Fun With Lady In Surat Part 2

Continued story of fun with lady in story. Her name Pooja, 29 age.

She: so Hardik, did you have sex before?

Me: yes, but now with lady like you

She: ohh, what you like in me?

Me: I love experience lady

She: you will learn a lot today my dear. I will teach you a lot. My baby I will make you crazy

Then she started kissing me, she was kissing madly. Tongue inside my mouth. She was sucking my whole mouth. Mmm I learn how to seduce woman. She drank my saliva too much. I too started doing it with her. She was also enjoying. Ahh mmm She sat on my lap with her legs around my waist. And kissing me very well. Ahhh what a kiss it was. I wish this never ends. She is doing it too long. I guess 20 min we did that kiss. Long long kiss. We were out of breath after that ahh

Now she bend low. Sat on her knees. And I was standing. She pulled my boxer down. And while stroking my hard dick, she was looking at me. In my eyes. You know sex is best when someone is looking in your eyes. She started jerking it. She was taking her saliva in hand and rubbing my dick. Finally she took it in her mouth. Ohhh what a feel. One hand on dick and dick in mouth. Reciprocating it very well. Her hot saliva was making me crazy. Ahhh mmm.

In between she was sucking my big balls. She told me I have very big balls and she love it. She was sucking them one by one.and dick also. Woah. Perfect package for my 7 inch dick. Took good blowjob. She was circling her tongue on my dickhead. Ahh.what a feeling.never did that. She was expert in this 30 min I control and I told her I am cumming. She told me to cum in her mouth. I loaded my whole sperm in her mouth. She drank it. Ahhh.mmm wow

Later we sat on back seat. I put my hand inside her panty. She was damn wet there. She put my finger in her pussy. And her face expression was too horny one.ahh she was making sounds like shh shhh ahh mm. I was fingering her and pressing her boobs. I finger her that she got mad. I was kissing her boobs too. Mmmm big big boobs.nipples hard rock black. Ah sucking them madly.

She removed her panty after that. Ohhh what a scene. Wet pussy without any hairs. I was mad by now. I bend down and started licking her. Se put one leg on my shoulder.and I started licking her. Mmm wet wet hot pussy and my sexy lips and tongue. Ummm she was moaning heavily. But I dont wanna stop. She was shouting yes baby yess ahhh mmm Hardik wow yesss ammm suck me.. Ahhh that made me crazy. K was licking her very fast. She was about to cum. 15 min later she cummed. Ahhh juice all over. I drank some of it.mmmm salty but good. I love her hole.

She: you are expert in licking ahaa

Me: thank dear I love your pussy too

She: yes I know baby, I love you too

Me: yes baby, so what next

She: I want your cock in me

Me: yes me too

She: you have condom?

Me: no

She: its OK. I will take pills

Me : oka baby

We came out of car and she bend over on bonnet. I kiss her ass and her ass hole. Rub her pussy little. And I jerk my dick also so it was rock hard now. I put my dick in her pussy from behind. doggy style. Mmmm I inserted slowly but as she was too wet it was not that tough. I started fucking her very fast after that. She was moaning heavily. Shouting yes yes more more ahhh mmm Hardik harddd dickk ahh mm. And I was doing it too. Fucking her fast and fast as I can. My balls were impacting her ass. Making fap fap fap sound. Wowww.her boobs I started pressing them also.she was too enjoying it. Mmmm I was kissing her back and fucking her.

I told her I am about to cum she wanted me to cum inside her pussy. I did. Ahhh mmmm I cummed inside her. We were both exhausted after this amazing fuck. Se turned back and kissed me. Its like thanking kiss.

Later she told me its late for her. I also told the same. We wore our cloths and sat in car. She was on driving seat. She asked for last kiss. We smooched for 15 min. She was too satisfied after that kiss. She thanked me for the amazing session that day.and asked me to do it frequently. I also thanked her for heavenly experience. We were both laughing.

We drove the car on highway. She was touching my dick again and again while driving. She told me to take care of my dick as she doesnt want it to get wasted. I promised her I will take care of it. Ha-ha I also pressed her boobs while driving. Her boobs how can anyone forget. Best boob ever.suckable always.

She drop me near station area and thank me again. Later that evening I got a wechat msg from her that she started missing me again. Ha-ha sweet lady she was. We did many wechat sexy naughty things later also. 3 session after that too. We are doing this in hotels now. Every two week. She is hard to handle.but she wants me only. She does t have any other bf. I became her playboy now and I am also enjoying her. Lovely lady she is.

So how was the story readers? Hope you like it. As I told you before, I am from Surat and open for any age woman. I am 23 . you can write me on [email protected] women are most welcomed. Dont worry about privacy. I will take care of you. Thank you.