Unexpected Encounters Part – 3

Well, it so happens in our life that when we make our mind not to do something and finally land up doing something. This is the situation of mine after having 2 encounters with Pawan. I decided after the first encounter that I wont do it again but Pawan fucked like a bitch in the second encounter. I thought to forget about it and even Pawan went to Delhi for his work and he is not coming for 1 month. I was busy with college. One day I just checked FB after many days. I saw a friend request and it was from Mohan. At first, I was thinking who is it then I remembered it was Pawans friend and I have been fucked in his house. I was in a dilemma whether to accept the request or not. He left a message

Mohan: hi remember me? we met last time in my house with Pawan.

I just accepted his request and didnt reply anything. In a second I received a message

Mohan: thanks for accepting request. I was waiting for many days.
I: its ok Im not checking FB always.

Mohan is same age as of Pawan. His looks are almost same 5.6ht 68K muscular body. It was normal conversation and we shared WhatsApp. We started to chat in WhatsApp and soon the topic went to sex. Mohan asked me whether I have any fantasy of sex. I said no. I asked whether he has any. He replied saying he likes to have sex with boy in girls wear. I was stunned by this and kept quite. He asked me whether I wore any girls dress. I said no and Im not interested in those. He said that I look hot in girls wear and he would like to make love with girls wear. I said am not interested. After that Mohan started to send girls dresses including inner dresses like various types bras and panties to skirts, leggings, kurtis, Tank tops, transparent sarees and itss blouse etc. I didnt object to it he was asking hows is it. I said good. He used to ask me which one I liked and I always used to say all. He used to send me various type girls in various dresses having slutty looks.

Mohan asked for a meet in the first chat itself and I was avoiding one or other reason. After 2 weeks, it was Mohans birthday and I called him and wished him. He asked me to come and meet me as he will give a treat. It was Sunday so I agreed. He asked to me meet me at 1 PM for lunch. While having lunch he asked fo the birthday gift. I forgot to bring the gift for him and I said sorry. He asked me I have to do anything to make him happy as today is his birthday. I said ok. After lunch, he asked me to come to his house. I agreed to it as I dont have any other plans.

We reached the house and I sat in the hall.

Mohan: Hey Deepak, I want my gift now.
Deepak: I dont have any.
Mohan: There is dress in the bedroom and you have to wear and come. You said before that you will do everything to make me happy today.

I dont have any choice and I thought myself that I could have brought a gift. I went to bedroom and saw a one piece pink fit and flare sleeveless dress on the bed. I took the dress in my hand and it was short. I was stunned by the dress. Also, I saw a pink padded bra with thin bra strips and red panty. There was a black wig and red lip stick. For few minutes I was just sitting on bed thinking what to do because I didnt wanted to wear it. After several minutes of thinking I thought let the things go with flow. I have removed my all dresses and wore pink bra and red panty. After wearing bra and panty I jus checked myself in the mirror. Panty was covering my cock and it made my ass like a bubble butt. Also, padded bra created a breast on my chest. I was feeling weird as well as curious. I took the one piece dress and wore it. The dress was covering above my knee. I took wig and put it on my head. I saw the mirror and am looking like a girl. I put the lipstick and slightly put some cream and powder. I was looking like teen girl ready for date. I can see pink high heel sandal near to bed. I put it on came out of the bed room.

Moment Mohan saw me his eyes were wide opened. He stood up on his feet I can see the lust in his eyes and bulge in his pant. I smiled and looking at him. He came near and circled me and scanning my entire body from top to bottom. He came in front of me and put his hands on my waist and said: “Deepika you look sexy”. I saw his face. He said “today onwards you are Deepika” saying this he kissed my lips passionately. His hands were resting on my waist and I was really turned on by his kiss. He moved his hands from my waist to my ass. He said, “ohhh sexy you got very hot ass”. He stared at my eys and moved his hands inside bottom on the dress. Now his hands are on my ass over the panty. He pinched my ass cheeks I left out a moan. He said, ” oo ya baby I know you love it”. He kissed again and sucked my entire lower and upper lips and my lipstick. I was responding to his kisses and caresing his back. He pushed his tounge inside my mouth and started sucking my tounge. I was in heaven I was caressing his head and back.

His right hand slid my panty and his middle finger in the entrance of my ass hole. He pushed his middle inside my hole. I was moaning mmmmaaahhhhooo. I lifted my one leg, it gave Mohan to enter his fingers deep into my ass hole. He kissed my lips deep. He pushed me to the sofa. Im now sitting in sofa. Mohan was sitting next to me with his hands around me. He is kissing my lips deep. He was caressing my thighs and moved his hands toward my cock. I was really turned on and my dick is erected. Mohan sat on floor and pushed my dress above my thighs. Now, my panty fully exposed and he pulled out my cock from my panty and started sucking my dick. I was moaning mmmaahhh. Mohan was sucking my small cock like candy and his hands were rubbing my balls. I am very sensitive with my cock and I was shouting in pleasure. I cummed in 3 minutes in his mouth and he drank all my cum. He smiled at me and sucked my balls. Im moaning. He lifted my left leg on his left hand and bent it. Now, my asshole is fully visible. He pushed his tounge in my hole and started sucking. Also, he put his middle finger inside my hole and made sure that his tounge can access inner side of my assole. I was moaning in pleasure and moaning like a girl whose pussy is been licked. This sucking went on for 10 mintues. I loved sucking of my hole and pleasured by the ass fingering.

