Love Vs Lust : The ‘Riya Diaries Part 1

Love and Lust both go hand in hand. A guy sees a girl and the first thing that comes to his mind is what it will be like to take her to bed. When the Lust develops from both the sides and it reached the bed, then the act is called ‘Making Love’. You can see how much they are correlated.

It is generally seen that guys are more desperate for it as compared to the girls. Well it is true and false, both. True in the sense that since being a patriarchal society, men have always considered the fairer sex as inferior since ages and hence their sexual feelings are inhibited or rather shattered.

On the contrary, it is known that girls have eight times more sexual urges as compared to guys and once they find their way to satisfy it, there is no stopping for them. Thanks to the western culture, girls are getting independent in the modern era and they are doing what they love. Obviously they prefer this life to that one where they used to born and die behind their pardah. The world is changing!

Hi friends, This is Riya Kapoor, the daughter of Malvika Kapoor, who used to write her life experiences here. Now since she is highly busy in her daily routine, I thought maybe I can take over from her. So here I am. Those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I am 19, pursuing fashion designing from a renowned college in Mumbai. I am writing this story after taking inputs from my friends whom I should introduce you first.

Main characters :

Shanaya Mathur : A 19 year old girl from Delhi. She is my classmate.

Armaan Singhal : A 20 year old guy, senior in my college.

Karan Mathur : A 43 years old man and Shanaya’s father.

Asha Mathur : 40 years old lady, Shanaya’s mother.

Siddharth Sharma : 24 years old guy, Karan’s intern in his hospital.

The story begins here….

‘Kisi ki yaad mere aas pass rahti hai…..’ the song was being played on Armaan’s phone while his 6’ cock was searching its way through Shanaya’s red hot pussy. Her hands were holding the bed sheet tightly and her vagina was flowing with fluids of love all over the place.

Armaan was holding her waist on the either sides while making love in the doggy pose (I call it the Animal pose because it brings out the animal inside you). Their bodies were synchronised with the movement of their king sized bed. The song was unable to suppress their moans. Soon the thumping increased when Armaan reached his orgasm. And then the unexpected happened.

Siddharth banged the door, “What is happening inside? What are you guys doing?” Both were in state of despair, not knowing what to do now. Armaan ran to the washroom.

Siddharth was literally banging the door. Shanaya popped her top hurriedly and wrapped her towel. She went to open the door.

“What were you doing inside?” He asked, noticing her from top to bottom.

“Umm..Nothing. I was sleeping.” She spoke without thinking.

“They why are you sweating?” He could see the drops of sweat on her body, especially on her forehead.

“I guess the AC is not working.” She smiled.

He looked inside and saw the bed in a haphazard manner.

He grinned, “What do you think I am a fool?”

She looked in amazement at him.

“I heard those sounds.” He smiled.

“What sounds?” She asked.

“Your moans, you bitch.” He held her by her waist and tried to pull towards him.

“What the fuck, Sid?” She tried to resist.

“That bastard is inside na?” He smelt her breath.

“Who?” She looked into his eyes.

“Armaan…shall I tell your father?” He grinned.

“No please. He will kill me.” She pleaded.

“Then let me do what I want to do.” He tried to kiss her.

“Fuck…No” she ran towards the bed.

He bolted the door from inside and came towards her. He looked at her with lust in her eyes.

He came over her, held her hands and kissed her. Her resistance gave way to his hands. Their lips were soon indulged in hide and seek game while his hands played with her 36C tits. He held her up and made her sit on his lap so that he could reach her top and pull it out. They stopped for a second and continued kissing again. He looked at her hardened nipples and patted on her tits.

After kissing her for a while, he made her lie down on her back and began working on her tits. He sucked one and played with the other and then reversed the movement after getting enough of one breast. Her moans were growing louder.

“Fuck me Sid!” she groaned.

“You bitch! Suck your honey first, you slut!” he grinned.

She sat and took out his jeans. His 5 and a half rod popped out of his underwear.

“You like this, don’t you?” He asked while kissing her softly.

“Umm…yeah. I can do anything for this.” She licked its tip and then began sucking it in a swirling motion. She spat on it and began galloping it from head to toe. The whole dick was getting disappeared in her mouth. Sid held her by her hair and thrusting her towards his tool so that he could enough of her licking. He was mouth fucking her.

Before he could eject, a harsh sound reached Shanaya’s ears. She left his dick and raised her head to find Armaan with a rod in his hand. Sidharth was lying down on the floor, blood oozing out from his back head.

