Loving My Lady Love My Anshi The Beginning

Hi guys its deva(name changed for obvious reason) I am in my early 20s residing in raipur,chhattisgarh. I am a good sports person and have a 6 feet tall structure. The incident I am going to share with all the readers is my love story which came to a tragic end after 6 months of a healthy relationship.

Now coming to the characters of the story anshi(name changed), my lady love. She is a cute little girl in her teens.Her vitals are 30-28-34 which changed after coming in relation with me and became 32-28-36. Friends kindly pardon my mistakes as I m writing a story for the 1st time,feedbacks are most welcomed @ [email protected]

Now coming to the story, anshi and her family shifted to raipur as his father who was working in sbi was transferred form bhopal.They came and rented the house just adjacent to my house. As a good neighbor I and my family enquired about them and asked anshis family if they need any help to get settled.

For this anshis mother aarti(she is a sex bomb) asked me to tell her about some good schools in the locality. I readily told her about few schools and next got a few forms for anshi and her younger sis.

From this day our friendship started, anshi was a cute little girl she was very emotional and moody tooo she had mood swifts very easily.

We regularly used to chat over fb about our school days and other stuffs by this chats we got close to each other and there was a spark between us.Slowly we started talking over phones and often I use to peep from my rooms window whenever she used to get out for her house also she used to stare at me when I used to play badminton in front of her house

This went on for a few time. We started loving each other in our hearts but never used to tell eachother about it, it was on the day of diwali I was standing outside my home and us bursting crackers when anshi and her father came out I went towards them and wish anshis father happy diwali by touching his feet which anshi saw and I suppose this built a bit of respect for me in her heart.Then we played crackers and as anshi was scared of crackers whenever a big bomb used to blast she used to hold my hands tightly which I was liking very much

That night I cold anshi very late and called her up in the terrace as our houses wer joined v can talk there easily

She came in the terrace wearing a light pink meedy (a short night gown sought off).My god she was looking very cute in that

I was nervous as I was about to propose her. I held her hand and went down on my knees.She understood and before my saying anything she said yess!!! I was in seventh heaven I was in shock and I just cant believe that she said yesss I shouted in excitement she became scared as any 1 could notice us in terrace and to stop me she place her hand over my mouth.

I held her hand and kissed her softly that was the first time I kissed a girl.She became shy and was going away from me I jumped the wall and hold her from her back…She was trembling with nervousness as all this was happening for the 1st time for both of us….I turned her around and held her face in my palms she was shy and closed her eyes……I gently placed a small kiss over her lips…..What an experience maannn!!! Kissing is the best thing after sex that 2 persona do with eachother

She didnt responded and kept her eyes closed I kissed her again and dis time a bit of smmoching her after a few mins she opened her lips and v both started smooching eachother she was in my arms I hugged her tightly crushing her boby into mine that was a sensational warm hug in a chilly diwali night

After 2-3 mins v both get separated and went home

That night I was smiling all the time even while sleeping and she was blushing ol the time even while having her dinner

In the next evening anshis parents have to go for a get-together and my parents were about to go for a cards party.We decided the v will meet in her home as her house and a back door as her parents left for the party she cold me and told to come home from backdoor

I went to the back side watching here and there just to ensure that nobody observes me entering her house.

I entered from the back door…..There my baby was standing wearing a blue jeans shorts and a black sleeveless top the was looking mind-blowingly sexy and I was soo stupid that I went to my 1st home date in sorts and loose t shirt but that became very useful later.

We went to her bed room and sat holding each others hands and staring each others eyes.A wild fire could be seen in our eyes it was just love for each other that became lust and greed eventually in no time we where kissing each other violently and just biting and sucking each others lips as if there was no tomorrow we were kissing each other like we were hungry for each other since ages….

We kept kissing each other for other 25odd minutes but we were not done yet I started kissing on her neck on her cheeks all over her face while kissing over her face I use to kiss her lips and jst move down to her neck from there (this is the easiest way to arouse a girl) we both where excited and aroused like hell just wanted to do all the action in this very moment.

I again kissed her neck but this time I went down to her cleavage which was ultimate sexy I licked there for a minute making anshi lost in pleasure I saw her caught her boobs from over her dress she moaned in ecstasy and pleasure my gooshh it was such a soft piece of flesh that I just cant describe in words no word can describe the softness of boobs going towards her lips I started smooching her wildly holding her both boobs in my both hands. Slowly I inserted my hands under her top and started pressing her boobs over her bra….I wish I was a braa to hold a pair of boobs all the time

I was pressing her boobs very hardly and her moaning was getting wild and wild with my every press….Meanwhile I was struggling with how to remove her boobs and my dick was struggling to get out of my pants.She helped me out to remove her bra and I completely removed her top.

Whoaaa…. !!!! My two little babies were shining with glory and making me tempt to hold the bare and suck them and bite them and just go crazy over them touched her erect nipples for the 1st time with my tongue an electric current went through her body then through my body it made me charged up and I went crazy over her boobs sucking it for another half an hour and making it red.

I was about to proceed further when her parents arrived due to which I had to flee away from the back door

There is lots more in my story I ‘ll share only if got a +ve response from readers.