Am I An Angel Or A Devil Part 7

Hi guys, back to you is Deepthi. Hope you all enjoyed my series of my life incidents.

Coming back to the sex story….

When I went to take bath my phone ringed. I went to take the phone and saw Shyam calling me. I took the phone in shock.

Shyam: hey babe what are you doing?

Me: waked up just now Shyam and going to take bath.

He: don’t take bath babe. I am on the way.

I don’t know he is going to bring now. I called my dad and informed him everything. He said he will come as soon as possible.

Shyam came after 20 minutes. He knocked the door. I opened the door and he came inside.

Shyam: Hai honey you look so hot even when you are dirty.

Shyam: Here take this lotion to remove the tattoo. It will vanish if you use this lotion.

Shyam: you have just one hour. Remove all your tattoos and get ready.

I simply got the lotion and went to my room. I took a nice bath and put some makeup and came down to have breakfast. Shyam was waiting for me down in the sofa.

He: you look beautiful now honey.

Me: what do you want now Shyam? Why are you doing like this?

He: don’t be tensed honey we have a lot to do today.

He: you will enjoy the most of your life today.

Me: please don’t do this Shyam I am not gonna do whatever you say today.

He just showed some videos and pics of mine. I just stood still with tears in my eyes. He came near me and wiped the tears and said please don’t cry honey just cooperate me. You will be fine.

Me: okay Shyam.

The time was around 12.00.

He: come on honey, we are going out now.

Me: where Shyam?

He: Just come honey. I will take you.

He took me to the same tattoo parlor where he took me before. When we went inside the shopkeeper greeted us with a smiling face and told us to wait for few mins.

The truth is I slowly started to enjoy whatever he says. Exposing my body in public and fucking strangers and going sexy in public. I really started to enjoy those things.

The shopkeeper came after 15 mins after completing the customer.

Shopkeeper: how are you, sir? And what do you want?

Shyam: I am fine. Look she is here to have some more tattoos.

Shopkeeper: okay sir. What do you want now? Should we give anesthesia now too?

He looked at me and smiled naughtily.

Shyam: I think there will be no need of it

Shyam: first print SLUT in the back side of the neck. It should be clearly visible. The font should be in some Chinese.

Shopkeeper: okay sir.

He began to start his work. He told me to lie upside down and printed SLUT in my back neck.

Shopkeeper: what next sir?

Shyam: print sketch of a nude man just below the abdomen on both side. The cock of the men should point at her pussy. So two men, with their cocks facing the pussy, just above the pussy in both sides and below the abdomen.

When he said that, I was so excited. The shopkeeper came near me and told me to remove my t-shirt. I removed it without hesitation. I was wearing jeans. I also wantedly lowered the jeans till my knees so the shopkeeper can work freely.

The shopkeeper finished the tattoo in 30 mins.

Shyam: now print the tattoo of the hand showing middle finger in the lower back just above the ass crack.

The shopkeeper printed that tattoo too.

Then Shyam told the shopkeeper to print a tongue tattoo in my cleavage.

Finally, I had a slut tattoo in my back neck and two nude men pointing their cock in my lower abdomen just above my pussy and a middle finger in my lower back and a tongue in my cleavage.

I felt that it was over. But Shyam told the shopkeeper to print some words in my biceps. It states “PRESS MY BOOBS AND GET A FREE KISS.” He told to print it on both of my biceps. Finally, after having all the tattoos. I wore my t-shirt and my jeans and began to left the shop. Suddenly the shopkeeper came towards me and pressed my boobs.

Shyam ordered me to kiss him as printed in my hands. I kissed him and went out of the shop. The time was around 2pm. We went to have some lunch at a hotel and finally reached the house around 3pm. Shyam told me to take some rest as we are going out today evening.

I went to my room and removed my dress and saw the tattoos. I was like a pornstar who is having all the tattoos in my body. I just wondered what was waiting for me today evening. I decided to take a little nap as I was very tired.

Evening at 5.30 Shyam came and entered my room. He pinched my nipples hard that I woke up. He told me to take a nice bath a wear the dress in the parcel. I just went to the bathroom and took a bath and came outside. I opened the parcel and saw tube tops and a mini skirt inside it. Actually, the tops and the skirt are very good in looking. I just wore my bra and the tops and the skirts with contrasting panty.

I went down to see Shyam. He came near me said, “I said to wear only what I gave.” And he ordered me to remove the bra and panty. I removed before him.

I was just in my tube top. It started an inch below my boobs and ended just above my boobs. It is a strapless top. All my tattoos are clearly seen now. My cleavage is brightly visible with the tongue tattoo. Actually, I wore the mini skirt just below my navel to cover the nude men tattoo. Shyam lowered my skirts that my tattoos are clearly visible.The skirt is very short that one could easily find that I am not wearing anything inside.

