A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee Part 1

Hi, my name is Vishal and this is my very first story on ISS. It all started one day when I went out for my usual tea and smoke. I was just about to leave when I found this 6 year girl old trying to get on top of my bike, so I helped her and we began talking, just then I heard a voice from over my shoulder, “lets go home isha” and I turn around and trust me I was astonished. It was the mum and she was gorgeous, fair 54″ beautiful eyes, dark brown wavy hair, and she had a perfect body, luscious lips, and perfect voluptuous body. Im not an expert but she looked like a 36-32-36 and I was really impressed.

So I got to talking to her too. Im not the sexiest man alive but Im good looking, atleast thats what Ive heard. She definitely liked this 511” guy with broad shoulders and I was impressed with myself. She stayed in the apartment just in front of mine and was about to leave and I decided to get her kid a chocolate. She liked the gesture and asked if Id like to have coffee sometime and I didnt want to come across as intimidating or too intense so I gently refused. She smiled and walked away and I just kept staring at her beautiful body till she walked in through the gates of her apartment.

Few days passed, we hadnt met each other, and surprisingly one day I saw her walking down the street alone at night, probably back from work, I offered her a lift and though she was hesitant in the beginning, she agreed after me insisting. I was hoping shed hug me tight from behind, but then this is real life not a fantasy, but to my surprise she asked me, “how fast can you go?” and I was shocked. Usually women in their early 30s want us to be safe and grip hard when I go above 60kmph and heres a woman who wants me to rev hard, so I decided to take a more empty stretch of road near my house, and showed her what I can do and thats when luck struck.

She watched as the speedometer started to climb 60 70 80 90 100 110 and then, she bent onto me as I had bent to get a higher speed and she put her hands from below my arms and clutched my shoulders and had her breasts pushed against my back. And I was like, “wow, this woman definitely knows how to sit on a bike” and then she pulled herself closer and had a good grip as I hit 130kmph.

I slowly reduced the speed as I saw a ccd approaching and stopped there and asked if shed like to have coffee with me. And I was hoping shed say yes, but then she said she has to get home and I smiled it off. She knew I was disappointed as it was clearly evident that I was disturbed. So when I dropped her off she asked me if I was okay and I said “yeah, just hoped youd atleast say yes to a coffee”. I guess she wanted to come too, but then she had her daughter and in-laws at home so she gave me her number and took mine and said shed text me just in case she changed her mind.

I went disappointed to have a smoke and tea and just when I was about to leave, I got a text and it read, “pick me up in 15mins?” and I was shocked, I never thought shed agree. I waited with bated breath and she came out in a blue denim pink top and a shawl wrapped around her neck. She had a backpack and I asked her why, so she said shed made the excuse of going to her friends house to complete a project report. So went to a nearby ccd and ordered hazelnut cappuccino and got to talking. All the while I just couldnt stop staring at her beautiful eyes and she abruptly asked me, “what are you staring at”, and I said, “Ive seen really gorgeous women, tonnes of em, but Ive never seen such a gorgeous pair of eyes”.

I just became mushy when I saw her blush, she almost turned pink and just couldnt look straight into my eyes for the next 2-3 minutes. We got back to talking, likes dislikes, interests etc and suddenly we realised it had got late, I paid the bill and asked her if shed like to have dinner, but it was 10:45 and there werent many restaurants open late. So I offered to cook, she thought for a while and agreed, anyway I stayed right behind her apartment so she could just walk home after dinner. We got back to my place, instead of putting on regular lights I switched on the dim lights I use when I have girl friends over, it just sets the ambience and mood.

I played some slow music and offered wine. She liked my taste in music and wine. I started off cooking macaroni and cheese which she told me she loves. She was talking all through the whole time I was cooking and she loved that Im a good listener. And then a song that had become a recent favourite came up and I asked her if shed like to dance, she agreed, I guess the wine was making her less hesitant and more bold. So I switched off the pasta as it was done and took her to the living room or hall as many call it and we got to dancing, the song was “thinking out loud” and it was a slow romantic song and trust me she was an excellent dancer, I on the contrary was just grooving to the beats.

