Alka And Ajay Part 1

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This is one of the many experiences that I cherish the most. There was neither any cheating from the lady nor was there any need for such a state. It was a total open relationship with the complete consent of her husband. Let me get to the details. This is an experience of mine that I am going to describe that happened during my stay in the UK. After getting the consent from the couples involved, I am writing this. Also, I have changed the identities of the couple here to protect their privacy and respect my great friends there.

I was in the UK between August 2012 (end) and July 2013. I, being single divorced male, was looking for a place to stay as I was on deputation. I work for a very popular software company in India and am often deputed to various locations across the globe. My favourite place though is Europe.

Once I landed in the UK, I was looking for an accommodation to stay as my company only provides a month’s stay in a hotel. Within the month of arrival, we are asked to look for our own accommodation.

As I was searching for a single bedroom apartment, one of my colleagues mentioned about a house where there was an option of paying guest. I told him that I am a total vegetarian and prefer my own kitchen. My friend told me that these folks were Guajarati’s and were also vegetarians. I was skeptical about paying guest type of accommodation as I was not wholly comfortable with such arrangements. But my friend insisted on me at least checking this out. So, I agreed, half-heartedly.

The paying guest house was close to the city centre and also close to my work place. It was more like around 20 minutes’ walk to my work and hardly 10 minutes’ walk to the city centre.

Anyway, I visited the place. There was one room that was completely available for my use with its own attached bath, toilet and a mini kitchen attached. I liked the place. The approach to the room was by a separate door from the side. The owners were a Gujarati couple by name Alka and Ajay. They were very accommodative about the rent, utilities payment, etc. and I thought that it would make sense to save a few £’s by taking this accommodation. I agreed and moved into the place by the end of September.

Ajay and Alka were an interesting couple. I normally am a sort of loner and prefer to be by myself and my companions are books. The first thing I did as soon as I landed in the UK was to get a Kindle and spend time reading. Nevertheless, both Ajay and Alka used to wait for me to return and often spend time with me for at least 30 minutes chit-chatting. I liked this too, as it took out the monotonous life of mine.

After a couple of months (during early December 2012), Alka was leaving to her sister’s house which was in Crawley as her parents had come from India to spend time with them for 6 months. Alka wanted to visit her parents and her nieces & nephews. So she left for the visit. That made me and Ajay alone in the house. And since December is mostly the start of holiday season, we found ourselves to be in each other’s company. We got to know each other better and became close too. The rapport that was built, was the foundation of our relationship.

One day, Ajay was very depressed. I was shocked to see him in such a state and was also a little scared. More so, because I wasn’t sure about the way to deal with his depression. But, slowly, he started opening up.

Ajay loved his wife very dearly. They have been married for more than 5 years. Theirs was an intense love marriage and I was deeply impressed by the love Ajay had for Alka. I was totally moved by this talk with him and understood her love for him as well. My respect for both grew a notch higher. But what was troubling Ajay was that they were childless and not only that, he was impotent. He could not satisfy his wife’s sexual desires. And he was literally crying that he could never satisfy her needs in the bed, though she never complained.

Nevertheless, there were instances when he understood her desire for sexual gratification and she managed to suppress it. And he could understand that feeling. So intense was their love for each other that they could feel each other’s feelings. Tests had confirmed that Ajay was impotent and that they were unlikely to have any children. He was very sad about the way his relatives treated Alka even though it was his problem. Neither could he tell them that it wasn’t Alka’s problem but his. Ajay literally poured out his heart to me. I was so moved by his openness that it brought tears to my eyes as well.

I tried to console him and that his love for Alka will win him over anytime. That is when he asked me if, as a friend, I would be able to help him. I did not understand at first. Then he explained the details to me. And I was shocked. Totally shocked.

He asked me to sexually satisfy Alka. He just wanted her to be happy. I did not know to respond to him. I was totally taken aback at this request and initially I refused. I said that it would not be possible for me to have sexual intercourse with Alka. And he was trying to convince me even more. I told him that Alka would NEVER agree to this arrangement at all. But he was confident of Alka’s agreement. And I was confident of Alka’s disagreement. And so the month passed

Alka returned from her sister’s house after two weeks. The holidays had started by then and both Ajay and I were seen spending more time together. I was forced into vacation as my company had to close down for holidays and none of us were allowed to work (I worked in a bank as a software specialist at Chester). Occasionally Ajay would indicate if my thoughts have changed and I would reply in the negative.

Feel free to share your comments at: [email protected] To be continued…