Shikhars Adventures Part 2

Hello everyone, this is Shikhar. Ive loved and also appreciate all the responses Ive received for my first story. Do drop in your comments after reading this story at [email protected] . So this story is not about my girlfriend. This is more like being there in the right place at right time with perfect amount of luck. Yes, youve guessed it right. I got lucky with a girl whom I had known all my life. My friends sister.

Me and my friend, vicky had grown up together. We used to play after school, go around the City, watching movies, to the mall and hanging out together. So it pretty much goes without saying that I was a regular at his house and vice versa.

This incident happened during a summer. I always had a crush on his sister from the time I was in ninth std. because thats the time I began taking interest in girls. She was a beautiful girl, slim and jovial… She liked playing indoors with us. But never participated in outdoor games. She was, may be 2-3yrs elder than us. Back in those days I was interested in her beauty, which I knew I couldn’t have. But still just admired all her nakras…

With time both of us grew and no prizes for guessing, she grew up to be a bomb. After tenth std we stopped meeting. So it was only after my 12th std, we met again. And the result was awesome.

She greeted me with such charm that I was speechless. I could see all the changes in her, she had not only grown, but had grown very gracefully. She had put on perfect amount of weight in right areas. Her boobs were big and her ass was round and even after wearing a sweat pants, when she bent, her ass crack was clearly visible. I could point out all these details because I was meeting her after so long. I was sure she was interested in fitness because such an ass is only the result of squatting regularly. This was the point from where I started growing lust for her.

When I started my degree, I began going to their homes regularly. I also happened to choose the same course as his sister, but my friend vicky chose other course. She had finished the course that yr. She was a good help for me in the subjects.

I would run to her if at all I had any doubts about the subjects, just so that I get to see her body. Every time me saw her cleavage and ass a surge of current passed through my body, needless to say, an erection… I had a hard time controlling it, but I managed. I was scared of letting her know because that would not only stop me from being with her but also jeopardise our friendship with her brother. Time passed and nothing happened.

Then after some days I came to know that she already had a boyfriend and I was kinda sad.

Then on one of these days the plot twist came. It was a hot day and we had just returned after playing, so we both went to wash ourselves Clean. Her brother went to his room and I too wanted to go to bathroom. because I was a regular at their home I went to his sisters room to use her bathroom. She wasnt in her room so I didnt bother taking permission. and striped my clothes, went to bathroom and cleaned my legs, face and hands in just my underwear. When I walked outta the bathroom his sister was lying on bed and the first thing I saw was her ass which I always wanted to ride. This time around I didnt have much help controlling my boner. She clearly saw it and I was standing 90% nude with big boner in front of a superhot girl. Phew, imagine my situation.

I grew red and she saw it. She complimented my physique; also she said that I have strong arms. I didnt understand what she meant by it that time. I was just concentrating on covering my boner which was not going to get calmed down anytime soon. I was sure she spotted it. I just picked up my shorts, wore it and ran out. She had that mischievous smile on.

One day when I went to her home in the afternoon, no one was at her home. and she too was not to be seen. I knew her brother was out, thats why I selected this time. But even she wasnt there. I went to her room and I cud hear her cry. I didnt know what to do. Seeing me she controlled herself. I asked her what happened.

At first she said it was nothing then after asking repeatedly she said her boyfriend was cheating on her, that too with her best friend. I never heard her abuse anyone in my life but that day I heard all the words in the urban dictionary directed towards her best friend and boy friend. I thought what a loser is he to go to some other girl when he had her. She couldn’t stop crying either.I tried consoling her, kept my books aside and started patting on her back. She started leaning on my shoulders and I could feel her boobs pressing against my elbow. Was this the best time to have an erection, I thought to myself. Taking my mind off the thought, I asked her why did he do so and I also that what was the need even after having such a beautiful girlfriend.

She: do you think am really beautiful?

Me: Are you kidding me? Look at yourself!

I knew she knows shes beautiful, but still they like hearing that they r beautiful I guess.

Moving on, she said that she was not showing so much interest in him. I told her that I didnt understand what I meant. She explained that she was not allowing him to fuck her in recent times as she wanted him to love her at all times but he chose to fuck her best friend instead and even that bitch never thought about her before letting him fuck her. I was shocked hearing that. At the same time I was having a hard on. She asked me if I was in her boyfriends situation what would I do? I had many things running in my mind but I told her that I would have never left her for anyone.

She seems very pleased with that answer and hugged me tightly with tears still dripping down her cheeks. I too capitalised on it and hugged my long time crush. It was a dream come true for me as I thought crushing her boobs against my chest is all am gonna do. So I tried to make the best outta it and I extended my hands down her back.

That day she was wearing a sleeveless white top and a blue shorts. Shes always well groomed so I didnt see any hair in her thighs too… I continued my exploration on her back and down her spine until I reached her shorts loops… I thought to myself that going ahead can be risky then let go of that thought and went ahead anyway. I slipped my hands inside her shorts through the gap between the shorts and get panties which are created when she hugged me by sitting on the floor. It was in a corner of the room and the light was dim, ambience was perfect for me to test my luck of sleeping with the girl whom I always lusted for.

As soon as I touched her ass over her panties from the back she parted the hug and looked directly into my eyes. I was motionless with my hands still intact. And she spoke;

She: Do you really want to…

Me: I really do.

She: But you r my brothers friend, I dont know if its right.

Me: Please dont think about vicky or anyone else. Just let go. Enjoy the situation.

