From Train To Bed With Co-Passenger

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I am back with yet another sex story to entertain you and I promise to keep you all busy with your hand(s) ;) . Those who wanted direct action, just stay away and save your time. This is unusually a bit long story. I promise that it’ll live up to the hype and you shall never regret the time you invest in this story. And forgive me for that grammatical error as I don’t look back on the flow of this enthralling encounter. Here you go.

I’m Khanna, from Chennai. 26 years old. To know more about me, please read my previous stories. And, I thank every single good hearted people who gave feedback on my previous stories. This story is all about my recent experience. Happened less than a month ago with an awesome person with great character whom I had to meet during a train journey from chennai to pune.

I was very badly in need of a break and also been so long since I met my friends who are working in pune. I’ve planned my trip so that it coincides with a long weekend. I started on a weekly basis train that plies between chennai and pune in the afternoon. I never bothered to look the chart as I never had a shade of luck of travelling along with a woman co-passenger. And when I entered my respective coup, it was all empty.

I was the only one boarded it @ chennai. Mine was a side lower berth in a sleeper class compartment. I sat easily and comfortably and started reading a book. Then came renigunta ( a station near tirupathi), the train was all full. People settled and occupied their respective seats. I checked on the other side of seats, it was occupied by two families that had 2 couples and a girl of 21 year old with good looks. She was wearing a 3/4th trouser and a t-shirt. I never thanked my stars nor my luck as I thought I had no chance of getting to know that beauty.

I tried not to look on the other side to see her and focused on my book. Nevertheless, our eyes met for 3 or four times for a few seconds in a row before putting a screeching brake by something or the other one. Her family had dinner early and tried to sleep and seems she was not asleep. She came and sat on my already stretched lower berth on the other end. I exchanged just looks and tried my level best to not take eyes of my book but in vain.

Around 10, she started talking over the phone after her family dozed off. And I thought that one percent hope vanished as she is already having a boyfriend. She was in the call for nearly an hour. The chance to even talk to her has become a distant reality or I would prefer to say that my thoughts have assisted those chances to a peaceful demise.

At 12.30 a.M, “what were you reading? “, a voice asked from other end. I just looked up to see that she was asking me directly. The light near my berth is the only one that’s visible by the time she asked that question. We had to introduce ourselves formally and she said she had been on to madurai and tirupati via chennai as a part of her boring family pilgrimage. We were talking about chennai and the places she had been through.

She: enough of tech talks. Can we talk something else?

Me: sure. I thought you were committed and talking to someone over an hour,

She: ahh. That’s nothing. Just so called my bf who was in IIT- madras.

Me: must be lucky enough to have one,

She: nah. We hardly meet. Nothing romantic as he is very studious and dumb you see.

Me: good to know. So?

She: nothing much. Thought you were smart enough to understand wink .

Me: its almost 1 a.M. I’m gonna sleep.

I could see a disappointment in her eyes, yet I wanna test the waters. Before we slept, we made sure we exchanged our contact numbers. Although she was 5 yrs younger to me, I never thought of her like my sister nor she considered me as her brother, the best I could make it from our thoughts at least. And then she went to sleep after bidding goodnight to me with a wicked smile.

I tried my level best to sleep. I’m not an early bird, as though in travel, I was partly asleep and got up at 6.30 in the morning. I was all fresh as the train reached sholapur. She woke up after that, and almost half my coup was empty. I shifted to adjacent berth and started reading my book. She came and sat beside me after an hour and we started chatting after that.

Before reaching pune, she had to use her restroom and had to bid me goodbye. Right after she came from bathroom I was dumbfounded and shocked to see her in an very short dress that resembled like a guy;s boxer plus with a nerd glass. She signalled me as to how she looked, I had to words but to raise my eyebrow as to she looked “ek number” and sexy. We both smiled and parted our way.

I reached my friend’s place in the afternoon and I was busy that day. Got a call from an unknown number by 11.40 in the night. I missed it anyway, I knew it was her and got back to the same after an hour or so. We spoke for more than 30 mins and all my friends had to raise their eyebrows when I was in her call. We agreed upon meeting the next day as she told she would bunk her college and come to meet me nearby the place I was staying with my friends.

We planned to meet up for a coffee around 12 and we ended up meeting at 1 p.M in a nearby mall and we spoke a lot of personal things and she gotta know about my relationships and all, yet, she was impressed about my ambitions and everything. And then came the topic.

