Sex Encounter With Geeta My Indian Sex Stories Friend Part 2

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That afternoon after we had charismatic and a kind of different sex we fell asleep for some 2 hours. I was still on bed, all naked covered by blanket, deep fallen in sleep, when I heard some sound nearby and woke up, there was Geetha, my darling, my baby, she was out of bed and was getting ready, my first question was are you leaving?

To which she replied, no Baba, we are going to market, we will meet with some friend there, then we will eat some famous food items of the city and then we will come back. I was still lying on bed with half eyes closed when Geetha came close and pulled of my blanket and ran aside, I have became so naughty till then that I too walked in same way till washroom.

Geetha said, Oh! My animal is sleeping now, to which I said, you will see the waken up soon. And then I entered washroom got myself ready and came out of hotel.

Geetha had got 1 more pair of dress with her which she wore this time, it was one piece dress of black colour with golden flower prints, Geetha was looking adorable in the dress.

I said to book a cab but Geetha said no we will go by bus and saying so she blinked at me. First I didnt got her, but then I recalled a conversation where Geetha said she wants me to tease her in public area and yes this was the moment she wanted me to do that.

Bus came and me and Geetha stepped inside, crowd was ok ok, we got a seat at back side and we both sat, Geetha was carrying a hand bag with her which she had kept on her laps, and in mean while I was running down ideas as what to do, then suddenly I kept hand on her thighs, as Geetha was in dress so I could easily touch her thighs by just uplifting dress at bit and as soon as I did it Geetha saw directly into my eyes and that was clear indication that I was in right track.

I massaged Geethas thighs for a while and then I leaned forward and kept my head on front seats head portion, adjusted myself and inserted my hands in her top till her pussy and started rubbing it, Geetha was really enjoying the thing and slowly I managed to pull down her panty and inserted my two fingers in her pussy.

I started to give her finger fuck and Geetha was all in pleasure, her eyes were closed and she was holding my one hand by her hand and was just pressing it hard so that she can control her moan and emotions, she was continuously biting her lips, what and exotic moment that was.

To this I was also hard and thought to went further, and leaned towards Geetha bad said do you want more??

Geetha: what is there in your mind

Me: just tell me you are comfortable na!

Geetha: I am having best experience, you just go one.

And to this I just pulled down her panty till her knee. Geetha was shocked by this and she slapped me on my hand hahaha.

Then I pulled down panty and took it out, she was having no idea what I am upto. She was just watching me clue less. I took her panty and kept it in my pocket.

Then I again moved my hand towards Geethas pussy and started rubbing it, it was evening time and Rush was on road so journey was little lengthy. I rubbed Geethas pussy for some 10 minutes and when Geetha finally said Arpit, not any more I will come else, and yes this was the thing I wanted.

I just hold down Geethas hand firmly and increased the speed, speed was increased such that the bus chair were making sound at intervals and this time after running and rubbing and rubbing, I felt something hot fluid on my hand and yes here she came with a loud moan, aaaahh uuuufffff, it was huge in quantity and flows down on her entire thigh area.

I took out my handkerchief and wiped it. Then I looked around to see if anyone was noticing and found that a guy sitting at far corner was noticing you. I told Geetha this and I was really astonished by Geethas revert. Geetha said make me your whore today, dont bother about anything or anyone, just make me your and on which I just kissed Geetha on her lips without seeing around.

After five minutes we stepped down and went to a restaurant nearby. Geetha made meet her friends, we had some gossips and ate some food. Geetha introduced me as her close friend. We were there or 1 hour and then we returned back to hotel.

I was in hotel room with Geetha, I told her lets change and I was taking off my clothes and Geetha was making coffee for us. I went inside bathroom to take shower, no sooner I had entered bathroom Geetha knocks at door, I opened it and she was just in towel standing in front.

Geetha: Will you let me in?

Me: too eager to come in!

Geetha: Thrust of yours dragged me here.

Me: Then have water, shall I bring it for you?

Geetha: Yeah! Bring it on me. All that you have.

Me: I have lot of magical things inside.