So I placed my hands around her hips and she put her hands around my neck and we started to just move closer and just move in circles. It was not too long before we were stuck to each other, involuntarily moving our face closer to each others, and I dont know what got into me, I kissed her. And she was just stuck, and I knew if she didnt want it shed just move away, so I went in to kiss her again and this time, she just swept me off my feet and kissed me back, hard and wild, her luscious lips between mine, her tongue playing with mine and very fast the kiss was getting really hot and wham, the song stopped and she got back to her senses.

She was embarrassed and she apologised and said “lets eat, lemme go get the pasta”. I didnt want it to end there so I went into the kitchen, and she was tasting the pasta and I just suddenly turned her around and kissed her and she just didnt expect that. The wooden spoon fell from her hand as she ran her fingers through my hair. I moved onto the side of her neck and kissed her all along her jaw. She started to moan delicately “mmm aaah mmmm” as my lips were taking time kissing her all over her neck and every now and then gently nibbling her ear. She would gasp “uhhh” every time I nibbled her ear. I slowly made my way down to her shoulders moving her pink top.

I gently kissed her shoulders over her bra strap and then gently bit her to roughen her up. She liked it and her moans grew louder. I did the same with both shoulders and she asked me “lets get rid of these clothes shall we?”. I was so turned on, I pulled her top over her head and removed my shirt, I turned her around with her back facing me, I moved her hair to one side and started kissing her back.

And she responded to each kiss with “mmmm ooohhhh, Ohh god, mmm”. I cupped her breasts from behind and gently started to massage her, she was getting really turned on as she started to grind her ass onto my erect penis.

Then suddenly she put her hand on my crotch and started to massage my penis over my pants and it just felt great. I couldnt concentrate on anything when she put her hand into my pants. I unbuttoned my pants and she easily slid her hands into my underwear and started to stroke me. I unclasped her bra and pinched her nipples. I made circles around her nipples with my fingers and she just couldnt control, she was getting more and more turned on.

So I pulled out a chair and sat on it and she sat on my lap, and we were face to face and we were kissing like wild. There was no stopping us and her breasts were rubbing on my chest and I just couldnt control the temptation and started to suck em.

My tongue was twisting and twirling around her nipples and this was driving her wild and all that she could say was

“Ohh god, yeah, suck me, ohhhh” she would Scream when I gently nibbled her nipples and areola “Ohh god, Ohh my god, Ohh fuck, Ohh, mmhhh, Ohh my” and this was too much for me, but I knew I had to satisfy her first, so I turned her around, got rid of her denims and my pants with my left hand on her left breasts I slowly moved my right her to her stomach, gently tempting her, moved onto her navel and slowly slipped into her panty. She was wet and I loved it. She gasped as my fingers touched her clit. “aaaahhh, uhhh, mmm, aaaaah uhhh Ohh fuck, ohhhh shit ooohhhh fuck” was all that she could say as my fingers circled around her clit, she put her head onto my shoulder and Whispered, “uhhh finger me mmhhh” and I was more than happy.

With the palm of my hands rubbing her clit and my middle finger in her wet vagina, I was fingering her, slow in the beginning and then she moaned and groaned, “uhhh aaah aaaaah faster faster uhhh Aaahan aaaaah aaaah Ohh god Ohh yes ufff Ohh my Fucked ohhhh shit ohhhh goddd ooohh ….” I loved how she was moaning, her hands digging into my hair, she had completely surrendered herself to me.

She was sweating and loved how I licked it off the sides of her neck. She just couldnt hold longer than 10 mins with the with the wild passionate kissing and my hands playing with the breasts and clit and vagina at the same time and she shuddered as she came hard moaning “aaaaahh fuuuckkk aaaahhh ohhhh aaaaah ohhhh fucking ooohhh shifty oohhhh godddd” and I gradually reduced to a halt as she kept breathing heavily and just fell on my chest exhausted. She pulled my face and kissed me and that was a very hott and passionate kiss. I offered her water as I saw her gasp and after a few gulps of water she saw me grin, a grin of achievement. She came to me, put her hand into my underwear looked me in the eye and said, “having fun huh? Now watch as I make you breathless.” And in one swift motion, I found my underwear near my ankles and she was on her knees and when I looked down, she had a grin on her face.

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