Me: Ah and a wild one baby!

She was not even able to complete her sentences and was now busy squeezing her own boobs and pinching her nipples as she was not able to control any longer!

I now started kissing, licking and biting the insides of her thighs, making her weaker. Moving my kisses from her thighs to her toes which I sucked on for a while before coming back to her thighs. Licking them and biting them a bit harder now before finally ending it with gentle kiss on her panties.

I adjusted myself well between her legs now and then placed my fingers at both sides of her panties, pulling it out till her knees and then out of her legs as she joined them together and raising them high! That sight was just unbelievable.

She rest her legs back on the bed, placed her hand on her raised knee and ran her fingers down from there to her pussy and then through her waist to her boobs as she spread those stunning legs apart for me! What a sight! She had a clean shaven pussy, glistening in the dim lights of the room thanks to the fluids which were already flowing out!

Malvika: Chetan. Eat me.

Those were the only three words she said and I plunged down towards her pussy! Spread her legs further, and spread her pussy even more with my fingers as I gave it a very long lick, starting from her butt hole and going all the way up to her clit! Oh what a taste that was! The sweetness of her fluids made me roll out my tongue and slide it inside her warm pussy as deep as I could.

I started flicking my tongue as much as I could and was trying to scoop her fluids on my tongue and gulp it down my throat! It felt like nectar going down my body! I kept licking her pussy, getting more and more ferocious with each lick as my hand got busy in rubbing her clit initially and then to top it all, I let my index finger enter her ass and my thumb enter her pussy as I kept licking it faster and faster. My other hand reached for her boobs and started squeezing them hard and the fingers forking the nipples and tweaking them nicely! All these things at a time made her go wild and her moans were now turning into pleasurable shouts!

As I kept doing so for a few minutes, her entire body shuddered and she got a spasm suddenly! I could feel a river of fluids flowing out of her pussy! She had cum. She had cum intensely!

I knew she was going to make me pay for this intense orgasm which she had just experienced and as I thought she was now all the more horny for me.

Malvika: Chetan you are going to wish that you didn’t do this to me right now!

Saying so, she quickly flipped over, pushed me on my back, got on top of me with her legs on both my sides and ripped my shirt opened! Then she arched down and started kissing, licking and biting her way down to my chest. She was chewing on my nipples now as her hand went down to my trousers, unhooked my belt, unfastened the button and undid the zippers. She was quick enough to move down further with her wild licks and reached my shaft now. Then she got between my legs and with a single pull whilst placing her fingers inside the sides of my briefs, took down the last piece of clothing I had left on my body! As soon as she did that, my 6 inch cock sprung out all ready for action! To be honest, I had never seen my own cock so stern and erect as if it was going to explode any minute!

Malvika: Look what do we have here! That is a beautiful cock baby!

Me: It’s all ready to be exploited by you! I want you to suck the life out of this cock Malvika!

Malvika: Oh I will tonight baby! I surely will!

Saying so, she bent down further and in a moment she took the whole length inside her mouth! Her tongue had already started to lubricate the cock completely and she pulled her head back up and let my cock pop out of her mouth with a loud smack! “Oh my God Malvika! That felt so good!” I said. She said nothing but just smiled at me and again took my cock in her mouth again. Her tongue was doing the magic inside. It was flicking from one side to the other as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock.

She was licking all around it as she cupped my balls and gave them a light squeeze making me moan! Her lips were enveloping my shaft as she took the entire length inside her mouth. She sucked on my cock for a few minutes before pulling it out again, placing her hand over my cock and pinning it against my body so that she could take on my balls now. I raised my legs to my knees, giving her an easy access to them. She placed her thumb below my balls and very unexpectedly, gave a long lick through my ass crack and butt hole and going all the way up to the balls. She did that a few times making me squirm a bit as I had never experienced something like this before.

Then she took each of my balls inside her mouth and bathed them with her warm tongue! With that being done, she again licked her way up my shaft and to the tip of my cock where she now decided to tease me. She was just licking the tip of my cock and occasionally licking the region just below the head and biting me there very gently!

Me: Malvika! You are just too good! I can’t control anymore!

She took her mouth off my cock and said, “Neither can I baby!”

As soon as she said that, I pulled her face towards me, gave her a passionate kiss as I again pinned her down on the bed. I got between her legs, spread them wide apart, grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her wet pussy! She turned her face and moaned deeply, anticipating my cock to enter her soft and warm pussy! I placed my cock against the entrance of that beautiful pussy and pushed my hips further ahead to enter her love hole! Oh what a feeling that first penetration was!

As soon as my thick head entered her pussy, she gave out a moan and I started pumping my dick in and out of her pussy. I was going deeper, harder and faster with each thrust! My balls were smacking against that huge ass and my hands were busy pleasing her body! I squeezed her boobs with one hand while the other lay beneath her neck as we kissed passionately while I rammed into her pussy. I was pushing my hips as hard as I could to penetrate as deep as I could!

