Enjoying With My Colleague Part 1

Hi, to all ISS readers who are reading this sex story. This is my first story in Indian sex stories. I am reading stories on this site from the last 3 years. I am 21 years, 5.5″ tall guy with 5″ tool.

The story may be long. It is a real story.

Talking about my angel, she is 5.3″ tall. Her name is Netra. Her figure is 32-24-34. A perfect match for me. She is 25 years old girl. She is a working woman. She works in a school as a teacher who takes classes for the primary section.She always wear churidar. Very often, she wears saree and that day will be a Diwali for all those who sees her.Seriously guys, if you see her you will be on cloud 9. She is that much of a smoking hot beauty.

Let me directly start the story without making any further delay. This story happened on 2013 December. I met my angel in a computer course class @doddaballapur.

As mentioned, she used work in a school as a teacher. We both joined the computer institute on the same day. The first time I saw her at the time of admission, I was prepared for anything to fuck her. She was smoking hot in her tight churidar. She always comes to the institute immediately after bathing (since I see her wet hairs daily).

We were assigned to the 6-7 pm batch as that time was perfect both of us. There were 8 members in our batch. In that, only I and my angel were unmarried and rest of all were married.

I noticed that even my computer teacher was trying to move close to her as well as the married men in that institute.But she always would be in her consciousness and was always trying her maximum to stay away from them.

Since we were of the same age, I was very close to her. She started to become close to me and she use to share her daily events without any hesitation with me. Though at some stage, I use to treat her as my elder sister and I also wanted to fuck her. I use to stare at her perfect boobs daily which was fitted so tight. Even the married people in my batch use to have bents in their pants as soon as she came into the classroom.

One day, she told me that she want to create an email id and a resume for her. She requested me to stay in the institution after the class. Since I was good at speed-typing she asked my help. I agreed and we both went into the computer chamber were only 2 people can sit in a closed cabin. Since she came after a bath and due to the atmosphere outside(it is was very cold in December), I got a bent in my pants as soon as she sat next to me. She wantedly sat very close to me. I started to breathe heavily. As soon as I finished typing her resume, I told her that I was feeling uncomfortable here inside and told her that I can create her email the next day.

But she resisted and pushed me to the corner and said I can’t leave the cabin without her permission. She gave me a wicked smile after saying that and I told to myself that this would be the day I have been waiting for, ever since I met her. I started to open the gmail site to create her a mail id, but she suddenly placed her hand on my bent in my pant and started to stroke. I was shocked by her bold move and was unable to react for a while.

Though I was happy inside, I started to push her hand away form my tool. I told that it is wrong in a good-boy voice.

She slapped me and gave me a tight hug and lip locked me. First I acted like I was avoiding her. But after few mins, I started to move my tongue inside her mouth and we were tongue fighting for 15 mins and we broke the kiss. She started to stroke my tool very fast and I was on cloud 9 and was out of control. I gave out a moan aahaha hhha hhahh ahhhh.

She took her hands off my tool and told me to keep my moans under control as this may reveal what we are doing inside the cabin to the people outside.

She removed her top which held her boobs firmly. I was shocked to see that she was not wearing any bra. She did that just to make me keep quiet. It’s a fact that all people will be silent if they saw the most beautiful creature in nude.

I asked her whether it was same near her pussy and she nodded positively. I was now out of control and was kissing her all over her face and neck and started to lick her boobs. I was surprised that milk was coming out of her boobs and was shocked as I thought she was a decent girl. And now I confirmed that she was a bitch.

I removed her both leggings and as she told early, she wasn’t wearing a panty. Because of the closeness and kissing and all the acts, she was already wet and her leggings were also flooded with fluids.

I made her sit on the computer table and started to worship the temple. So I started to worship the God inside her pussy with my tongue. I started to plant kisses and lick the pussy. She kept her legs around my head and held my head firmly. She had an orgasm. I drank the whole fluid but was still hungry and started to insert my tongue deep inside the pussy and played there with my tongue. As my tongue was busy in praising the pussy, my hands were playing with the boobs with full of milk. Then she had her second orgasm and I drank the whole.

Then I made her sit next to me and started to drink the milk from her boobs. It tasted really good. In about 15 mins, I emptied her both boobs.She was not in her senses and started to give out little moans, hha ahha haahah ahha ahhha ya drink drink my baby drink its ahh ahh ahhha hhha its all yours drink it.

She then told that it was her turn and removed my pant and underwear together and guided her face towards my tool. She, without wasting any second, took the whole in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. I started to play with her boobs and often she broke the blowjob to kiss me. After 30 mins of blowjob, I told her I was going to cum.

She gave me a wicked smile and increased her speed and I released my cum inside her mouth. She took all my cum and swallowed it. Then we planted a kiss on each other’s chin and lip locked for few mins. Both got dressed up. It was 8 pm. I told her we better leave. She agreed and we left the institution.

I will tell you how I fucked the same angel in her office in my next story.

Thank you guys for reading my real life experience.

So guys this is how I got my first blowjob. Any suggestions please mail me. Any sex hungry girls, housewives around doddaballapur and Bangalore please do contact me. My mail id “[email protected]

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