My Neighbour Goddess

Hi again, this is me Adi and this is my second story in Indian sex stories.

I have been reading ISS for more than 5 years and it helped me out in different ways in seducing my aunt and even this neighbor lady

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Let me come to the story.

The story begins when I shift my home to a new area in ernakulam.. The lady in this story is aged.. she is 50 matured one looks likes late 30s.

I was very much attracted to her. From right then I was looking at her in a different appeal. I even fantasized her in my dreams, and used to masturbate a lot. I was eagerly waiting for an opportunity.

She is continuously doing yoga to make her body fit as her body is fit her boobs and bass protrude out too much

The first day in my new home I was looking from upstairs the first thing I saw is the neighbor lady bending and washing clothes she didn’t have any bra.. I forget to mention her name she is thankam..

I was staring at those melons suddenly she looked at me she didn’t understand what I was up too I smiled at her she smiled and continued her work get giving me back my wonderful sight.

In eve my mom went there to meet all the neighbors and got friendly with thankam. We used to give homemade foods which we made to them and vice versa.

One day as usual when I was going with chicken curry to their home.. her hubby was out for work and she was doing yoga when I pressed bell no one came.

The door was half open so I went in and keep the curry on table and turned back and see my beautiful thankam on t shirt and track pants doing yoga. the thing which caught my eyes was her pussy area where she had an hole in her pants.. and made me see her pink panties.

I saw that returned home directly to the bathroom and masturbated 2 times.

2 days after that incident while my mother was drying clothes at terrace and I was also there, then this aunt also came to dry clothes on her terrace, and then the chit chat started between the two. I was enjoying her beauty and her tight boobs which were forcefully fitted into the tight suit with the help of bra.

After her yoga she came and ask who kept the curry on table I said aunty it was me when I came you were doing yoga so I didn’t disturb.. when she was about to go back I asked her can I join for yoga with her.. she readily accepted.

Next that me and thankam started doing yoga I did some exercise and got tired I told her this is enough for me she continued.. still she was wearing that track pants which had hole I was looking the view.. Suddenly she called me I thought I got caught but it was to help her to stretch more from the back.

When I was helping from her back I could see her ass crack.

My thing was in attention.. I somehow hide it. And that day class was end.. in eve I saw her track pants outside I made the hole little bigger so I can see her more..

Next day we repeated the same exercise and last when I was helping her to bend.. I got courage and put my thing out and started to shag it..

I shagged continuously as I was behind she couldn’t see.. I continued this for 2-3 days and the 4th day when I was doing while bending she lost balance and fell on me that time her ass directly sat on my dick.

She in surprise turned back and I was caught red handed. She slapped it made a mark on my face. She was going to tell mom.. I begged her not to tell still my dick was out.. I told her I will do anything for you.. then she told I won’t tell your mom but do as I say.. I said ok

She made me complete naked and tie towel and made me her dog.. when she tell to bark I should that day she told my mom as uncle is out let he stay with me mom allowed.. she slapped my ass so badly it was red in color.. and at night she went to bathroom she took me in.

She was pooping I was beside in knees like a dog.. after pooping instead of washing she made me lick and clean it although it felt disgusting I started enjoying.. She made me lick her pussy for more than 30 mins she had orgasm.

My dick was paining because I am not able to masturbate. My precum was oozing without even touching dick after some time she slept off.. I called her she didnt wake even though I was tortured by seeing her naked body and big boobs my dick was still big.. I got brace and started ramming her pussy.. it went in ease she started moaning aah aah hmm aa in sleep she did it..

Hearing her moaning I started being more aggressive her moaning big louder and she woke up.. when she woke up I took my dick out suddenly but my cum fall on her face and some in her mouth she licked and told me wow it taste good..

She took my dick in her mouth and giving my first blowjob I couldn’t last long.. that full night we had sex.. I licked pussy she licked my dick.. from that day on we regularly have sex.

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