We were moaning inside each others’ mouths as I did that. Her nails were digging deep into my back. After a few minutes, Malvika started moving her ass under me in a circular fashion to make sure that my cock hit all sides of the wall of her pussy. I kept ramming her pussy harder by the thrust for a few minutes until she suddenly held my waist and flipped me over!

She was now on top of me and I was giving her a wicked grin as I knew she loved to be on the top! She grinned back at me, moved down a bit till her wet pussy was against my cock and grinded herself against it before she lifted her ass. I held my cock for her to sit on it and as soon as I did that, she descended on my cock! The minute she did that, she threw her head back as if she was in heaven!

Then she started to move her body to up and down on my cock gently at first and then as soon as she picked up the rhythm, there was no stopping for her. She held my hands and placed them above my head as she increased her speed. She clutched them tightly as she didn’t want me to even think about moving! I was in heaven at this time! All words which came out of my mouth were, “Faster Malvika! Fasterr!” Hearing that her speed increased even more and my cock was now choked inside her. She was bouncing up and down and then would move back and forth to ensure that my cock reached and hit each corner of her pussy!

After a point she held my hands and placed them on her massive boobs which were bouncing away to glory! I grabbed them, squeezed them and slapped them as she kept riding my cock with all her might! Then came a stage where she slowed down a bit. She would pull her body up till my cock almost got out of her pussy and only the tip was inside and would then fall back on it with all her force! That was something! She had literally scrapped off the outer skin of my cock is what I felt! She thrust herself down harder each time and I knew my cock was hitting her spot as she did that!

Me: Malvika! You feel so so so good!

Malvika: The best is yet to come baby!

Saying so, she suddenly turned to the other side and sat on my cock in a reverse cowgirl position! That was the most splendid view of her ass I had gotten all evening! I held her by her ass as she started riding my cock up & down and back & forth again! This time she was doing it much more intensely! She was throwing her head back and running her fingers through her hair with one hand while the other hand was shuttling between her boobs and her clit. She was squeezing her boobs hard and then would rub her clit as she rode on my cock! She was literally giving in all the force she had left inside her body as she was bouncing up and down on my cock which was now reaching its peak. My cock was now completely swollen as it was ready to shoot at any moment!

Me: Malvikaaa!! I’m about to cum!

Hearing this, her body got tensed up as I could feel her pussy choking cock. I knew she was going to get yet another orgasm now! I had actually lost a count of how many times I had made her cum already.

She immediately turned around facing me, still on top of me and her hands firmly clasped my chest as she started riding my cock as hard she could now!

Me: Oh Fuck! Malvika! I can’t take this anymore!

Malvika: Me neither baby! Cum inside your horny cougar!

That statement pulled us both and I held her waist very firmly, almost digging my nails into her skin! She was doing the same to my chest as her pussy contracted and I could feel her love juices getting oozed all over my cock! This choked my cock completely and within a second, I was spraying my warm cum all inside her pussy! I swear to God, I had never cum so much in my entire lifetime! I could literally feel my balls getting shrunk for a moment! She threw her head back in pleasure as she felt my cum hitting her walls and moaned deeply,

“Mmmmm baby! That felt soooo good!”

Saying so, she fell on my body the very next moment. Her boobs were crushed against my chest and her head lay against my shoulder. Both of us were panting profusely and holding each other really tight as we lay like that for over a minute. It was as if we had put in all our energies into each other. Well it was actually that.

After a minute she looked up at me and I looked back at her. We had that feeling of finally being satisfied after a very long time on our faces. We smiled at each other and kissed weakly as our bodies were still getting accustomed to surrounding world a reality. The whole room was filled with smell of intense sex and a sudden silence which was filled with our heavy breathing.

Malvika: So Chetan. Tell me. Did you like it?

Me: Like it? I loved it! I have not had such an experience in my whole life!

Malvika just giggled and kissed me again as she kept laying on me for a while.

Me: So Malvika. Did I live up to your expectations?

Malvika: Why do you think am I still laying on top of you my cute baby?

We both giggled and kept kissing each other softly for quite some time as we held each other tightly. We were very happy. We were loving each others’ company and even though there were no words spoken for a while, we said a lot.

After a while she got off me and the juices which had filled her pussy to the brim flowed down my semi-erect cock. Even after getting off me, she still lay in my arms for a while before both of us finally got up to wash ourselves off. Together.

Well that was the end of the first part of The Covet Chronicles With Malvika. I will be coming up with the next part soon where, oh wait, let that be a surprise!

I hope you liked my story. Any feedbacks and comments are most welcome on our email [email protected] & [email protected] ! Oh and please please please refrain from asking for any sexual favours. It will not at all be appreciated!

Until next time.

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