Suddenly he lifted me in his arms. He placed me on the end of the dining table in the hall. Now am sleeping on the dining table. I saw Mohan undressing and he removed his all dresses. He spread my legs and pulled me toward him. Now, mine legs are on his shoulders. Mohan got 7-inch cock with very thick tip. He slid my panty on the right hand. He took his thick cock in his hand and positioned it inside my ass hole. I can feel his tip of cock touching my assole entrance. I was really thrilled by this. Even though I have been fucked before but this time because of the girliness atmosphere I was acting like a girl who was her first night. Mohan looked at me and smiled and started pounding my assole. I was moaning in pleasure. Mohans hands were tightly gripped on my waist and my legs along with heels are resting on his shoulders. Mohan giving deep strokes on my assole and his entire cock is inside my assole. I was moaning ooooaaaahhhmmmmmm. Mohan was enjoying this he was saying ” ooo yaa its long time since I fucked a beautiful chick as you mmmmm you are my Gf”. I was moaning like mmmoooaaaahhh in the pleasure I was started to touch my boobs above the dress. He bent my legs toward the dining table and heels are alomost touching my face. Mohan removed the heels and started to suck my feets I was in heaven. He was encircling his cock I was moaning like “aahhh mohannn fuck meee mmmaahh”. He moved my dress up and my navel is exposed he kissed my navel licking my navel completely.

After 15 minutes of the deep fucking Mohan cummed in my hole. His cum was so much that it came out of my ass hole. Mohan cleaned my hole with panty and removed my panty and threw it on the floor.

Mohan carried me to the bedroom. He slept beside me. I have just closed my eyes for 10 minutes. When I opened my eyes I just turned towards Mohan. Mohan was staring at me. He said “Deepi you look so sexy”. He placed his hand on my cheek and neck and started massaging it. I loved this foreplay and slutness inside starts to wake up. Mohan pulled me over his top. I can feel his semi-erect cock between his legs. Im really turned on by this I brought my lips closer to Mohans lips and kissed his lips. My hairs are fallen on Mohans face. I was kissing Mohan so deeply and I pushed my tongue into his mouth. My hands are touching his bare chest, his nipples and this turned on Mohan. His cock is now fully erect. Mohan took his cock in his right hand and put it inside my assole. His cock entered deep in my hole. He spanked my ass cheeks. I understood the signal and I then pushed myself forwards and backward on his penis while keeping him deep in me. I positoned myself like a cowgirl and started Bouncing up and down on his cock. Mohan was looking at me and he was really enjoying this act.

I looked at his face and removed my dress over the head and threw it on the floor. Now, Im in only pink padded bra. Mohan smiled and I bent down and kissed Mohan. Moahn unhooked my bra and removed the bra. Mohan gave me a hard spank on my ass cheeks. I was moaning ‘mmmmmmoooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhh. Mohan was telling ‘yes baby ride on my cock. I have increased my speed and jumping the cock faster and faster. I can feel Mohans cock becoming harder and harder and in 15 minutes he again exploded in my ass. I have bent down and kissed his lips and slept like that keeping my head on his chest. I can feel Mohans cock coming out of my assole and I closed my eyes.

When I woke up I was sleeping on my stomach. Mohan was sitting on a chair near the bed all naked. He came near the bed and I can see his semi-erect cock. I took his cock in my hand and started stroking it. Mohan was feeling good and his cock started to grow. I lifted my head and took and cock inside my mouth. His cock became fully erected as soon as it entered in my mouth. Mohan was holding my head and started to moan. He was saying “deepi you suck well”. He too started to push his cock into my mouth. I touched his balls in my right hand and started to play with it. It gave Mohan immense pleasure.

He took the cock out of my mouth and came on top of me he asked me “deepi I wanna fuck you”. He asked me to stand on my fours and took my hair in his hand. He put his hard cock inside my hole in one go. Now, I have been fucked in doggy. I am feeling full pleasure. Mohan has pulled me from my hair and riding me faster. I am moaning and shouting in pain “aaaammmmooo”. He spanked my ass which already became red. My asshole was already torn by this immense fucking and it has already become big. Mohan was enjoying and making wild sounds. Mohan was saying ” Deepi you are mine now aaahhh oooo”. I was saying “yes am urs”. The hair on my head gave Mohan enough support that I can feel his cock deep inside my hole. He spanked my ass again and fucking me faster and deeper. My ass cheeks became red. Mohan ” Im cumming Deepi take me inside you”. He gave me one deep stroke and filled entirely my hole with his cum. He collapsed over me on my back.

We took shower together and Mohan was kissed me on my lips and suck my nipples while showering. I dressed myself and Mohan hugged me tight and said thanks for the birthday gift. I kissed on his lips and said happy birthday. He said that he will keep those girls dresses for his memory and he said that he will be sending a gift soon. He dropped me to college. After one week I received a parcel from Mohan. I opened it and saw a transparent black saree with the same color bareback blouse with strings. He provided maroon Backless Bra with purple thong :).