“What the fuck did you do Armaan?” she rose in a shock.

“What should I have done? He was making you do all this.” He looked frightened.

“Oh, it’s ok.” She tried to hide her lust behind her baby face.

“What to do now?” He asked.

“Leave him for a while and finish what he was doing.” She smirked at him.

“What? Are you still horny?”

“Yeah. Don’t talk much just fuck me” She touched his cock and bent on her knees.

After sucking her for a while, he got the erection.

She laid him down on the bed and sat on him in the cowgirl position. He was not showing much interest in the act and was rather frightened about what will happen next.

She kissed him while swaying in the motion. She bent down and licked his neck.

After reaching her 3rd orgasm, she came down from above him. He woke up holding his dick, quenched in cum.

“What now?” He asked.

“Nothing. I will handle it, love. Don’t worry.” She smiled.

The satisfaction was visible on her face.

She reached for her phone and searched for ‘R’ in her contacts list. The second name ‘Riya Kapoor’ flashed on the screen. She smiled and dialed the number.

“Hey Shanaya!” I spoke.

“Yaar Riya. Gadbad ho gyi yaar. Can you come here?” Shanaya spoke in a dull voice.

“Yeah wait. I will be there in ten.” I hung up the phone.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and our college half-day. So we went to our homes after lunch at 1 o’ clock.

Shanaya Mathur is a spoilt brat of Karan and Asha Mathur. Both are doctors in a reputed hospital in Navi Mumbai. Armaan is her current boyfriend. She likes to change boyfriends like festivals and was never serious with anyone anytime.

But Armaan is a simple guy who is quite serious in their relationship and he loves her to his heart. On the other hand, Shanaya misuses his simplicity and has affairs behind his back knowing that Armaan will not doubt her anytime and she could always show her tantrums if something happens. Of course, changing a boyfriend is always a way for her.

Siddharth was an intern in her father’s hospital. He used to come to her house every now and then after he had seen Shanaya once. He lusted for her and was in search of any chance to fuck her. And that day he got the chance. He came to her home with the excuse to meet her father and heard her moans accidently and tried to get lucky with her. He knew that her father doesn’t like her relationship with Armaan.

I parked my Audi in the garage and rang the doorbell. Armaan opened the door.

“Hi Riya.” He greeted me.

“Hi Armaan. Where is Shanaya?” I asked.

“Hey Riya. Come in.” She spoke from behind.

She made me sit on the couch in the hall and asked Armaan to make coffee for us. He went to the kitchen.

“Yaar Riya. I don’t know what to do with Armaan. He is in love with me. But you know my weakness for guys. Today I was making out with Siddharth, one of my friend and Armaan hit him from behind thinking that he was forcing himself on me. I need you help in this.” Shanaya spoke in one flow.

“How can I help you in this?” I looked at her, confused.

“By converting his love into lust.” She smiled.

“I don’t understand.” I tried to make out what she just said.

“Well, I want you to seduce him and make out with him. Then I may act like I caught you guys. He will be ashamed at his act and then we can involve him in our lustful activities. This way he won’t have any problems about me sleeping with guys. And moreover, you will get a new dick.” She winked at me, clenching my fists.

“Oh! Sure I can do that for you dear. But where is Sid?” I asked.

“He is lying on the floor in the bedroom. Still unconscious.” She stood up.

“Oh Gosh! At least you should have made him lie on the bed.” I woke up too and moved to the bedroom.

I was taken aback seeing the blood on the floor and called for Shanaya and Armaan.

“Help me here with the body.” I cried.

Armaan kept the coffee on the table and helped us in moving the body to the bed. We cleaned the floor and applied first aid on his head. Sid lied there unconscious.Shanaya winked at me and made her excuse to take a shower and left. Armaan handed over the coffee to me and we sat on the couch in the hall.

I was wearing deep neck top, blue in color, with red and white hearts crafted on it and shorts underneath. Purposely, I was bending in front so that he could clear view of my cleavage. I knew that this was an old school trick to seduce somebody but Armaan was a naïve too. So I thought it will work on him. I acted like reading the newspaper and in between was catching glances at him. Finally I caught him looking at my cleavage. He lowered his eyes.

“Hey what are you looking at?” I asked.

“Err…nothing Riya.” He hesitated.

“I know you were seeing my cleavage, didn’t you?” I enquired.

“No no no.” He spoke hurriedly.

