Dinner Followed By Sweet Cream Juicy Desserts

Hi readers, I am Jovan back again with next part of my experience.

After having a great time with aru in the bus (https://www.indiansexstories.net/couple/bus-journey-led-invitation-pleasure/) we ended up taking each other’s skype id and Gmail id.

Obviously, both of us weren’t sure if it was just like a one time experience or we can continue. After all, it happened on the bus.

Aru and I were strangers and both working in different MNCs in Hyderabad. So there was a chance that we could meet later once we go back to Hyd after our holidays. She is fair and her hair is silky smooth. I am 5’9” and I would say due to cricket and badminton I have maintained myself pretty well even after staying in Hyderabad where you will get tasty food and ice cream parlors every corner. Cream and stone especially.

But today I am going to share experience about different desserts.

I was waiting to get an email from her after we got down. It was a nervous time when you expect something but really not sure if you going to get it but your mind keeps thinking about getting what you expecting all day. And yes after waiting for almost 6 to 8 hours ,my mobile vibrated with an email from arus id. And we started conversing regularly till we got an idea that I will buy tickets on the same bus from which she is going back to hyd from Mumbai. I booked 2 seats and she had already booked for her.

It was so special to see her smile because of happiness to see me in the same bus that she stood up as soon as I entered the bus and we shook hands and sat next to each other without wasting any time. And then she really started opening up about herself , and her school time college time and other stuff. I was loving that talk. She was touching my hand while narrating different things. That touch was giving me mesmerizing feeling like being loved.

That bus journey was special too but we controlled ourself because we both knew we going to meet at her place in next couple of weeks. We reached hyd and parted away for daily routine. I started meeting her and as it was an august rainy season, she told me one wish that she would like to go for a bike ride and a drizzle. I asked her to let me know once she is free so that I can show where I was staying. I stayed in kothaguda area which is near to hi-tech.

I picked her up from her office in raheja mindspace and rain started she was leaning on me and I was loving her soft rounds on my back. She was leaning so she could listen what I was talking and she just came much near to my ear and she tried biting my ear in a flirtatious way. I was turned on by her gesture and I just glanced at her while driving and without wasting any minute she planted a kiss on my cheek.

Me:”I am going to show you my room. And there I am going to be yours”

Aru:”haha.. Don’t start running your imaginations run wild for now..”

Me:”why not?”

Aru:”will see” and she winked.

Adjusting mirror to talk to pillion rider is art.

My pg was mens pg and I reached there with her and khadoos caretaker started interrogating us.

Due to the language problem , he could not understand me.So aru pitched in and convinced him in little Telugu she knew that it is office work and it will take only 5-6 minutes to come back.

To my surprise , caretaker agreed. While going in the lift I was looking at her with love lust and a thankful way to get approval from the caretaker. I said “today’s kiss will be special and you going to love that”

She pinched me so hard and laughed. Once we entered room luckily everything was arranged by me 1 night before and I had one dairy milk on my table. Without wasting time I hold her waist and pulled her toward me and saw at her eyes.

She looked for 2 sec and kept her head on my chest and then she immediately looked at my lips and started smooching. Ohh…. Man those lips were so soft.. I can still feel it on my lips. Soft lips sucking my lower lip and doing the same for her was passionate.

It continued for 2 minutes and then I offered her dairy milk for getting approval. Dairy milk silk as you all know melts fast and if you are eating that with your love, it turns the thing on. I opened that wrapper and took one bite which started melting so I kept my finger on her mouth.

She took it in the mouth and sucked my finger and looked at me. Well, that was arousing. She gave one bite to me and while eating I painted my lip with chocolate. And I kissed her with a chocolate lip. The room was getting filled with mmmm … Ummm and kissing sound.That kiss took more time than usual as it was tasty. When normal kiss turns into french , where we were touching tongues were super sensational.

She pulled me away and ran aside on other side of bed saying “remaining silk is mine and you won’t get it now” with that girlish cuteness in her eyes.

I had a smile on my face when we left from my room with that soft kissing session.

She said that she wants to invite me for dinner when there won’t be much crowd in her apartment and no one would be inquiring like my khadoos caretaker.

We decided that during Dussehra most of the people going on vacations and that time it will be best suitable time to plan a dinner at her place. I was literally counting days for Dussehra. And that day appeared.

I shaved clean got ready and picked some ice cream and flowers for her. I reached as she directed the route via gachibowli circle and reached her place. She confirmed from her window that I am at right apartment.

Her flat was on 2nd and I knocked at her door and she opened. I was jaw dropped. She was looking gorgeous in that skirt with a little frill. And tank top. Her white milky skin was glowing. Her hair was set free.. “wow” was my comment while I was standing in doorstep. “get inside 1st and then pamper me” she said and pulled me inside. I gave her flowers and had a look at her flat. Nice clean well arranged and aromatic. The fragrance was filled with happiness.

She was preparing paneer butter masala and roti and salad for dinner and asked me to sit outside but barely I could watch tv as her kitchen was visible from the hall where I could see her back. That tank top was revealing her shape and a little portion of the back. I played songs channel and went to see what’s cooking. She was swift in her work and sharing some tips for kitchen work. I could only focus on those lips when she was talking. Tempting.