Me: how about a movie, if you don;t mind?

She: sure thing winked.

We went to a flop movie and since it was a weekday, the theatre was all empty.

She: it so happens that we end up in a empty hall… what do you think?

Me: nothing. I thought we could spend some time.

She: are you serious? (she held my hand in the meantime)

Me: yes. I thought it was my privilege to spend sometime with a hot woman like you and I put my hands on her shoulder with no objection from her,

She: you know what? I was way too impressed on the way you spoke last night. You were too direct and spoke your mind when it came to my questions without any apprehensions, I loved it and I am about to break up wit my bf.

Me: I’m honoured.

She: assist my already broken relationship to a peaceful demise.

And bang,

Our lips met, we had one crazy smooch with my hands around her shoulder. We kept exploring our tongue and I was too excited, she started running her hands all through my hairy chest by opening the buttons of my shirt,. I reached out to her boobs over her t-shirt and started pressing her tender and firm boobs. Oh. What a passion, she directly kept her hands over my boner and unzipped mine and took my dick out and had a look at it…

She: you’re bigger than my bf,, and I want it at ant cost.

Me: sure babe. It is all yours. Treat him gently.

She: I wanna take him in my mouth and drench him with my saliva,

Me: hold your tigress. Can you come to my flat for more adventure ?

She: (without any second thoughts), I just can’t wait for it khanna, make it happen soon.

We came out of theatre even before the intermission. And in the meantime, I called my friend and asked for his permission through indirect talks. And he granted me his permission tacitly and wished me to have fun,

We reached our flat. It was a 3 bhk flat. As soon as we entered, I took her to the room where we would be comfortable. I pushed her in and locked my bedroom,

She: make me your fuck doll and let this pune trip be memorable to you. Let this be a welcome pack and a gift.

Me: never say more.

She ran up to me and our lips met. It was an accident as he banged right over my lips and locked the same, ahhh. She made me pick her up and she locked her legs across mine and I was literally carrying her while we were having one hell of a smooch.

She bit my lips and I was like “ouccchh”, she asked me take it as a love bite and in remembrance of my trip and she went on to suck my oozing blood over lips. That was too sexy.

In the meantime, I removed her t-shirt and felt her stomach by pinching all over her fair ski and made it turn red only to suck them and soothe those spots later.

She helped me remove my shirt. I was with my pant and so he is with her purple bra that supports her 32 inches boobs by not letting it fall down,. Trust me guys, although it was not big, it stood firm and healthy. She maintained it well. I felt it was lovely with a purple bra supporting her fair boobs. You see the contrast :p

I hugged her and tried unfastening her bra from behind as I was going crazy all over her neck by placing multiple kisses and giving them wet patches and kisses. She was all excited and in the meantime I threw her bra off. I found those melons with cherry tipped areola. It was all erected and poked only to tempt me more and go made over it, I took one of those over my lips and stared biting it in a gentle way. “ahhhh”, “suckkk it… eat itttttt” were the only words that came out her mouth,

I went on to squeeze one and tasting the other one in a ruthless but yet in a gentle and sext way so that she could enjoy the same. She was all excited she ran her hands all through my hair and pressed my head more into her boobs. And I didn’t wanna discriminate on her other boob, I went on even crazier and sucked her nipple very wildly, all she could do was to breath heavily and held my head even closer,, I even went on to remover her jean button and tried removing it halfway while I was it totally. She even coopered and adjusted herself to remove the same.

She did the same to me and held my already erected dick over my boxer. She pushed me into the bed and made me sit. She removed my boxer and held my little boy with a devilish smile on her face, she went on knees only to take my monster in her mouth as she promised to drenched it with her saliva.

She took the tip and rolled her tongue all over it and I felt an untold ecstasy in me… man. She licked my precum clean and sucked my nerve sprouting cock like pro with her nerd glass on. I felt like I was being sucked by horny girl in american porn movies. She is an undisputed champ in giving the ultimate blowjob. She blew my mind too. And in the end, after 15 mins or so, I couldn’t hold myself back and I had to cum in her beautiful mouth. I couldn’t help myself nor I could hold myself any longer, such was the greatness of her beautiful blow job.