Shyam then removed my piercing jewel and replaced it with a small penis statue. I could not even believe what he is doing to me. I certainly looked perfectly like a very cheap slut.

He then took me to his car and made me sit in the front seat. I really enjoy being exhibitionist in public. I slowly started to enjoy each and every moment and orders given by Shyam. After driving for few minutes he stopped the car on a roadside and shop and told me to buy a pack of cigarettes. I saw many local people there. I shamelessly went and bought him a pack of cigarettes. When I came to the car I saw all the pants are bulged by seeing me.

He then took me to a pub. By the time we reached the pub it was around 6.00 PM. We went inside the booked hall. I was just thinking who was waiting there inside and proceeded forward. When I went inside my head just overwhelmed for a second. I saw my classmates inside. All their eyes are on me. They never saw me like that. There were around 15 boys and I am a single girl there.

They all were stunned to see my like that. There was a complete silence for a minute there. When Shyam broke the silence by saying “why are you all very silent now? never saw a girl before?” They just said no not like that.

Then they continued to have their party. Actually, it was one of my classmates birthday. Then the song was made to play. Shyam interrupted and said, “let the slut dance.”

I said I don’t know to dance for which he showed his phone and told me to dance. Almost all the boys were drunk by the time.

One guy came near me and read PRESS MY BOOBS AND GET A FREE KISS loudly so that all could hear. He then pressed my boobs hardly from my tops and asked to kiss him.

I too kissed him for few minutes without any hesitation. Then another boy took his phone to take a photo of me while Shyam interrupted and said no photographs. Do anything you want but no photos. This time, I like him. Slowly one boy pulled my tops down and said “” see this slut is not wearing any inners. Lets enjoy.”

By telling that he made me lie on the large dining table. He then started to lick my nipples. Only he is playing with me while others were just watching him with a shocked face. Suddenly the waiter came inside the room.

Shyam gave him a 1000 rs note and told him not to come inside until they call. He just left out but saw me lying semi-nude on the table.Then other classmate came and pulled my shorts down too.

Then slowly all of then came and licked my body and bite me in every part and licked my pussy and kissed me all over my body. But Shyam was simply sitting in a chair and watching me with his phone recording me.

Then a guy fucked me followed by other. By the time the second guy fucked me almost all the boys masturbated and cummed on my face and body. After the second guy left I just shouted and cried in pain.

I just said that “please leave me its very paining now. I beg you please don’t fuck me. I cant take it anymore.” I said it with crying face as I was in much pain. Then Shyam told me to have some drinks. I took 3 shots of drink. They all closed their zips and started to leave one by one. Shyam ordered me to have a cigarette.

I smoked few times with my friends once. So when Shyam gave me I just smoked. Then due to the drink, the pain began to vanish. Then again a guy came near me and removed my dress. This time, there were only 5 guys left inside while others went out. Two guys fucked me both in my holes at the same time. This time, I was enjoying and moaning and shouting in pleasure. They just cummed all over my body.

Then I wore my clothes. Then we took few more shots. Shyam then told that its time to leave. I was just in my tube tops and mini skirts with my face and body covered with cum. I just smelled like cum girl.

When we began to leave the room the waiter came. He just saw all my tattoos clearly now and read the statement in biceps. He then came near me and brought his hands near my boobs.

Me: hey! What are you trying to do?

Waiter: I am just doing what is written in your hand, madam.

He then squeezed my boob with a wicked smile. He touched the cum in my boobs and in my body. He smelled it and wiped it around my face. Shyam was just looking all this. He then asked where is the free kiss. I kissed him for few secs and began to leave.

Shyam told me to come like that without whipping the cum in my body.I was in a semi-drunk state.

By the time we left the pub it was around 9.30PM. We left the pub and went to the car. We then went to a restaurant.Actually, it was empty. Only we were there in the restaurant. We went inside the couples room.

The waiter came and took the order. He was always staring at my tattoos my boobs and my cum covered body. He then placed the order and we finished the dinner. When we went to leave he came near me and hesitated to tell something.

Me: what? Do you wanna do what is written in my hand?

Waiter: well actually mammm…

Me: go ahead. Do it.

He then pressed my boobs and I kissed him in return. We then left the restaurant. All the waiters were seeing me like a cheap whore or slut with my dress and tattoos. I really liked those views and the dirty comments they passed on me.

All the things done by Shyam awakened the sex animal sleeping inside me. Now I am ready to do whatever he says.Shyam too understood it.
Let me explain what happened next in my upcoming stories…

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