“Shall I tell Shanaya?” I asked.

“No please. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” He pleaded like a child.

I woke up and sat beside him. He was still looking down like a guilty person in court.

I held his chin and raised his head.

“Look at me. You like me, don’t you?” I tried to arouse him.

He looked at my face but hesitated to speak.

“Tell me or I will complain to Shanaya.” I threatened.

“Yes yes. You are beautiful. I like you.” He spoke in a sentence.

“And how are my tits?” I winked at him.

“What are you saying?” He was surprised.

“Don’t you like them?” I asked with lust in my eyes.

He didn’t speak anything. I placed his hand on my left boob. He removed it. I placed it again and held it.

“Please don’t do this. This is wrong. I love Shanaya.” He pleaded.

“Don’t you like this, huh?” I bit my lips.

I moved forward and kissed him. He was hesitated but gave up in the end. My tongue found its way into his mouth and soon he began enjoying the act too. His hands were cupping my 34D tits while out lips were sucking each other’s. He was kissing like a beginner but it was good. After all he was just another cock for me.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” Shanaya acted as if she was hurt after seeing us. She was wrapped up in a white towel, coming straight from the bathroom. We were so engrossed in kissing that we didn’t know when she came.

Armaan went to her and cried in apology. He was saying that it won’t happen again. But Shanaya stood like a statue there. After thinking something, she came to me and pulled me towards her. She began kissing me. I was taken by surprise. This was not in plan. I thought to see what is going in her mind and where this all goes.

Armaan was looking at us and we were on the sofa doing lesbian acts. Shanaya pulled out my top and unhooked my bra. I removed her towel. She was smelling fresh after the bath. She moved on to my breasts while placing a finger inside my vagina. It was quite hairy that time. I gasped in a moan at this sudden act of hers.

She was acting like a wild cat, as if in a hurry. During the act, I noticed that Armaan was gazing at my tits which were hanging by the sofa side while Shanaya was totally concentrating on my clit.
I winked at him and called him. He didn’t move. Suddenly Shanaya stood up and held his hand and moved him towards me.

“What are you doing Shanaya?” He asked.

“This is your punishment.” She spoke in anger.

He was obviously hard, his tool was taking shape in her pants. I opened the chain and asked him to lower down his underwear. He did so without questioning.

He was quite big, same like my dad, I remembered. I wished mom would have been there with us. I rubbed it with my hand. He moaned involuntarily. I asked him to come nearer and took his hot dick in my mouth, inch by inch. At my clit, the things were going smoothly.

As Shanaya and I had done lesbian acts before at my place (well that’s a completely different story), she knew how to satisfy me. She was just doing the right things. Within minutes I reached an orgasm and in that moment of satisfaction, his dick came out of my mouth.

Shanaya moved towards him and took his dick in my mouth and began blowing him. His face was enough to say that he was enjoying it like hell. I needed more so I gestured Shanaya and she understood.

“Come and fuck her.” She ordered Armaan. He was amazed at her tone.

I lied on the couch and spread my legs on either sides. He was about to enter me when I stopped him.

“Wear the condom first.” I remembered.

Shanaya went back to her room and pulled out a packet. His dick was losing its shape so she sucked it again to harden it.

He wore the condom and entered me slowly. He was doing it like a novice, slowly and steadily.

“Ram her hard Armaan.” Shanaya cried from behind.

He increased his speed. I had no control on the sounds I was making. She was looking at our act.

“Fuck me hard, you bastard. Fuck me. Harder! Harder! Harder!” I cried in happiness.

He was fucking hard giving me what I generally crave from a guy. I had one of the best orgasm in long time that day.

“Love you, love you so much Armaan. You are a real dick!” I whispered.

“What are you saying Riya? I love Shanaya. I am doing this for her.” He spoke.

“Arey she is saying in happiness. She doesn’t mean it. For her it’s just a gesture.” Shanaya cleared.

“Whatever!” I brought his head towards my boobs and without further notice, he started sucking them. Shanaya also came forward and took another one in her mouth. I felt like a mother feeding her hungry kids, but in a lustful manner.

Suddenly a sound was heard. Everybody looked towards the way from where the sound was coming. What was that? What happened afterwards?

To be continued….

This story will be continued in other subsequent parts. I hope you all may have enjoyed the story and helped yourself well. You can write your suggestions and feedback at my mail id : [email protected] and at my mom’s id : [email protected] who helped me in editing the story.

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Riya Kapoor.