She(crying now): Am so sorry cheeku, but I too was attracted to you and the day I saw you in underwear, I wanted to give myself to you. Please dont let my brother or anyone else know about it.

Me(breathing heavily): Ill never say a word about this to him and you have no idea since how many years I wanted to fuck you.

She: To be frank, I saw it in your eyes when you looked at me. I saw you stealing glances at my cleavages and thats exactly why I used to expose it a little more whenever you were here.

I couldnt believe my luck now. It was getting late in the afternoon and I knew her brother might come in the evening so whatever I wanted to do to her I had couple of hours to do as she was now completely in my control.

I lifted her and made her sit on the bed. I wanted to take it slow as I wished to make love to her rather than just fuck her. Only true lovers will know the difference. I wanted to be a gentleman for her in the beginning till she gets comfortable with me and then take it from there.

So I asked her permission to kiss her lips and she just closed her eyes and leaned towards me in a affirmative manner. I wet my lips and closed in. Our lips finally met. I felt like the time had come to a temporary halt and I could only sense her breath against my face and mine against her the only third thing I could feel was our breathing getting faster and faster. After smooching my dream girl for some time when I was flaky able to recollect what was going on, I thought of proceedings to the next level. She was still busy playing with my tongue inside her mouth. In the time being I worked my hands up her hips took my hands inside her sleeveless top from the back side and reached the bra straps. I struggled to unhook it but finally managed it.

Because she was wearing a sleeveless top I removed her bra out before removing her top. I had learnt that trick by removing my gfs bra like that. All the girls reading this can relate to it.

So after removing the bra the only barrier between her big boobs and me was a thin layer of her to fabric.. I love caressing boobs over the fabric first, I dont know why buy it excites me, helps more blood pump down to my meat.

By this time we had broken the kiss and she looked at my expertise at controlling the situation and smiled, she looked gorgeous even though her eyeliners were a little smudged and there were still some tears on her eyes and the wetness in the region below her eyes. I found this hot and pushed her onto the bed, this time kissing her lips with much more intensity than before and pressing her boobs too. Her nipples were hard and poking, and she was moaning occasionally when I was missing her. Then I lifted her to up and went down to her boobs. Even thought I anyways imagined a pair of pink nipples over get glowing fair skin, she had Brown nipples. But they were small and pretty. Those small nips over her big white boobs were a scene to remember.

I continued sucking, pressing and also biting her nipples and boobs by taking turns. She had both her hands on my hair and was pressing me against her tits… She was getting aggressive in sex and it was a welcome move for me as I loved it that way, to start gently and go on dropping gears til you r at full speed and aggression in sex…

I knew this wasnt her first time so I can treat her a little rough exactly the way she liked. So I was continuing my boob session. She was completely topless now after removing the top from around her neck. The only barrier was her shorts and panties. I worked my way down to her flat stomach, spent some time there tickling her and moved South to my premium target, I call it “The Wet Lips”.

I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled it down, removed my t shirt and pant too.. Now the only piece of clothing in our body was our underwears.

I spread her legs and took a closer look at her panties. She had a big wet patch in it and I couldnt control myself but to lick her pussy over her panties. The moment my tongue came in contact with her wet spot I knew that I had finally doing it to the core.. whoa… It was awesome. Then I pulled down the panties and there were small hairs indicating that she might have shaved it off couple of days ago.

Going ahead with the job in hand, I opened her pussy and started tasting the nectar from my honey pot. I was going crazy and she was pressing my head against her pussy with pleasure that my face was covered in her pussy juices, my lips, cheeks, chin and nose was glistening with her love serum… But I didnt stop there. I continued to eat her out and she was now louder than ever. She was literally screaming and I didnt mind as there was no one at home. I employed 2 of my fingers to work on that hole to get it warmed up for whats coming. I used that crooked finger method on her and within minutes I had her squirting like a broken pipe which leaks water. Crooked fingers always works.

When the time came to drink the nectar which I had been waiting from years, I obliged. Opened my mouth to everything she had to offer…

By this time my cock was waiting to tear my underwear open. I asked her to taste the lollypop she agreed with a smile. And was she good?

She was the best. Looked like she had very good experience working on cocks. She knew what to do from the word go. From circling the cock tip using her thumb finger, to stroking it up and down and locking the top first then the sides and finally swallowing the whole cock inside. Til the deep throating lessons she had excelled in.

My cock felt life it could never get a better head.

After some time into this I was feeling pumped up and she increased the pace of blowing my cock and I shot my load in get mouth, down her throat. After drinking my energy drink she said she nvr takes it in her mouth but she did it to me because I had done the same with her. She cleaned it up and kept blowing till I was up and ready for another round. It was time for the intimate show down. I didnt have any condoms and it didnt matter either, I had just cummed and we were not in mood to wait for a condom either.

I spread get legs wide and pushed my cock into her. She was hot inside and my cock went it with some resistance, she wasnt completely used up. She was still tight. And then I started to get faster and faster. Oh that was the time of my life. I was just closing my eyes and working my hips into hers… It was great humping her, I felt my long time dream had come true.

When I was about to cum I told her and she asked me to cum on her stomach. I did it and she asked me to click a pic of my sperms on her stomach. She said it would make a perfect break up gift for her boyfriend. I lit up hearing it.

Thats the story where I got really lucky. I have no idea if she really went on to send it to him, but who cares. I get to fuck her when no ones home now.

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