The Ultimate Receptionist Pune

I accidentally happened to visit this website and over a period of time started liking the sex stories and the experiences out here. Here I am today with my personal encounter with an office colleague of mine. feedback, suggestions, complains, proposals are welcome at [email protected]

Let me take all you guys to a few months back when it all started. I have recently joined this company in Pune and There happened to be a really hot and sexy receptionist with great assets, 34B-28-36. Let’s call her Diya. She was the first female you would encounter, the moment you enter the office to start your day. Wow, its like bliss!!

I had an eye on her since the day 1. I often took her help for any matters related to my documentation and she would respond really well. We started cracking jokes and talking a bit more over the next few days.

She became too comfortable with me and shared her personal talks with me. When I got to know that she was married with a little kid. But later on I even came to know that her husband is an alcoholic and doesn’t care about her. She would often visit my desk and we would chat for long every day. We started chatting on hangouts.

One fine day we banged into each other at the exit of the company premises and we both were about to leave for the day. I asked if I could drop her home to which she responded positively. This was step 1 successfully done. The next day, again i dropped her home with a twist, we both went out for a while and then home.

That day onwards, we became more comfortable with each other and In office we started talking about sex and about sex life. She said “I don’t have a sex life as my husband is an alcoholic”. I felt a bit sad then.

The next day She calls me at 3 in the afternoon and we start talking random stuff. Post all the haywire talks she asks if we could go out for sometime today, to which I said yes and I take her for a ride down to local places in pune.

She starts feeling really comfy and sticks to me rather closely. I feel awesome at this moment and I have a hard on then and there. Lately, we ride down to her house. I stop at her residence and see if I get any signal from her. I look into her eyes and I now have a wish.

To my surprise, She then offered me to come up to her flat to which I had only one answer and that was a yes, y not. But then I try to be patient and I asked her about her kid and family members. She said her kid is in the daycare and will be picked by her maid and was not gonna be home before 6. ” I am not gonna miss this chance”. I whispered to myself and followed her.

We went upstairs and sat for a while. Later we started chit chatting about personal stuff and about office and blah blah. Although I could not get my eyes off her awesome round tite ass and her boobs. She then asked me “what are you staring at ? To which I felt embarrassed and took my eyes off her body for a while.

She then whispered in a very seducing voice, ” do you want to feel them ?” I couldn’t wait for even the next second and I went up to her and started feeling her ass and boobs. Omg, it was absolute heaven, I must tell you. We kissed for a good 15-20 mins.

We started undressing each other. She got really horny and then I removed her bra. She had amazing cups with pointed nipples.

I started sucking those and then I slowly removed her panties and could see her already wet down there. She had amazing pink pussy which was untouched since long I felt. The lips were soft and juicy. I just couldn’t resist those and started eating it slowly. She moaned in pain,” uuuhh aaahh aahhh hhh and she held my hair tight and screamed “go on, dont stop, ohhh yes”.

She already had 2 orgasms by then. Her pussy was wet like hell. She pulled down my undies and took my shaft out which was hard already and ready for a good blow. She gave me an awesome blow for about 10 mins. Now I just wanted to fuck that bitch.

I then held her legs on my shoulder and slowly started penetrating inside her wet and juicy pussy. She felt like a real virgin to me. Yes, She was so damn tight. Wow.. In the next minute itself she stopped me and guess what, she squirted. For the first time I had encountered someone who could squirt. Crazy feeling.

We then switched to doggy straightaway. I then grabbed her ass with both my hands and started fucking her hard. She was miraculously high by then. We had several other positions for 20 odd mins. And finally I came on her boobs. We both were then on the bed naked for the next couple of mins and kissed each other and felt our body parts.

She then said,”it was really awesome and this is after ages that she had felt good and that we shall meet quite often”. This continued for almost the next couple of months.

We met at her place quite often in the afternoons when there was no one at home. We have several good times post that. Then, I recently switched my job and I met several sexy females and hence we are no longer in touch…. But then the sex saga continues with the other females.

It was a discrete relation and no one apart for we two knows about this.

Hope you liked my experience. For Further info, queries, conversations, Inbox me at [email protected] I am raised in Mumbai and now in Pune.