Geetha: Then make me you puppet and perform your magic show on me

This conversation made me so horny that I pulled Geetha inside, lifted her and sat in bath tub. I took out our towel and opened the shower. Made Geetha lie beside me and water droplets were falling on us.

I moved my hands on belly of Geetha, to this she got tickling and I kissed her on her chick. Then I moved more towards her and kissed her on her lips, she holds my hand tight and we smooched for about five minutes. That was a scene I could never ever forget.

I slowly moved my hand to her boobs and started pressing them, she was moaning. I bent down took her boobs in my mouth and started sucking then.

While sucking her boobs I also suck water that was falling on us from shower. Also by one hand I was rubbing her nipples of another boobs. In this time Geetha was moving her hand on my back, sometimes just gently moving it though and sometimes punching me by her nails. We were just enjoying the moment.

Then I made Geetha lie in mid of bath tub, I sat on my knee in mid of her legs, spread her legs and placed each leg on surface of bath tub, no they were completely spread and I bent down, hold her ass by my hand and placed my tongue on her pussy.

Geetha suddenly hold her hair and pulled it, I started to suck her pussy by all force I can, I had went deep inside this time. I could feel water droplets on my lips and tongue and as well Geethas cum too. Her taste was amazing. I was getting a complete mix of hold and cold. My god I was licking her pussy so dam hard they she was scratching my shoulders by her nails and I didnt even felt it.

When I got up my lips was all covered by Geethas cum and she wiped it. Geetha hold me in her arms and kissed me. The feeling of pleasure was on our face.

Now I told Geetha to be ready, this time I am going to ride her brutally. And she said do whatever you want, I am just all yours for the time. Treat me the worst way you can and I will prove to be a slave to you.

I stepped down from bath tub and asked Geetha to come out too. I came in room and took glycerin and came back. Geetha was curious to know what I am going to do but seeing glycerin she has guessed what I was upto and loudly she said, God give me strength for this and we both laughed aloud.

I made Geetha lie on her knee just beside bath tub but facing the tub so that Geetha could hold the surface of bath tub when I will push hard and she dont slip down.

I kneeled down just beside Geetha and licked her back for few minutes so as to bring her back into high excitement level and on which I did her. Her pussy was again wet by my licking on her back and the I opened the bottle and applied glycerin. Her hole was small and tight as well. I applied some on my dick and Geetha have to good massage that it became iron hard to drill in.

I targeted my dick on her hole and started to push it in, till now Geetha was silent. I hold Geethas wait tight and gave it a push, and by this one fourth of my dick was in, Geetha shouted so bad on this, and started to cry.

I waited there in same position for few minutes to get her normal and then I started to insert inside. Geetha was shouting aaahh uuuhh uuufff eeeehhhh and this sound her her was giving me strength to go more and more deep. Finally I was all in. What a grip I had became when I completely inserted my dick.

Then I said Geetha to hold the tub tight and I started to move out and in, for first five minutes it was as slow as I could do so as to enlarge the holes and when Geetha said that she think it good now, I started my speed, within fraction of minutes I have started to ride her badly.

I was banging her one after one shot and she was moaning in pain and pleasure. The more she moan the more I apply pressure. Water was all over us. We were wet, Geethas body was wet and so was my dick. With every shot it was sounding splash splash.

Geetha till then had became full excited and started to moan more loud and to this I started slapping her ass. Every time I go in I was slapping her ass. They have turned dark red by my slaps and I was riding her like anything.

After minutes of fuck I was about to come and Geetha said cum inside only. I was in last seconds when my cum was to come, my speed had increased tremendously, my dick was all red due to hard fuck, Geetha was also tired till now and then finally it came, it came inside Geetha and she had it all. I was there in same position for three to four minutes and let the last drop also come in her. Geetha said she felt it inside and she was really happy by this experience.

Then we both lied down in bathroom itself for few minutes, then we took bath and came to room. We both dried each other and wore clothes.

We had coffee and Geetha took a small nap of thirty minutes.

Then she got up. We got ready as I had to leave for airport.

The day is still in my memory as fresh as it was then and will be always with me.

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