And it was my turn to return the favour. I carried her and put her on bed and forcefully removed her black panty only to witness her exquisitely trimmed pussy. I never believed in love at first sight. But it made me do so. I went between her legs by spreading it. And eventually asked her to enjoy the same by enclosing her legs all around my head and neck., she gave no breathing space but the scent of her already oozing pussy would beat nothing,, I licked it clean and chewed her pussy lips. “ahhh. Khannaaa… tongue fuck meee…. I’m loving it, do your tricks…”

She came in by holding my head and neck even tighter. And I drank her love juices like a hungry kid. It tasted heaven as we both were lost in each others happy blend of love and lust, she was gasping heavy breaths… I went near her and slept beside her.

She: I loved every bit of it. It is nothing short of a magic.

Me: I just had to discharge my duty to a sexy woman. I’m glad you loved it,

Shel oh, yes. Its time for me to love more than what happened till now. winked she threw her glasses off. And went on her knees only wake up my limped dick. In the meantime, I smooched her and kissed all over her neck to drive her crazy. And she humbly took my dick in woke up my limped dick to his pole position. In no time, I was all recharged and up like anything,

I asked her to stop and made her lie down. I started teasing her by keeping and rubbing my pole like dick all over her pussy. She had a naughty laugh over her face and guided my dick into her pussy.

She: “ahhhh… khanna. It feels too good to have you in me. Show me the heaven… I wanna be there… my useless bf is nothing. I feel bad to loose my virginity to him.

Shouldve met you earlier and lost it to hunk like you. The mere look on your nerves sprouting dick makes me wet. Drivee me crazy,, I want this ride to be in my mind for the times to come.

Me: it’s better late than never baby. Ill try all the best things I could and smoothed her madly before starting the drilling.

I slowly started drilling that wet and lubricated pussy… slow and steady and man, her face glowed in a smile and no sign of remorse that she;s cheating on her bf. She is loving every bit of my strokes.

I started at humble pace with deep strokes with no urgency as I wanted her to enjoy it to the core, I was giving her long strokes at a very slow pace. As time progressed, her leg enclosed all around my hips and that was indirectly a signal for me increase the pace…

She: khannaaa…. Make me your slut. I dont mind calling myself to be so when it comes to you as you;re a great lover… do it till you get sore. I don’t want you to stop. Get us to where we belong.

Me: sure babe. You’re smooth and soft like a sponge…

I drilled her pussy in the best pace as her boobs started bouncing and dancing to the tunes of my pace. Who would resist that sight? I had to suck and bite her boobs parallel and I was into my best full pace as I drilled her even deeper and faster. She came once in the meantime and I didn’t stop me amidst her wild moans. I gave all my best things I could. And I went on exploring her pussy by showing no mercy even after she had to cum once, right after the 10th minute, I asked her
Me: I’m about cum darling.

She: fill me in with your warmth…. I wanna feel it getting inside,,

And then, we came together only to collapse on her and end up with kissing her cherry lips. We were totally tired after that. Slept hugging each other for some time and in the meantime, we turned naughty and she held my dick only to wake him up. I’ve asked her this.

Me: how about a shower drill?
She: that’s my fantasy. Why not?

I carried her to the bathroom and turned on the shower with cold water with the already cold weather. And there we are, under the shower, going mad over our lips and all over the body, she asked me to turn around and I did. I went on kissing all over my back till my arse. She went under my arse only to catch my balls and started chewing and sucking them vigorously. My dick was all up under the shower of already cold water in a cold weather.

She sucked my balls and came up to my dick and took it in her mouth. I’ve asked her to stop it in 2 minds and took the hand shower and sprayed it over her pussy and fingered her pussy. I went down and sucked her pussy with greater zeal than I did before. She was all going crazy by running her hands through my already wet hairs,

After few mins, I’ve asked her to stop the shower and asked her to go on a doggy position. I held her head and wet hair for balance and inserted my already erected dick inside her pussy. Oh… what a pleasure as it was too cold and only hot place I could sense was her pussy and it gave a shot in my arm to wet more warmth in a cold weather.

She: “ahhhh… khannnaa…. Your dick is too hot and soothes my already cold body… keep drilling…

He: same here dear… only warmth I get right now is from your burning pussy full of love and lust. I’m not gonna leave that till I quench my desire and thirst for some warmth.

I kept drilling her deep and giving her long strokes by holding her hair for balance and she had no complaints about that as she started moaning. Her moans started echoing in the bathroom and it made me go wild and drill her in a very rough way,, she enjoyed each and every stroke and we both came together after a handsome time and fucked till we got sore.

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