We had a very nice dinner along with salad and she was rushing for completing post-dinner kitchen tasks. I said “ what’s the hurry about,” she said :”I don’t want to think about kitchen once we sit for having desserts” with that valid point she disappeared in the kitchen and then in 5 min, she came back with bowls of ice cream. I took it and kept aside and hold her hand and kissed for making good food. Though it sounds little dramatic, filmy, it was worth doing. She blushed

We sat on her mattress beside each other and kept legs stretched on one another.

Me :” I am going to eat this ice cream very slowly because later I got to go back-back”

She : “ what??!?!!”

Me : “well dinner is done and so delicious food I had. Thanks to you my dear chef.”

She: “you leaving now???” and looked very angrily

Me: “yeah… “

She : silence

Me : “I am not believing that am going to get to stay with you tonight. So I think I have to leave. It will be dream to stay here but it’s just a dream unless you pinch me to take me out of this dream you pinching machine”

She : after pinching again“wait and see where I am going to pinch you tonight”

I jumped with joy in my mind and planted a kiss on the cheek.

I was tempted to touch to her thighs when we were sitting so after finishing my ice cream I kept my head on her lap.And moved her skirt up and said “aru you really have nice legs. Smooth and sexy”

She: “someone is getting naughty now”

Me : “of course” and I started running my fingers from her toe to her thighs. She was enjoying that. I started rubbing on her leg and she started pulling my hair in that passion.

From side way, I moved to her front and was kissing her toe fingers and then ankle and knee….I touched inner part of her thighs. And she closed her eyes. I moved up and up while kissing her thighs. And I took her skirt little up and up with every move. She started bending her back and shivered.

Me:” you are so soft. Please allow me to check how soft you are inside” and smiled. She was lost in the heat and pulled my head towards her thighs while widening her legs. I kissed to very near to her panty.

N gently bite her there and she loudly moaned : “ ohh mamaah!!”

I touched her pussy over her panty and it was so wet. I slide it away and touched my fingers to her vertical lips. “ahhh… touch it again there” she gasped. I rubbed with my index finger over her pussy and then to get complete access I asked her to remove her panty. She removed her panty within a fraction and I could see well-shaved pussy with pink entrance inviting me.

I continued rubbing her for a while before inserting 2 fingers.

“ohhh slowly” and she tapped my shoulder and then I used my saliva to lubricate more. And then inserted 2 fingers properly and started to and fro movement. She was biting her own lips and pulling me towards her. I took some ice cream from her bowl which she forgot to finish as I started having my desserts. And I kept that ice cream on her love hole. Cream sweet and the little juicy taste was mixed so well to take me high.

By then she started undressing and was waiting for me to get undressed so she can get into action. After licking her wet juicy pussy she removed my t-shirt and unzipped my jeans. And pulled jeans along with my inner in one go. My shaft was geared up already. She took it and looked at me with a grin.

With that warm mouth around my dick, she was stocking. I loved that view. I moved her hair away from her face which was blocking my view. She stopped in that position and without moving her head she gave me tingling sensation inside by rotating her tongue over my head portion of rod vigorously. It was making me lose my control.I could see her erect nipples under a tank top. I removed it and unhooked her bra.

While I was lying on the mattress I couldn’t hold them. So I sat on the bed at corner and she was sucking while sitting on knees and I was holding those soft but firm round boobs.

After a while, I asked her to sleep beside me and I fondled her breasts. I circulated my fingers around her nipple which made them tighter. And then I sucked them one by one… it was getting hotter there and she said: “insert fingers again in my pussy”.(please fingers dalo na niche)

Me. : “ why fingers now.. We can go for the main thing”

She : “ condom??”

Me : “ya I keep one in wallet”

She : “why r you waiting for then?”

I took a condom from the wallet. I wore it on my rod and started rubbing over her pink entrance.

She :” insert!!!”

Without wasting time I guided slowly and steadily by small jerks till it entered completely inside which was confirmed by that satisfying feeling that it is  gone inside deep now.

She moaned loudly on last push and then I gave time for us to get adjusted. I gyrated myself little to make her used to that sweet pain and then I started stroking.

With every push she was pulling me and kissing me on chest neck and wherever she could reach.

I increased my pace and took her thighs to get a good grip so that I can thrust in a better way.

She was getting that pleasure-pain which was visible on her face. Now she got into the rhythm and started moving for maximum sensations. I was stopped by her to catch her breath and then she decided to take control and came on top of me.

She guided my dick and glided inside her and then started throbbing herself on me. I could see those boobs moving so while lying on the bed I hold them. While riding on me she took her hair and tied them on one side. That was dream come true like a view in real.

With her on top and boobs in my hand which I was squeezing and pinching the nipple. I was getting feeling that I will come. So I asked her to wait but she was in no mood to listen as she was hitting her spot.

So I took her waist and pumped up my dick inside with pace and I could feel my cum was gushing all the way from base to top. And I started moaning. “I am coming…I am coming” she was getting into full speed as well and then she too started moaning very loudly and we both came at same time.

Her juice was flowing on my groin and she was exhausted and needed a rest so she kept her head on my chest without moving from the same position. I let her take rest in that position for a while and carefully lifted her so that I could go and wash after our act.

While coming back to bed from the bathroom I grabbed a paper napkin and handed over to her and then after she cleaned her juicy pussy we pulled a blanket and cuddled each other.

Sleeping with thighs in between my legs and holding her very close I kissed her forehead and we relaxed that night without any more action as we both were equally satisfied.

Hope you like the story. Let me know if you like it.

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Have a warm winter night