Shy Girl Turns Wild – Part 2

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I posted the first part 1.

So, here is part 2 of the sex story.

After our first encounter, we made plans to meet next night for a movie and dinner.

I was supposed to pick her up from apartment.

Since I was not expecting anything to happen with her, I was kind of nervous and excited. I had fancied her for years and now I could not believe that she was interested in me.

I was eager to meet her. the thought of holding her in my arms and kissing her were making me anxious.

I reached her place by 7, and little did I know what was going to happen next.

She opened the door and I was stunned at the site. She wore a red dress that flaunted her perfect lean figure. Her hair fell on her shoulders and she wore a nice shiny lip gloss. Her dress came up to just above her knees and deep neck cut showed her perfect collar bone.

The nose ring was such a tease and it ensured she looked quite an Indian in her western attire.

I gasped and stood frozen on the door. She smiled, took my hand and pulled me inside as i closed the door. I tried to move in but she puts her hand on my chest, looks me in my eyes and pushed me on to the door.

I was dumbfounded as she came close and kissed my lips. it sent shivers down my spine as slowly my anxiety faded away and i soon felt heat between us.

she slowly started to peck my lips and then soon pressed hard on them. Her hands went in my hair and that started to turn me on. Her Chest was pressed against me while her belly on to my crotch. My hand went on to her waist slowly rubbing her back.

Soon I started to go hard. I was sure she felt my hard cock through my chinos. I started to press her butts and pull her closer to me.

She moans and starts to bite my lips. I was starting to realize how wild she really is. From then on she dominated me on entire date.

She let go of my lips while she pressed her crotch on to me. Gives a sly smile. and starts to kiss my neck. her hand goes in my shirt rubbing my chest while her kisses turn into gentle bites. she starts to bite on my shoulder slowly opening buttons of my shirt.

I was totally in her control. she bite my chest and soon moved down to my belly. her hands were rubbing my thigh and slowly brushing my balls and cock.she goes down and looks into my eyes. and says, So how about the blowjob you wanted, Do you want me to take your cock out and into my mouth.

Those words were enough to stun me. I could only gasp as she opened my pants and pull them down. The huge boner could be seen through my boxers. her palms reached the head and grabbed it, giving it a wiggle.

She owned me then. She slipped my boxers off as my cock sprung up towards her face.

she looked at my as she took it in her mouth. It was her first time so I could feel some teeth. but little pain excited me even more. she enjoyed giving pain apparently.

With one hand she is holding my balls while other goes to my cock. she gentle squeezes my balls and starts to lick the base of my cock up and down the entire shaft. She rolled her tongue around the side before putting tip in the mouth.

She starts to put it in more little by little as her warm tongue makes my cock throb inside her mouth. Soon she starts the stroke her hand with her head movement while I get close to orgasm.

I start to moan aloud and as her rhythm goes faster and so does her grip on my balls. I was amazed how she was doing me. I was close to cumming and told her. But she refused to let go. her momentum increased and she squeezed my balls really hard that i screamed in pain and pleasure as I shot all my cum in her mouth. She did not let go until i feel on the floor.

To my surprise she swallowed the whole thing.

I could barely move. I didn’t think she realized how much guys can be hurt by a ball squeeze. as she freshened up she came up me and realized what she had done.

She helped me getup and cupped my balls and slowly massaged my cock.

Soon I was recovered. I could not believe what just happened and how much I enjoyed it. I loved how she was dressed, how she surprised me and most importantly I loved the pain she caused me.

Soon we for the movie.

I now knew what I was getting into and how hard it was going to be for me to match up to her skills.

I had to come up with a plan and thought movie hall is the way to be.

I was so so wrong.

I could never imagine how crazy this shy girl was.

The movie we decided to go was not really popular and theater was sparsely crowded.

We were in the top row and there were only 2 girls sitting in same row few seats apart.

I thought making out in theater will be exciting and a good come back from me.

As movie started she was holding my arm to her breasts and her head on my shoulder.

I turn towards her and i start to kiss her lips. her firm lips were a delight to kiss. I soon start to kiss her neck, slowly moving to her ear lobes. she starts to moan.

Now it was time to go for the kill. My hands moved on to her boobs as I started caress them and kiss her hard on her ear. I slip my hand in her dress through her neck and grab hold to her boobs. I did not care if anyone sees us. I just wanted to make her go wild.

I knew she was and then suddenly her hand went on to my crotch and grabbed my balls..

I realized I was at her mercy now and it dawned upon me that she knew what effect it has to hold a guys ball. later she told me she got the kick out of it and it turned her on.

She started to squeeze my balls while I lay motionless. and started kiss my ears and now she was in total control.
As she kissed me, she opens zipper to my pants and slides her hand inside my boxer. her warm hands played around my cock and before I knew it she took it out.

I was taken aback. my cock was exposed in public. I asked her to stop but she held my balls with her other hand.

The girls in the seat had seen the act and were looking this way in Awe. I told her that they are looking. It only turned her more and she ensure my cock was visible to them.

I had no option but to do what she pleased. I have to confess I was turned on by this act but was also feeling vulnerable as she had me in total control.

Soon she bents down and takes it in her mouth, Instead of a hard blowjob she starts with kisses all over my cock. The girls in the row were still looking here. I was afraid the might complain.

She really did not care. She kept on sucking my cock and squeezing my balls. she also started gently biting my cock every now and then and then rolling her tongue where she bit it.

Soon I came in her mouth which she swallowed..

I could not have imagined what happened that night. All I could do is enjoy. we saw the movie and I dropped her home.

It was now my turn to play this game.

I shall post more in Part -3 very soon.

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